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    Beta Milk Away! Cow milking simulator, incremental [Android]

    Hey, I am building my 2nd game with GMS now, 'Milk Away!'. It's an incremental/clicker game about cow milking. Haven't seen any games with cow milking -theme so wanted to give a try. I have just moved it to open beta on Google Play. It's far from ready but the main mechanism and concept is...
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    Animating an Idle Object

    Hi, This would seem to be a very basic and common problem, but I've not been able to find anything referring to this specific issue. I'm using the 'key_press events" to move my Player object with the arrow keys, and also to change sprites accordingly. I also have an animated "Idle Player"...
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    Legacy GM Animation Frames Missing in Idle Animation (Please Help!)

    Hello, I have been trying to create code that plays an animation if the player is inactive for an extended period of time (similar to how Mario will fall asleep if you put the controller down for a while). So far I have been successful in making the animation play after a variable counter...
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    Android Little Economist [Android] idle/clicker game, my first real project. Feedback appreciated :)

    Hey guys, I've been now studying Game Maker for nearly a year now during my free time. I just finished my first actual game (after the previous training project): Little Economist Gameplay: The purpose of the game is to work (click a lot), invest money in stocks (gain idle income, also while...