1. David Richard

     Not attracted to GMS2 anymore

    I decided to go back and try GMS2 and I just can't help it but say that GMS2 is dead for me. YYG, you lost a customer with GMS2. Oh, and I am ONLY going to talk about the IDE and GUI here. I am not talking about anything else. So nothing to say about new and improved functions, this is just...
  2. csanyk

     IDE Suggestion: make search results hyperlinks

    When I use the Search & Replace feature, and search results show up in the Search Results pane, it tells me the object, event, and line of code where the text I searched for was found. I'd like it if I could simply click on the line in the search results and be taken directly to that line of...
  3. csanyk

     IDE suggestion: allow expressions in editor fields

    In any field which I might enter a number, allow me to type an expression, and then automatically replace that with the result. For example, let's say I'm in the Sprite Editor, and I want to change the size of the Sprite. Currently, I have to type the literal value into the height and width...
  4. ZeDuval

    Question - IDE Bugged Mouse-/Text -Cursor in Code-editor

    When I place a workspace on my second monitor and open a script there, my Cursor changes to something that looks like the letters T and I next to each other, basically like T I only thinner. If I only use one workspace and open up the code-editor, the mouse-cursor changes to the normal...
  5. c023-DeV

    Question - IDE Setting multiple Sprite Attributes

    Is there a way to set multiple sprite attributes at once? Like: select all sprites and then set the origin to middle center for all.
  6. Lukan

    Question - IDE Auto-Updater?

    I noticed when I updated the Trial version of GM: S 2 that it didn't have an auto-updater. I was directed to download a new installer manually, that then removed my current install and replaced it. As I'm now an actual owner of the software, I'd like to know if there is now an auto-updater in...
  7. csanyk

     GMS2 crashes when Windows sleeps

    When I sleep my laptop, after waking up again I find that GMS2 has crashed. I can file a bug report, but before doing so I thought I'd ask if there's any log file somewhere that would be useful to grab and upload.
  8. D

    Question - IDE Import from strip and removing background?

    Hello! In GMS 1.x we can import an animated sprite from a strip, and also remove the background color at the same time, like this: Is this option still available in GMS 2? If yes, where is it? Otherwise, adding that feature back would be very useful and handy, as it was on 1.x. Thanks. Dani
  9. B

    Question - IDE Image Editor Mirror Brush Tool

    A twofold question, both folds about Mirror Brush Tool. 1. I click it & it gets unclicked instantly, I then click on the canvas, nothing seems to happen (same with Flip Brush Tool). What am I doing wrong? 2. From manual on Mirror Brush Tool: So that means it just mirrors the layer once? It...
  10. David Richard

     GUI problems and incoherences, a few suggestions for IDE

    Well, there's that already. I did not even start my first game creation in GMS2's environnement that I already have drawbacks on my new working area. So, first thing first... The resource tree, in GMS was on the left, now you put it on the right with no possibilities to change its position, or...
  11. Carl

     IDE Feature suggestions for resource handling & code editor

    Introduction: The new IDE is great and should fit multi-monitor work environments well (have only gotten around to trying on my laptop, so far). The "Search and replace" tool, Resource-tree filter and new Code editor are all welcomed additions. However, it still seems to be the case, when...
  12. csanyk

     The Start Page

    I am posting a series of articles on my website as I explore and discover things in the GMS2 beta that I find noteworthy. Last night, I posted this on the Start Page: There are two main issues that I have with the new Start Page. The image slide show. It takes up a lot of space, serves no...
  13. csanyk

    Question - IDE Will we ever get a Linux IDE for GMS?

    I have seen no announcement from YYG about a Linux IDE for GMS2. With all the talk of GMS2 being a full rewrite in portable C++, which would allow you to compile the IDE for other platforms, it has gotten my hopes up, especially since we have had Linux as a build target for some time now. I...
  14. U

    Font size within GMS?

    Is there a way to increase the font size in GameMaker Studio? I don't mean of your game, I mean the actual IDE itself? This would include the text in the tutorial windows. I can read it but my eyesight isn't too great and I generally have to get close to the monitor and/or squint a bit.
  15. S

    GMS quit on Win10

    Hi all, I started using GMS yesterday, downloaded from Steam. But it always quit itself after 5/10 minutes' using, without warning or crash. I am using win10 pro 64bit. Also when I open the tutorial in the IDE, it got not responding and crash. Is there any fix on this? Thanks, Sty
  16. B

    Included files are extremely slow and irritating to work with

    My current project requires loads of included files, but apparently GMS will not update any modification done outside the IDE, nor will it properly import a folder with a whole folder structure in it. This makes it extremely irritating to work with included files. You have to manually import...
  17. Yambam

    Free Yambam's Game Maker IDE

    Game Maker IDE I have yet to give this program a real name. Download link: Functions: .gmk (standard :gm8: format) loading and saving (I can't get that part to work yet). .gmj (JSON format) loading and saving. View resources: sprites...