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  1. MartinK12

    Question - IDE In Image Editor why can't I replace color with another transparent color? Or is there a special way of doing it?

    I use color replace tool and normal color replacing (full alpha) is ok but I can't do the same with transparent colors? I click on color, lower it's alpha to desired value, even add it to last used colors and it's replacing to desired color but with full alpha :( Or how can change one color to...
  2. erayzesen

    Question - IDE About The Image Editor

    Hi all. I was trying gms2 in last times. I was disappointed about the image editor. I need your tips about these issues. 1-I can't transform(rescale,rotate) when I select an area. If it's true, it's like a joke. It's a simple thing.Is it? 2-I can't find configs like color saturation...
  3. C

    Windows When using my tablet it scrolls wildly upwards.

    Ive updated my drivers and now whenever i am using image editor, whenever i press my pen on my tablet, the image will wildly scroll upwards, 1000 pixels a second. I reinstalled the tablet driver, but the problem still persist. Anyone who could guide me to the cause and a solution?
  4. Cofefe

    Image Editor

    Hi all, I've been using Game Maker Studio 2's built in sprite/image editor a while now as I work on my current project which I *might* release some day. I'm immensely impressed with it compared to GMS1.4's, which was inferior to even MS Paint. However, I know a lot of devs use other tools for...
  5. Let's Clone

    Question - IDE New to GMS2 (image editor)

    Howdy! I've decided to come back to working with GMS a bit, and this time around I'll be diving into GMS2 which I have used very little in the past. So far, i think it's a pretty solid improvement. Everything seems rather intuitive and is definitely visually pleasing. That is... until I made...
  6. C

    Discussion Sprite Editor - Copy/Paste from other program is wrapping image by 4 px

    I'm wanting to use GMS2 almost exclusively for the paint-while-playing function. I'm testing using it for basic shapes to get silhouettes done quickly, then shading and effects.. however it seems to wrap 4 pixels from the right side of anything I copy from other software and place it on the...
  7. chirpy

    Windows Copy Pasting In Image Editor Ruins Frames; Can't Undo with Ctrl-Z

    I realized today that (in my case) it seems to have something to do with the Image Editor's "Layer" functionality not reloading externally edited frame png files. It happens to me multiple times and I've reported the bug to YYG. The workaround may be apparent but I think I'd share: For...
  8. H

    GMS2 Image Editor Palette

    I think the image editor in GMS2 is lacking in palette functionality. If anyone here has used the program Aseprite you will understand the huge different in palette behavior between the two programs. It is very clunky to change the palette and I think there should be an update to this feature.
  9. E

    Question - IDE How does palette work ?

    Hi , i 'm currrently evaluating the GMS 2 free version and having a hard time understanding how the palettes are handled. I have done a sprite sheet in Pro Motion with a 8 bit 256 color palette .I imported it in GMS2 but i can 't find a way to see the palette as i set it up in Pro motion. The...
  10. R

    Legacy GM Some questions about GML capabilities

    Hi again everyone! Apologies if this forum is the wrong location for this query (though from what I can see it is the most appropriate place)! I was just wondering (in a general sense) if it would be possible to create a game / application in gamemaker that was able to output an image file...
  11. Tsa05

     Simple Suggestion: Consistent visual for sprite layers

    When dragging a layer in the sprite editor, there are currently 2 kinds of visual indicators for 1 kind of functionality. Several problems: The image editor is smarter than its visuals. Dragging onto the upper or lower half of a layer's hilight region seems to produce different results, but...
  12. J

    Discussion Pasting images from other software to GMS2 image editor transforms Alpha value to Black.

    This didn't happen on GMS1 but GMS2 has this issue: This is the original image but when pasting it into GMS2's image editor this happens: I know there are other ways to import sprites, but this keeps messing with my workflow and it didn't happen in the old Gamemaker Studio 1 =(
  13. reallifeed

    GMS 2 Image Editor and Real Time Animation

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Using the image editor to make and modify sprites and animations for your video game. I also cover the new features in the image editor including how to animate in real time as well as using layers in GameMaker. Tutorial:
  14. A

    Question - IDE Sprite editor palette store/import/copy doesn't work for some reason

    IDE Runtime: Windows 10 Hello, game makers! Beta is already awesome. I'm using built-in sprite editor, which is quite good. However, stored colours don't stay there once the project gets reopened, and Import colours from sprite / Copy colours to sprite functions don't...
  15. A

    Question - IDE Can we get some better tablet support?

    When I try to use my Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch for drawing sprites in GameMaker 2's Image Editor, sometimes it'll randomly ignore the hotkeys on my pen, randomly draw a line across the screen when trying to add one pixel, and the when I try to use the rectangle selection tool it will work fine...
  16. G

    Question - IDE Image editor - color alpha and drawing tools

    Hi, not sure if it's intended, but I can't seem to find a tool in the GMS2 image editor (which is very nice btw) that would allow me to use color with alpha set to anything less than 100%, the only tool that allows it to be used is the pencil. If you set the alpha and try to draw with, for...
  17. P

    Question - IDE Image editor question

    Hello, as the title says, I have a question about the image editor. In the drop down menu at the top of the screen I can find options to mirror or flip the current frame, but rotate only works on all frames. How do I rotate a single frame of a sprite? Also, what does IDE mean?
  18. E

    Center selection in Image Editor

    Hello everyone ! I'd like to know if there is a way to align or center my selection in the image editor ? Just like the photoshop align function or something close to it. If there is no such function, are there some tricks to do this ? Thanks !
  19. D

    Question - IDE Image Editor speed adjusts in-game speed?

    Hi! I've noticed in Game Maker Studio 2, the speed selected in the animation preview within the image editor seems to effect the sprite's image speed within a game. Even when using 'image_speed' in GML, the value given seems to act as a multiplier of the speed defined in the image editor...
  20. B

    Question - IDE Image Editor is Broken

    When using image editor i get a glitch. This has happened consistently and I was wondering if there is a way to fix it. After a certain amount of time the editor will just make a duplicate of whatever is visible in the editor. This duplicate can not be edited in anyway. So if I want to make a...