1. If Programable_Matter

    Html5 sprite_add(url, false, false, 0, 0)) Sometimes works

    I have been using the sprite_add function to load up images in my program I've been developing. The code works perfectly fine when using windows however it sometimes works on html5..... Not all the time.... I upload images on my webpage which has (SSL/TLS) "https://" ..... However I've noticed...
  2. giraffeman210

    Forums not letting me upload images?

    I'm trying to add some images to my work in progress game forum and its not letting me upload them. It says " The upload failed because the file could not be written to the server. The site administrator will need to resolve this before any files can be uploaded." Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. A

    Windows Can't load images

    Hey, I have tried the new version recently, and I can't load images. My images are basic .jpg and .gif I need for my game. In fact, even the sprites I create inside GMS2 fail to load and are not displayed. EDIT : I forgot to mention my images are loaded as sprites and tilesets. None of them...
  4. Jackson Oliver

    GML [Solved] Add to Sprite During Runtime

    Hello! I'm new to the Game Maker platform. Windows 10 Game Maker | Runtime I'm trying to figure out how I can load (at runtime) images into a sprite. This code does do that, but I want to be able to load lots of images (from disk) into the sprite frames, instead of...
  5. S

    Discussion How to get SWF images in GM:S

    I am trying to convert both my studio's logo and the logo of my current game from a bitmap to a vector image. After doing some research, I found out that GameMaker: Studio only accepts SWF vector images...
  6. Bee

    Question - IDE Failed to load images

    I've seen others with this issue but nothing mentioned has fixed my issue. I'm working on a project and storing it in github so that I can use both my PC and laptop. Awhile back my laptop developed this issue where it had a whole bunch of these errors: Failed to load image...
  7. Carloskhard

    GML [SOLVED] Sprite Sheets vs Individual Sprites

    So Porgrammers like Friendly Cosmonaut in this video: ... use sprite sheets, 'draw_sprite_part' and a lot of code to draw different objects instead of using individual frames. So my question is clear: What is the advantage of doing this in this situation? (Considering is harder to program) I'm...
  8. K

    Windows How heavy is loading lots of images in your game in GMS2?

    I have been using GM since standard 8.1 and one thing I learned there is loading too much images in your game made it take a lot of time to load... I remember making a not-so-long game but the sprites were big sized and I loaded them all at once in the beginning instead of loading via code... In...
  9. tjheldna

    Humble Bundle Art Assets Available

    Check out the offering at humble bundle. RPG Assets could benefit projects here...
  10. W

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Check if an image is to large to load

    Hello, in my project I'm getting an image from the player like this: ///Load normal sized images if(mouse_x>96 && mouse_x<144 && mouse_y>0 && mouse_y<32 && global.progress=0 && canpress=1) { global.pic1 = get_open_filename("Image file|*.png;*.jpg;*.gif;*.tif", ""); if((string_pos(".png"...
  11. Anixias

    Windows [Solved] GMS2 NSIS Installer Images Not Appearing

    Hello. I have added custom Installer images in the Windows settings. I noticed that when I actually run the installer (tried on multiple PCs), these images don't actually appear, and instead, blank spots where the images should be appear. I've tried cleaning the project, packaging with VM...
  12. Gun_Goose

    GMS 2 Need help trying to combine 2 resolutions of sprites

    Hi, I am working on a 2d Zelda like game. Most of my sprites and all my tilesets are made up of 32 by 32 bits. I was planning on having one of my enemy objects be animated outside of the 32 bit retro art by using Claymation. I essentially wanted my sprites to be actual images that would look...
  13. clee2005

    iOS New Error - Uploading to Apple

    Updated an app on Thursday last week and it was fine. Uploaded a new update this morning and got this error : ERROR ITMS-90096: "Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 - New iPhone apps and app updates submitted must support the 4-inch display on iPhone 5 and must include a launch image...
  14. 1

    iOS Splash Screens Don't Work

    So I tried updating my splash screen images for iOS and now they don't show up at all. I tried .jpg and .png but when I export to iOS they don't even show up in Xcode. Also there still is no splash screen option for the iPhone X screen. I am using the latest version of Xcode and Game Maker Studio 2.
  15. RizbIT

    upload images to server

    simple question... i have a godaddy shared server can i upload a user selected image from app to the server using GMS v1.4x
  16. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Making a book

    Hi everybody, I am making a RPG in GM:S 1.4. I want to implement a book that you can open at any time. I want it to consist of a few pages with text and images and the more progress you make, the more there is in the book. I hope it is clear what I want to create. Ps. sorry for my English, it...
  17. D

    GMS 2 Poor Image Quality

    Hey everyone, Before GameMaker I was using another game engine called Stencyl. After running the same game in both engines, I have noticed that the sprite image quality isn't looking as good in GameMaker. Take a look at the below comparison (all the exact same sprite, same scale, taken directly...
  18. 2

    Prevent Players from Copying/Viewing External Image and Sound Resources in Game Folder

    I'm wondering if there's a way to prevent external resources like sprites and music from being viewed or copied by a person playing your game. It's nice that they can cut down on load and compile times, but I don't see the point if people can rip your resources off if you do this. So is there a...
  19. R

    Fancy game menu's - Fonts or images?

    I've been wondering what you could best use to make cool looking menu's and what do AAA games use? Fonts or images? I use photoshop and can make text nice looking but is that really the best way? For reference here is a cool looking menu made in rpg maker:
  20. jb skaggs

    Legacy GM sprite losing image and crashing

    Hi, as I was loading sprite files into new sprites- my sprites would suddenly cause my GM to crash. It started with 17 sprites in the wrong order, so I moved them in the assets window into ascending order- then as I did this the sprites actually began swapping textures / sprite images then GM...