1. acid_kat4000

    mirroring entire image indexes

    so im in the middle of making a running animation(running to the right) for one of my characters, and because I have all the limbs of the character on different sprite layers, I cant easily just use the rectangle select tool and then the mirror tool, to make a running left animation, mainly...
  2. S

    (image index == x) in step event

    i need to do something in a certain frame of an object, the code i wrote is: if (image_index == 25) { image_speed = 0; } it's wrote in the step event and it's very simple, but when the animation reach that frame the animation speed doesen't sets to 0, it's like gamemaker dosen't even...
  3. L

    GMS 2.3+ Beta version available to trial membership?

    I am trying out game maker to see if it is worthwhile to convert my old c++ game to game maker so I have downloaded the trial version of game maker. After some initial frustration getting animation to work due to, what turns out to be, a bug on the image_index code. I found out that the issue...
  4. B

    issue changing between sprites of different frame count

    The issue I'm having is that my animation is freezing on image_ index = 0 , The initial sprite in use is made up of only one image ( spr_enemy) and in the code I switch it out for spr_EnemyBP which is made up of two images. The switch is made by a boolean variable that is set to true when my...
  5. bob97470

    GMS 2.3+ Setting image index does not display the expected sub image

    Encountering a strange issue in regards to image_index. problem is reproduceable. create new project create sprite and resize to 96x128. (resizing may not be necessary) create 29 frames and draw the numbers 0 through 28 in them. (drawing the numbers is not necessary, but helpful to see results)...
  6. G#m_Player2

    SOLVED Need help about managing sub images in one sprite sheet (animation)

    Hello GameMaker Community this is my first time using the forum and I don't have much knowledge in programming but as a starter I am willing to open for learning and understand the basics of gamemaker language. As a starter, I wanted to make a platformer game and I followed tutorials on...
  7. C

    new to gamemaker! why this doesn't work?

    Hi, I'm trying to make my character blink by switching sprites from 0 to 1, problem is that sprite 1 stays on too long, I need him to close his eyes for just half a second so I wrote this line of code to make the sprite 1 stay for 10 frames: It's a step event i = 0 Speed is 0.1 FPS but it...
  8. conman06

    Difference between "Image_index" and "Image_number"?

    I am very very new. I know that Sprite_Index chooses which Sprite, I think Image_index chooses which frame of a sprite, and I have no clue what Image_number does?
  9. OneDevGames

    GMS 2 Image_index returning values that don't match with image_number

    Hello! So my state machine appeared to be working however when I tried to look at shaking the screen at certain images within a sprite I ran into an issue. The value of image_index is not adding doesn't want to go over more than about 3.33 even though the sprite has 10 to...
  10. D

    HTML5 image_index in HTML5

    Good day. I've got a problem with the variable "image_index" in HTML5 and I don't know if it's my or GMs fault. The problem is that in Windows VM and YYC, you can set image_index to decimal values like 1.5, 1.82, 2.3 etc. and in HTML5 you can't. If I do "image_index = 1.6" in HTML5, the...
  11. BithSnake

    GMS 2 Make footstep sounds at specific frames [SOLVED]

    Hi, Ok first of all i know this question has been up several times but i feel like there has´t really been a really good answer to this. How do you tackle this problem where you want to play a specific sound on a specific frame(image_index) in a sprite_index ? I have gotten this to work...
  12. SonicTheHedgehog+123

    Legacy GM [solved]make player change image_index for a whole jump

    I making a platformer and want my player to switch his image_index for a whole jump. My problem is that at the climax of my jump the image_index switches for an instant. I could use an alarm when jumping so the player is always in the wanted sprite but I think this is cheap. Is there a better...
  13. SonicTheHedgehog+123

    Legacy GM [solved]Switch image_index 0 and 1 and ignore image_index 2

    I am making a platformer and I want my player to duck. I have two possibilities. 1. Make the player switch between sprite_index(doesnt work because I also must switch to my power up sprites) 2.Make the player switch between the image_index I think its more practical to do it with the second...
  14. DavidRuiz

    GMS 2 I can't change image_speed when I change sprite_index

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to change my sprite_index, but when I do that I realized that the image_index is the same that the last time I used. How can I do to set the image_speed? "image_speed" doesn't work by the way. Thank you very much for your help! // vertical movement if frog_jump =...
  15. Meowanator

    Legacy GM Check when image_index changes

    I need to check whenever a sprite's sub-image changes. This is so I can change the music when the background changes. I have it so the background is dependent on one sprite. My code is shown below with the second part being the music code I started adding. ///Backgrounds background_visible[1]...
  16. Axl Trauts

    image_speed not working

    Hi, I am really confused here. I made my player object fire a missile that "goes to the sky", that is, disappears and when it does, it creates rain. Like a rain missile :P Anyways, the thing is that the rain sprite does not animates at all, it has 4 subimages. This is what I did on the Missile...
  17. B

    HTML5 Wrong FPS

    My game frames per second is 60. The image_speed is 1/4. But my sprite randomly skips subimages, and if I draw the image_index it shows it is incrementing randomly by either 0.25, 0.50, 0.75. 1, 1.25, or 1.50. Yet if I use show_debug_message() to log the image_index every step, it logs the...
  18. SubWolf

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Sprites' speed in the same Draw GUI

    Hello everyone, I'm having this problem with GMS2... I have one object that is called to draw a kind of window with buttons and some images (sprites). I draw these different sprites in the "Draw GUI" of the object, something like: draw_sprite(spr_ball_1, -1, x, y); draw_sprite(spr_ball_2, -1...
  19. I

    Issues with image_index

    Hey, so I'm trying to trigger a room_goto() event when my player's sprite is at frame 31, which is the last frame of the sprite animation. But it isn't working at all, it's just looping the sprite. I'm using a script to change character sprites so this is my code: if...
  20. Megax60

    Trying to do a King Crimson effect

    First things first, im trying to skip 30 frames of all objects with: all.image_index +=30 30 is the number of frames that supposedly are skipped, but that doesn't work how do i target all objects to skip 30 images?