1. W

    Problem with idle animation for player

    Hey, sorry for my bad english. For some reason this line of code makes my players sprite invisible: if hspeed & vspeed = 0 sprite_assign(obj_player,spr_player_idle); It should check if the player is standing still, and then play the idle animation. But when you stand still the player will...
  2. Aardvark

    GML [SOLVED] Draw tile set after player being idle for specific time

    Hi! I'm fairly new to GMS 2 and GML but I'm a quick learner. I've set-up basic animations for my player based on the direction it's going (8 directions). What I'd like to do is start a frame by frame animation from a given tile set after the player is idle for let's say 5 seconds. Here is...
  3. E.M.I

    GMS 2 Idle animation code doesn't work properly

    Hey everyone! I'm starting to work in GMS2 and ran into a bit of trouble while writing code to make the player change to the appropriate idle sprite depending on the last direction they walked to. As you can see in this video the character always uses the down idle sprite...
  4. Architheutis

    Jumping withing one animated sprite

    Good morning, everybody! That topic was certainly solved, elsewhere inside. Or something similar. I´ve got a special intention. Maybe that could be solved with states. But I asked myself, and now you, what about jumping within an animated sprite. Example: oPlayer collides (place_meeting) with...
  5. K

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Random Switch State, Idle - Wander

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to game maker but have been watching a lot of tutorials and reading the forums bunch and have been able to solve all of my own problems until now. Basically I have a zombie NPC, that switches between multiple states; idle, wander, alert, attack, etc. I was...
  6. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 Enemy wandering script.

    I want the enemies in my game to wander around when state == "idle"But I don't want them to wander through solid objects, what would the best approach be to this? This is in a top-down environment!
  7. A

    Need help for my Idle Space Station game

    Hello guys ! Here is my new project with GMS2 : A game similar to Ogame, but on Single player, maybe with BOT enemies later. But it's early stage. So I have a few rooms, each one managing something different (construction, research...) Constructions (or researches) need time. I want them to be...
  8. @

    Android Steam Town, steampunk retro RPG

    Hey everyone, I've been working with Steam Town for ages and finally released it on open beta testing. It's a light idle RPG based in 19th century Finland, made with GMS2. The game play is simple, tap to shoot with your drone, collect gold from enemies and upgrade stuff. Some of the...
  9. C

    Simple Menu/Layout Help

    Hey y'all. Super noob here. TL;DR I'm trying to make an Idle/Clicker game and I'm stumped how to arrange some simple menu buttons. Essentially, the layout I'm trying to emulate can be found in War Tycoon ( and Idle Universe...
  10. @

    Android Raid Away! - Idle RPG

    I've been working past few months with a new Idle RPG, Raid Away. It's a retro style incremental game with RPG elements. Main features: - Lots of quests - Artifacts / Inventory system - RPG elements: Level up, skills - Prestige system Gameplay is quite simple, tap to fight monsters. Hire...
  11. I

    coins update

    I would like to create a coin generator the problem is I do not know how to increase the coin variable every second as I could achieve this goal
  12. S

    GML Step event = false?

    Is it possible to make it where if a certain situation happens, the step event becomes false until alarm[0] is done? I want to make the player have an automatic idle animation play when the level beings, and then after the alarm is done, all normal gameplay returns.
  13. A

    GML Having problem with sprite animation

    Ok so I recently did Shaun Spalding's "Platformer Basics" tutorial in an attempt to learn how to work with gravity and jumping. Everything concerning the tutorial went perfect but now I'm not sure how to approach my sprite animation. Below you will find my current code layout in step event of...
  14. M

    Handling Big Numbers

    Hello reader, I am currently making an incremental idle game with Game Maker Pro (Mac) I have come upon a problem where once a value reaches 2 billion or so, the object that is assigned to draw the value on screen gives us a negative number. For example, if your money is at 3 billion, it will...
  15. M

    Windows code animation idle problem X(

    hello i code animation idle no working var Right_key = keyboard_check(vk_right); var Left_key = keyboard_check(vk_left); // moveRight if (Right_key){ phy_position_x += spd; sprite_index = player_walk; image_speed =10; Direction = "Right" } } // moveleft if (Left_key){...
  16. J

    Help with 8 Directional Movement/Collision/Sprites

    Hello, I am pretty new to Game Maker, and completely new to coding! I've picked up on a few tricks from watching some videos on how to code 8 directional movement. I have been able to get the 8 directional movement to work, and I have even been able to get a corresponding directional sprite...
  17. D

    Alpha [Mobile] Idle Explorer (gps based idle/incremental)

    Idle Explorer {name might change} Operating system: Android server: PHP client: GameMaker:Studio 1.4 genre: idle/incremental download link (10mb): game uses the phones gps. GPS extension written by: Florian van Strien...
  18. H

    Android Pretty Bird Plunder

    Available on Google Play and [Description] Send forth Pretty Bird to find and plunder epic loot! What will this Viking robin find on its adventures? Stockpile all the tremendous treasure and glory in all your awesomeness! Quests continue even when you are busy with something else. So...
  19. D

    Android keeping time on client and server for timer/icremental game

    im working on an android game, its a timer/incremental game and have a server written in php and client in gamemaker studio. the game is based on 60second cycles. so every 60seconds you gain x resources. the server records client timestamps via the time() function in php. this works perfect...
  20. Bee

    Make player face the right way while pathfinding

    Hello all, I have built a game where the player targets the nearest enemy and uses Game Maker's pathfinding to make his way there on his own. The problem is that he doesn't face in the direction of his movement but faces his target. What do I use for his direction for his facing (right, up...