1. Son-Benji

    Shaders Why is my color swap shader not working anymore since import?

    Hi, can someone please give me a little assistance? I’ve made a game with gamemaker 1.4, and had to convert the file to be compatible with gamemaker studio 2 (for mobile release). I have colour swap shaders that worked perfectly before, but now they give me this effect/result. What is it...
  2. Adam Coster

    Development Create GameMaker Pipelines with Stitch

    I'm not sure this is the best subforum for this, but here we go! (Cross-posting from Reddit.) We have a library of GameMaker games that share a lot of code (for Levelhead, Crashlands, and others), and for which we have built asset pipelines for managing art and sound assets. GameMaker's recent...
  3. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ JSON and GameMaker Studio 2

    GM Version: 2.3.1 Target Platform: All Download: Github Repo Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A GML tutorial series on what JSON is, how to import, and export JSON files, and building a very simple Choose Your Own Adventure style game for practice. While done entirely in 2.3, and updated for...
  4. descrubb

    GMS 2 how to create a .yymp file from within my (compiled) game?

    you may have seen my Other post about a project I'm working on. I am currently working on a "game" (tool more like) where I will export the results of the time spent in this "game" to be imported into game maker studio as an object/sprite/etc for other game projects for the purpose of quicker...
  5. zendraw

    Windows Exporting from exe

    can i somehow export the files from the exe? i have old games that i dont have the project file of but need the files like code and art and such. or better yet import the exe as you wuld import a project file?
  6. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Few Quick Questions About Image Scaling/Importing

    Hello. Because my brain isn't filled with enough knowledge, there are questions to be answered, and this is the place I've chosen to ask them. The title probably says it all about what I am asking about. That's all I have to say before I ask these questions. The GMS documentation page about...
  7. Daniel Mallett


    Not sure if this is the correct place for this question but it's not really a programming question. Sorry in advance if I should have put it there. I have a number of questions regarding spine compatibility. This is my first time using spine so I know next to nothing. 1) When will Game Maker...
  8. S

    Windows Online scoreboard

    Does anyone know of an online scoreboard system that supports multiple scoreboards for different levels for the one game? I have also been looking for one that also enables importing scores back into game maker.
  9. V

    Windows Cant import large sprites

    I have a sprite at size 12800 x 2140. When i try to import the image, it doesnt say anything and acts as if it worked, but the image remains blank. Anybody know whats going on? Is this going to have to be imported in pieces or something?
  10. Z

    Legacy GM [Solved] Unknown error after importing project from GM8.1 to GM:S 1.4

    Hello, I started getting errors in my pedestrian object after importing my game from GM 8.1 to GM:S 1.4. I don't get what this error is saying at all or what's causing it, I didn't make any changes other than adding physics to the car object. ___________________________________________...
  11. E

    Question - IDE Import sprites from desktop

    Hello, in the sprite editor when i click on "Import", it sends me to this folder shown in the image, how can i travel to the desktop? I think this didn't happen to me before, i remember i could import sprites easily some days ago.
  12. Carloskhard

    GML [SOLVED] Sprite Sheets vs Individual Sprites

    So Porgrammers like Friendly Cosmonaut in this video: ... use sprite sheets, 'draw_sprite_part' and a lot of code to draw different objects instead of using individual frames. So my question is clear: What is the advantage of doing this in this situation? (Considering is harder to program) I'm...
  13. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Is there a easier way to import spritesheets?

    When I make my own spritesheets I always like to put a green background on each frame and then separate each one with a 1-pixel transparent margin, so I know where the frame begins and where it finishes, but lot of spritesheets on the net doesnt follow that 1-pixel margin rule, and therefore I...
  14. kraifpatrik

    Released BBMOD - Bring 3D animated PBR models into your GMS2 games!

    BBMOD BBMOD is a 3D model and animation format specially crafted for GameMaker Studio 2. It is accompanied by a conversion tool (BBMOD CLI), as well as GML library that allows you to load, animate and render BBMOD files without any hassle. BBMOD CLI utilizes Assimp to load third-party model...
  15. A

    Question - Code Is it possible to import spine sprites from included files?

    Quickly flipped through the manual, but found nothing on the subject.
  16. F

    Windows Can't import anything by drag and dropping from file explorer

    I was previously able to do it when I was running the version of GMS2 that I downloaded from the site, but since I downloaded it on Steam, I cannot drag files from the file explorer, such as sprites, into GMS2 to import them. Running Steam and GMS2 as Administrator does not solve the problem...
  17. Christian Price

    Export Game Maker model as .obj

    I was wondering if there was a way to export a game maker model file as an .obj file. I'm trying to use the SMF Model Tool to animate some models I made in Model Creator, but model creator can't export .obj files. I made all my models through this program and I'd lose hours of work if I had to...
  18. R

    Windows Spine asset appeared invisible in GMS 2 (While te rest is not)

    Good day, peeps! I'm having trouble importing a spine asset to GMS2. As you can see here in the video: when I import the JSON file of the character, it appears invisible. But when I import the Wasp it works perfectly fine...
  19. Ayziak

    GMS 2 Simple Game is lagging.. fps_real in the hundreds.

    So I've been making a pretty simple game, but on some devices, it lags from 60fps to around 45. I'm not new to Gamemaker lag, I've worked with delta_time before, but I'd rather try to find the core problem here, instead of hiding it. Each room is 10000px square, with <100 objects, half of which...
  20. 2

    Can't Import Transparent Gradient Image Into GM8 or Studio 1

    I'm trying to import a gradient from Photoshop CS5 that goes from opaque black to transparent white. I can see it's transparent in Photoshop, but when importing it becomes black to gray and looses all transparency. If I save a png from Photoshop the png looses transparency upon saving and is...