1. A

    Legacy GM Get multiple IDs with instance_place

    Is it possible to get multiple IDs returned with the instance_place command? For example, if the instance_place command detects collisions with 2 objects at once. I only ever get 1 ID returned. If it can't return multiple, how could I prioritize it better?
  2. B

    Windows How to automatically number variables to id them?

    Hello, I have a list of strings, and I want to select one at random. My code looks like this: randomize(); my_number = irandom(4); if my_number = 0 then my_string = string("This is the first option"); if my_number = 1 then my_string = string("This is the second option"); if my_number = 2 then...
  3. darijs1

    problem with instances...or not sure.

    i have an enemy object and a room controller thing. the room controller contains a variable called devmode which i want to use to see useful things that cant be seen normally. one of these things which i want to implement is an enemy hp tracker (just a draw_text that shows enemy hp above each...
  4. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Assigning code to instances of an object

    Create Event: // pink block position pinkposition = room_width - (room_width * 0.992); // y position of current object instance var yco = ((room_height/2)*1.5); var ycoor = (room_height - yco)/2; yposition = (room_height - ycoor); // setting instance position x = x; y = yposition; //...
  5. D

    (SOLVED)Is this is even possible??

    When you have the ID of an object's instance you can change the image_index of that specific object without interfering with it's other instances, but is there a way to check that instances current image_index? So say I have the ID of one of obj_door's instances (for example) could I get the...
  6. D

    (SOLVED)How do you get the id of an instance your colliding with?

    I'm trying to make each collision with my door objects instances unique when the player collides with it so I can turn off the object being solid and pass through it, coz i'm using a collision_line check for my enemy's line of sight check and my door object is a child of my obj_solid (which...
  7. H

    Legacy GM Snake - finding other instances of same object [SOLVED]

    Hello! I'm trying to do my own version of Snake, I have watched and read a few tutorials but none uses a method that suits my needs, so I'd like to understand why mine doesn't work, and how I can make it work. Basically it starts with 3 parts, Head (the head), Snake (a body part) and Tail (the...
  8. S

    Specific Objects

    I am doing a project with raycasting, and I need to find a unique id of the object hit by a collision line is that possible? And, if so how?
  9. E

    [SOLVED] Changing a single instance of many

    Hello, Basically I have created a playing 'board' that randomly generates out of various objects 'tiles'. I want to be able to rotate a single instance of one of these 'tiles' without it affecting other 'tiles' that are the same object. My code (probably super inefficient) looks like this...
  10. S

    "Simple" Calculator Help

    var num1 = 1; var num2 = num1*2; var num3 = num2*2; var num4 = num3*2; var num5 = num4*2; var num6 = num5*2; var num7 = num6*2; var num8 = num7*2; var num9 = num8*2; var random1 = random_range(1,9); var random2 = random_range(1,9); var random3 = random_range(1,9); var random4 =...
  11. jr carey

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] issue with "with" statment using ID

    I'm having some very strange issues while using the "with statement" heres my code: with(info.up1) { action_sprite_set(spr_orbit_upgrade,5,0); } // this code is in orbit_upgrade the problem I'm having is its changing my path object lol, when its suppose to change the upgrade object ID`s...