1. U

    GMS 2 What is the problem with the image (compress)?

    I add image (1366x768 .png 547 kbytes) to my game. But when i start my game, this image has low quality. Strips become squares - like this image was compressed (see GMS2 (game)). Image look good in windows explorer and in GMS2 editor (see PNG or JPG), but in game it look like compressed. What...
  2. Mytchall Bransgrove

    Set Sprite origin + scaling?

    Hi guys, my goal is to click somewhere on a sprite and it will set the xoffset/yoffset to this new value and translate x/y so it doesn't 'jump'. I've got most of it working but can't seem to figure out how to add to the calculation, rotation and scaling, and am after some help (must be...
  3. Y

    Windows Sprite images disable auto-resize

    This is my first time using GM. I am trying to create a sprite. I choose create, then select import. The images i am importing doesn't have the same size, hence, GM 2 resizes these images automatically, which make them somehow corrupted. My question; *How can i disable the auto resize when...
  4. Pfap

    GMS 2 Undo gms2

    Probably a silly question, but where is the undo button in gamemaker studio 2's image editor?
  5. V

    Legacy GM Delete a piece of an image

    Hi everyone! I'm making a game who i need to open an entrence in a circle (like the image bellow): I don't know how i make this with code. I think "surfaces" is the solution, but i don't know how make this. I've got an engine of "terrain destruction", but its only works in full black images...
  6. Shadowblitz16

    Custom Sprite Framework sub images are buggy

    can someone help me with my problem here it seems that my sub images are being sliced in half and I'm not sure why it might have something to do with the images because I reorganized the sprite sheet and now all of them are doing this instead of just the luigi and wario ones this is my sprite...
  7. O

     Background Loss of Quality?

    For some reason my background layer seems to have a loss of quality when it is opened in run mode or as an executable? I imported a file in different formats to check if it was the file upload extension, but also tested it by drawing on top in game maker 2 and that was also blurry and had it...
  8. H


    i have obj_title: image_alpha = 0. when created, the image_alpha = 0 slowly turns in step event. if i press to start the game, i want the obj_title returns again to image_alpha = 0. but my problem is, that if the image_alpha turns down it automatically turns again up because of the earlier...
  9. H

    I have an object assigned to a sprite with several frames.

    spr_title: has 3 frames (not for animation) obj_title: will be created 3 times ingame. for every one one single frame of the sprite. how can i do? Thank you.
  10. H

    using a single frame(sub_image) in a sprite?

    For Example. I have a 'spr_backgrounds'. I added a few backgrounds to it and i want to use all of them, but not in a Animation. So i want to know if theres a way to activate only one frame of a sprite. Thank you :)
  11. A

    Android Images look super weird

    I am making a game(more of an ebook really) and It works fine on windows but it gets weird on android. The first page looks normal it has a background and a sprite to turn the page(all backgrounds are jpegs and all sprites are png) the second page has no background just a white color and 5...
  12. U

    Legacy GM [How to] Scrolling image

    Hi guys ! (sry for my english) I'm trying to make my first mobile game. It's something easy but I already got a problem. My objective is to do something like Jetpack Joyride or flappy bird, with some differences : The phone is hold verticaly and Barry is replaced by a rocket. The goal of the...
  13. B

    Checking Instance Position Problem

    Instead of changing each individual wall, I made a code in the create event: depth = -y; image_speed = 0; if instance_place(16,0,obj_wall_template) && instance_place(-16,0,obj_wall_template) { image_index = 0; } if instance_place(16,0,obj_wall_template) &&...
  14. Misu

    Save an image into a buffer

    Im new to buffers and was wondering how images are saved into buffers. Im pretty sure it is possible but I dont find any info on such.
  15. B

    Chain of Sprites in an Object

    The catapult has a create event which makes the loading animation play ( sprite_index = spr_catapult_load; image_index = 0;, image_speed = 0.25;) Thats it. In the step event, it goes like : if sprite_index = spr_catapult_load { if image_index = 15 (which is the last subimage) {sprite_index =...
  16. Misu

    Shaders Shader not picking up color from another sampler

    I am working on a very complex shader as an experiment with 3D shadering. At this point, the shader I wrote came out excellent base on my calculations. However, it is not working. I tried testing out each algorithm in the fragment shader to see which line is working or not, and I reach my...
  17. A

    Windows How to send images from server to client

    Help, how i can transfer images from server to client? im trying to send new sprites from server to clients but it can't here is my code //Server var buf = buffer_load(working_directory+"people.png") var bufferBase64 = buffer_base64_encode(buf, 0, buffer_get_size(buf))...
  18. Ayziak

    GMS 2 room_speed doesn't change animation speed in GMS2...

    Title pretty much says all. I'm sure this is done for a reason, but is there any easy way to fix this? My first idea of setting all of the image_speed's to image_speed*(room_speed/60), but that doesn't seem to work for some reason. Any ideas? Either way, thanks for reading.
  19. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Opening an image file programatically

    The uploading API doesn't recognize the base64 encoded file as image. What are different ways to open an image file in Game Maker? (which I will eventually encode to base64) Documentation says I can open an *.ini, *.txt and *.bin but can't find one for any of the image file extensions. If...
  20. P

    Change sub-image question

    Is there a way to change a sprite but set its subimage where the current subimage is ?