1. FactorX12

    How to make object fade when key not pressed and then opaque when it is pressed?

    So I am trying to make an inventory that is completely opaque when the player holds the tab key, and then fade out when the player releases the tab key. Is this possible? This is my current code: [in the step event]: check_tab = keyboard_check(vk_tab); image_alpha -= 0.05; if check_tab {...
  2. 2

    Can't Import Transparent Gradient Image Into GM8 or Studio 1

    I'm trying to import a gradient from Photoshop CS5 that goes from opaque black to transparent white. I can see it's transparent in Photoshop, but when importing it becomes black to gray and looses all transparency. If I save a png from Photoshop the png looses transparency upon saving and is...
  3. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Load image as sprite Android

    I've been reading a lot around here for a correct way to import fron android gallery an image to use it as sprite. What i want to do is to load an image from android galley in a room and then save a screenshot of that room to share it. I have tried a lot of plugins and extension but no one seems...
  4. C

    When running, half of my player is grayed.

    Hi guys. So, my problem is: I have an animation image with 5 strips. I set it to work in code but when i'm running, almost half of my player is grayed out from straight, and when i'm standing still it's all fine. Does anyone know why this is happening ? I tried to make a screenshot, but it...
  5. B

    Image size

    Hi there! I have a really noob question. I want to make a game for iPad, iPhone and for PC. Which image/room size should I use? If I create the game in iPad pro res (2732 x 2048), gamemaker resize it for the other screens? If it resize, does it will be blurry, or it’s will be ok?
  6. S

    GMS 2 [HELP] Automatic image trim

    Hello, I'm currently using Matharoos Outline Shader from the market place. Im experiencing some problem with creating a "free border" around the sprites. it seems like GMS2 is automaticly trimming my sprites (same as using the Auto trim in the image editor) upon compiling for a test-run. Thus...
  7. M

    How to change the size of sprites

    I am not very experienced with gms 2 and I am still a beginner. Lately I have made a design on paper and imported it in gms 2 so I could animate my design. It was a normal picture made with my phone, but it had a width of 4032 and a height of 3024. Know my sprite is way to big and I don't...
  8. Mystborn

    Asset - Extension AsyncImage - Asynchronously Load Png Files

    Hello everyone! This extension allows GM applications to load png files in the background without blocking the main thread. Typically this will be useful for loading sprites/other images during a loading screen. Marketplace Features: Free! Asynchronously load png images. Open Source! See...
  9. TheOnlyWRT

    2D Heightmap

    Hello! So, using a sprite, i am trying to get the values of the color (various shades of black to white) and then trying to use those values to set the new height for some isometric tiles. Now, the map is generating the right size of the heightmap sprite, but it is not raising the heights...
  10. A

    Recovery Time

    Hello ! I need a recovery time when the player get touch by a object. When he get touch the variable safe = 1. i want to make than when a sprite image like the 5 image is show the value safe = 0. i don't know how to explain this but i need to know how put a action when a image of the sprite is...
  11. A

    How to access files in the working_directory from an Android extension?

    I'm trying to make an extension that allows the player to share a screenshot of their game. I've made the extension able to send images, and I've made the game take a screenshot with screen_save, but I'm not sure how to pass the path of the image to the extension, as simply giving it the...
  12. T

    Sprite/Image from http

    Hi, I need help to draw an image from an url. I have downloaded the image with the function http_get(), but I'm not sure how to continue from there. :/ I tried saving the result in a surface(buffer_set_surface) and draw it(draw_surface), but without luck. Do anyone have an example how to do...
  13. Crask

    Asset - Extension Environment Image Distortion

    Environment Image Distortion - What this asset does?: Environment Image Distortion allows you to distort images, sprites with very efficient way. What are advantages of using this asset?: every created image can be...
  14. S

    GMS 2 Sprite reflection on turn

    Evening all, I seem to have an odd error I can't place. Basically, when the enemy walks to the right it looks fine but when walking to the left the sprite is mirrored, playing facing both left and right at the same time. The facing and (variable) xScale updates as intended, the same way as the...
  15. V

    layer_background_visible not showing layer

    I want to show background layer. I have some layers. I found my layer. layer_background_visible(__backid, 1) __res = layer_background_get_visible(__backid) I checked res and res = 1 But layer didn't showed on screen. Documentation Note that this is dependent on the layer visibility, and even if...
  16. Zhanghua

    GML How to show a web-loaded image?

    How to show a web-loaded image? The image is not pre-load by sprite, and download by web. So how can I show this type of image?
  17. U

    GMS 2 Loading screen

    There is a lot of objects, graphics, actions in my room. In theory. In many games i see loading screen. So when i need to do loading screen? And how can i do loading screen (any manual)? What will happend if i have lot of objects, graphics without such screen? Any lagging or incremental...
  18. U

    GMS 2 Problems with graphics

    I created 2 objects and put these objects in the room. I load sprites for these objects. For first object in the usual way - Sprites->Create sprite->Import. Objects->Sprite For second object - use the code (load from Included Files section)...
  19. U

    GMS 2 How to place a image above room background?

    I want to see the a image above the background. But now i see background only ( And allways see what load last (sprite_add,sprite_index). In code below it will be a background. So i see it. How to fix it? RoomCreationCode var image_sprite; //logo code //the object logo_object is located in...
  20. A

    GML Flipping bullet on off center barrel?

    Im new to game maker 2, and well creating games in general, ive been following some tutorials and decided to be abit creative early on by designing a off center barrel gun for my sprite, when the bullets fire to the right they seem to match the barrel, but they dont when the sprite flips to the...