1. DrScoop

    GMS 2.3+ String with a gamepad input image in it?

    Hi there, I noticed in a lot of games, including GameMaker ones, developers use an Image of things like Xbox Controller buttons or Thumbsticks interspersed with a printed string to communicate input instructions. How exactly are they accomplishing this? Are they using a draw_text function for...
  2. Jorg Gjer

    Windows Spine Animation Clipping

    Hi I have an animation made in Spine. I want to be able to show it like on a tv. And also be able to move the spine animation so I see different parts of the animation depending on user input. I guess I need a way to clip the Spine animation. Can anyone help and set me on the right path?
  3. Spotted_Dragon

    GMS 2.3+ How to rescale/resize art properly?

    So, I've been researching this topic, but everything I've come across or read sounds like it's coming from a much more advanced source (i.e. the OP is beyond me in learning, etc.). I've tried draw_scale but I must have done it wrong, because my player image filled the entire screen. So I come to...
  4. jf_knight

    GML Exporting a scaled sprite image

    I'd like to scale a sprite (in half horizontally) and then export it as an image file. I'm able to export it but it does not scale. What can I do to fix this? var s = get_save_filename("PNG images|*.png", ""); if (s != "") { obj_image.image_xscale *= .50...
  5. jonahrobot

    Question - IDE Missing Transform Menu in image Editor?

    In gms1 there was a transform menu with all kinds of tools like shifting sprites a certain amount of pixels in any direction. In gms2 I can't seem to find the equivalent... Am I missing the menu or is this not included in gms2?
  6. WimpyLlama

    Problem with image scaling

    Currently, I'm scaling a sprite on the x-axis differently than the y-axis. (Example: image_xscale = 3; image_yscale = 4;) It's distorting the image in ways I don't want. How it looks: How I want it to look (this image has the incorrect x-scale. I basically want this image but with a scalable...
  7. Coded Games

    HTML5 Prevent browsers from caching texture pages in HTML5

    So I have been having a problem since the dawn of time that GMS games will get their texture pages cached. This seems fine until you release an update and when everyone tries to play it all the graphics are glitched like crazy. To get around this you tell everyone to clear their browser's cache...
  8. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Few Quick Questions About Image Scaling/Importing

    Hello. Because my brain isn't filled with enough knowledge, there are questions to be answered, and this is the place I've chosen to ask them. The title probably says it all about what I am asking about. That's all I have to say before I ask these questions. The GMS documentation page about...
  9. kronotic

    Why do my sprites look terrible when they are rotated?

    I am making a game in Game Maker 8 where an ant follows your mouse and so it also rotates to wherever your mouse is. The sprite image starts pixelating and looks horrendous when it is moving in a diagonal direction. It looks fine when the ant moves straight up, down, left or right: but any...
  10. D

    HTML5 image_index in HTML5

    Good day. I've got a problem with the variable "image_index" in HTML5 and I don't know if it's my or GMs fault. The problem is that in Windows VM and YYC, you can set image_index to decimal values like 1.5, 1.82, 2.3 etc. and in HTML5 you can't. If I do "image_index = 1.6" in HTML5, the...
  11. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 Сreating objects from a template from a picture

    Can I draw in Photoshop a map with objects and so that gms2 reads them and creates them on these peksels? let's say I draw a lot of patterns and and objects spawn in these places, this can greatly simplify my task (screenshot below)
  12. tobiasgjerstrup

    GMS 2 [Solved] how to change image_index for a drawn sprite?

    hello guys. I was wondering how you change the image index for a sprite that you draw (not the sprite associated with the object)
  13. Enreeper

    How to replace sprites[solved]

    I wanted to create a small jump and run editor, but I have 2 problems 1.I have a room I can draw pixels that pixels can I export as a screenshot Now I want the game takes the images and replace the sprites 2. Is it possible to save a map like this Object: ini_open ( "map.ini")...
  14. 2

    Asset - Graphics Marketplace Bug: Product Icon Image Shows Empty Under Some Catagories after Changing it

    When I uploaded the asset "Quick Debug Variable Set Pages", I realized the text in the icon image was blocked by the smaller icons yoyo adds. I changed the icon image to fix this. When I checked under Marketplace/Latest/All category, the icon image was empty like one of the images below, but the...
  15. J

    Question - Code Need help with random cursor

    Hey guys, So I have a sprite with 10 images, all different coloured cursors. Here is my code: if (room != rMenu) and (room != rControls) and (room != rUpdatesAndNotes) and (room != rShop) and (room != rEnding) and (room != rCredits) { cursor_sprite = sCursorGun; } else { cursor_sprite =...
  16. R

    Discussion Image resizing issue

    So, I have a 2200×720 image I want to use for my game. But I found out it was blurry when I used it in game, and I found out why - it was automatically resizing to 1100×360. Is there a way to prevent this? If so, how?
  17. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Trying to convert image from link to a sprite.

    Hello. I'm trying to get the image from my avatar using Image Loaded async event. Code: /// Image Loaded: avatar_sprite = sprite_add("", 1, false, false, 0, 0); if (ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id") == avatar_sprite) { if...
  18. Zechevalier

    Legacy GM Simple Question about screen_save_part()

    screen_save_part() doesn't seem to work the way it's supposed to, and i just want to know if anyone else has had the same experience. Code from documentation: screen_save_part(fname,x,y,w,h); But my problem is with the (w,h) part, it seems to act more like (x2, y2) so my original code looked...
  19. Dr_Nomz

    GML Making a door: image_index/mouse_pressed

    I can't believe this isn't working, but here's my code: if image_index=0{ if keyboard_check(ord("E")){ image_index=1 } } if image_index=1{ if keyboard_check(ord("E")){ image_index=0 } } Now I've tried putting this in a mouse_enter event, and trying a few variations with...
  20. matharoo

    HTML5 [HTML5/JS] Loading image from a URL

    I want to load an image from the Discord CDN, like this one. Currently the only way I know is sprite_add(). If I use it, I get this error in the web console: So, is there any way to fix this, or another way to load the image? Maybe it could be done through JS and then passed to GM? I don't...