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    Legality of copying code and what is too similar?

    Hello i have created a game for a while which i aim to publish on steam. It looks a lot like zelda but have a lot of original ideas. I make my crude art with the NES 8-bit palette in asperite(self limitation). The art is not final. But now 6 months in i realise I havent read up on what you can...
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    Legacy GM illegal virtual key handle but no virtual key

    So gamemaker is throwing me this error: ERROR in 01-07 19:15:11.250 10526 10632 I yoyo : action number 1 01-07 19:15:11.250 10526 10632 I yoyo : of Draw Event 01-07 19:15:11.250 10526 10632 I yoyo : for object Obj_Munna: 01-07 19:15:11.250 10526 10632 I yoyo : 01-07 19:15:11.250...
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    Legacy GM can't tap virtual key

    so I made 2 virtual keys shown in the following code: if(global.Pausing && !global.In_Store){ draw_set_alpha(0.5) draw_rectangle_colour(0, 0, view_xview + view_wview, view_yview + view_hview,c_gray,c_gray,c_gray,c_gray,false) draw_set_alpha(1) draw_sprite(Spr_BMain, 0...
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    Illegal Buffer Index error

    I'm trying to get networking to work by following a tutorial online and have run in to a bit of trouble. I'm trying to send the players movments to the server using this script called from the step event. buffer_seek(buffer, buffer_seek_start, 0); buffer_write(buffer, buffer_u8, KEY)...