1. Yellowhite

    GMS 2 Guess what my think?

    I'm think the developers of Game Maker Studio is working hard to when lance the GameMaker 3.0 haver a surprise about GameMaker Studio nos in 3d and the logo Will be in 3d, with New codes, and funcions, having the z coordinate... Because, i am good in program just in GMSLanguage 😐
  2. flyinian

    Looking for suggestions

    In my game, I have several possible foes to fight. Each foe has their own area to fight. Each of those areas will have the same buttons with same functions. However, each of those buttons will have different data to use. These buttons are created and destroyed when another button is pressed...
  3. flyinian

    How would a combat system like this be accomplished?

    I'm a little ahead of myself in my development road map but, I decided it may be a good idea to have at least a good idea on how I am going to do my combat system. I just brain stormed a combat system, the partial logic of it anyways. (The game is a text based simulation game) Essentially...
  4. flyinian

    How do you test/balance your game?

    I'd like to know how you test/balance your game. I'm looking for ideas is the main reason for this post. Thanks.
  5. flyinian

    (SOLVED)Looking for ideas, suggestions and so forth on how I should manage my persistent code.

    In my current project I have to keep track of numerous changing numbers. i.e cash, statistics, etc. I am currently planning on placing all of this code in a single object and making it persistent. Would this be a good idea? What do you recommend? Thanks.
  6. Andrew R. C. Beck

    A Simple Game - How Would You Approach It?

    I am curious to see how you guys would view and approach the task if someone asked you to "Make a quick, simple game"? :)
  7. Edwin

    Design Intro, Backstory Design?

    Hello, I'm making a game and I just want to make a simple backstory but don't know how it should look like. Can you please offer me some tips and design ideas? My current design look like this right now: Maybe I could upgrade it somehow. Feel free to ask and offer something :)
  8. flyinian

    Whats your thoughts on creating a VERY extensive GDD?

    "GDD" stands for "Game Design Document". It's a document that you design your game in. I am currently creating a fairly large GDD for a game. I think this is what I was missing when creating my other unfinished and abandoned projects. Using the GDD to organize everything, from variables to the...
  9. maranpis

    Portfolio - Audio I will make one song for your prototype

    Hello Ricardo here: I want to make a portfolio of songs for real games that are in development right now. If you are interested in how your game sounds with music I can help you. This will helps to improve your game vision and can be inspiring,motivational and give you more ideas. So this is...
  10. flyinian

    Design [solved]How should I go about this?

    The last few days I have been creating the code for my game which is planned to be primarily a plat former along with a base to defend/upgrade(tower defense) and also with an unknown amount of idle mechanics. My game would be a mix of Terraria/swords souls/clicker heroes/rpgelements, 2d...
  11. Bokkie2988

     A Space Shooter

    A Space Shooter - A.S.S Earth is attacked by hostile aliens. It's your job to defend earth and save humanity! Shoot, kill, explode and fly your way through tons and tons of enemies! Go left with A, go right with D. -Things To Add: -powerups -soundeffects, background music -screenshakes -boss...
  12. S

    Flintstones Themed 3D GTA style game Ideas.

    I plan to develop a 3D GTA style game with a Flintstones theme, i.e in the prehistoric era, that is mildly violent similar to the Simpsons Hit and Run. I need your game Ideas for this, so therefore I need Ideas for: What kind of vehicles am I going to implement in the game? Are there going to...
  13. N

    Game Mechanics Turn-Based Tactical RPG Project: Ability Idea Roundup (STILL ACCEPTING)

    Greetings. I am currently working on a turn-based tactical RPG project, inspired by XCOM and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and am seeking ideas for abilities that different heroes can utilize. BEFORE POSTING: Let me tell you how the combat system works so that you get a better understanding...
  14. J

    Best Pop-Culture Refrence

    I’m doing some market research for a game I’m developing. What is your favorite movie quote, scene, character... TV series... etc? Anything you think would make a great pop culture reference that you’d thing would be cool to include an epic game. Let me know! Posted with love by the universe.
  15. B

    Legacy GM Cool Enemies

    In my game, you travel between two times (kind of like Ocarina Of Time) and I'm thinking of some cool enemies that could be affected by these changes. (you switch time quite frequently within levels) A basic example could be an enemy that when they die they turn to stone which you could then use...
  16. M

    Discussion Simple Game Ideas

    Hello all, I'm very new to GameMaker and I'm not very good at it yet and I feel like the best way to learn is to create things and explore the possibilities. What I'm asking from you is to give me simple game ideas to just test my limits. Not a full out game, just simple things that I can try to...
  17. M

    Drag And Drop What are the easiest game genres (ex. platformer, shooter, etc.) to code using GameMaker 1.4?

    I'm new with GameMaker and I grabbed the 15 bucks bundle for the GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Licenses. I'm making a video game as a school project (in which you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it has a goal to it), but since I'm a beginner, my capacities are pretty limited. So here's...
  18. A

    Team Request Retro music needed for game

    "In order to form the perfect Soul, three key essences are required: Essence of Heart - Formed from the purity of a loving mother who lost her son... Essence of Mind - From a cunning godfather wishing to restore the destroyed towns... And Essence of Body - From a brute veteran, labeled a...
  19. Gamerev147

    Idea Weapon Skins, Unlockables, etc??

    In my game there are no "unlockables", weapon skins, or anything that adds a little extra spice to games. However, they way I designed my game, weapon and character skins are not able to be easily implemented. I had the idea of "charms" that the player can unlock and attach to the weapon...
  20. A

    "Project Color" Ideas

    "In order to form the perfect Soul, three key essences are required: Essence of Heart - Formed from the purity of a loving mother who lost her son... Essence of Mind - From a cunning godfather wishing to restore the destroyed towns... And Essence of Body - From a brute veteran, labeled...