1. Lite

    GMS 2 Allowing players to import files

    My goal is to allow players to import their own character icon into the game. I'm trying to do this on android devices if that's possible just clueless as to the syntax used to locate the file and import it correctly. CharacterSprite = *players chosen image file*; Can Gamemaker 2 grant access...
  2. Pineapple Lake

    Question - Code [SOLVED] Problem with background compatibility scripts when importing from 1.4

    I'm trying to import my 1.4 project into GMS 2 but I have a small optimisation problem concerning backgrounds. GMS 2 creates a couple of compatibiliy scripts for backgrounds, but they are not very cpu friendly. __background_get_element is my main concern, it takes up a lot of step % because it...
  3. Pfap

    gml extensions

    I have a group of 6 sprites, 4 objects, and 1 script that compose a notification system I built. Is it possible to create an extension that includes all those resources, so that I don't need to import them all individually in to each of my projects that I want to use them in? I created an...
  4. J

    Are Adobe Animate CC and GMS2 compatible???

    I am aware of Spine and Spriter. But I have Adobe Animate CC, and would like to use it before having to dish out $$$ on anything else. I work in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC for my graphics. So the question is...can I create animations in Adobe Animate CC for use in GMS2? Or are there...
  5. J

    [Solved] Physics collision events don't trigger after import

    Hey hi yo, it's been a while since I posted here :> So I'm working on importing my project from 1.4 to 2 and it's going surprisingly well. By that I mean, the game runs, yeah I had to remove some scripts and the load times are all messed up and controller support is gone but generally speaking...
  6. Pfap

    Discussion Importing single objs

    Can you import single sprites, objects and other resources from gamemaker studio 1 to gamemaker studio 2 or just full games?
  7. DrSiemer

    Windows Poor performance of converted game (1.4 to 2)

    So this weekend I finally got GameMaker Studio 2 (yay!) but the game I had been working on in 1.4 runs very slow after importing and launching it... FPS is 520, later dropping to 280, but a graph I found in the debug profiler claims the game is using all 16GB of RAM (even though the Windows task...
  8. P

    Windows Importing SWF

    I tried to import the SWF file, and got this result, can someone explain what i did wrong?
  9. A

    Problem Importing 8.1 to Studio [solved]

    I've got a game that I need to use Studio features on, but when I imported it, and tried to hit Run, I got an error message: The given key was not present in the dictionary. Here's the compile console: Compile started: 12:46:12 PM...
  10. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Importing Files Error

    Hello everybody! I'm making a game right now that has the ability to import level saves (because it has a level editor) and its working really well, but when I import the save it imports like this: "levelname.711.711" which I know why but I cant fix it for some reason, so here is my code, maybe...