1. Jack S

    Discussion GMS does gamma all wrong

    Read the source for in depth discussion as to the details and what it should be doing. ( The short of it is GMS functions internally treating all sprites as sRGB data - which is well and fine until we start trying...
  2. E

    Question - Code Audio emitter not working properly

    Hello there! I'm having a really weird issue with audio emitters. I have this pretty standard system set up in my game: Emitter's create event: emitter = audio_emitter_create(); audio_emitter_gain(emitter, 1); audio_emitter_position(emitter, x, y, 0); audio_emitter_falloff(emitter, 100, 300...
  3. N

    Question - IDE Hide keystore password?

    How can I hide my keystore password? In GMS1.4 there were just 'dots' and you could click a button to reveal the password. Now in GMS2, I wanna show my friend how to setup for android for example, and he could see my password. So, How can I hide it? Is there a button for?

    Question - IDE From GMS 1 to GMS 2 - Various annoyances

    After years of working with GMS 1, I just started using GMS 2 (thanks to a certain new export module!) While I like it overall, there are quite a few things that annoy me. Shortcuts : - I used F12 a lot in GMS 1.4. When the cursor is on a function name, this opened it immediately in a new...
  5. bsabiston

    Question - IDE Any way to show old-style windows?

    I've been working with GMS2's giant scrolling window of windows for a while now, and I guess I don't see the appeal of it. I never know where my windows are, so I am always scrolling around blindly looking for them, or else I have to press cmd-T and just type what I want, which defeats the...
  6. I

    Question - IDE Splash screen not removable in IDE? Wasn't the case when using trial version.

    Hi there! I've been trying Game Maker 2 for the last couple of days and am thoroughly enjoying it. Just a moment ago, I upgraded to the Creator license. However, when I was using the trial version, I would not have a splash screen appear in the IDE when running my game. Now this suddenly does...
  7. T

    Windows Haven't had access to GMS2 for several weeks

    Ever since I came back from vacation, I haven't been able to use GMS2. When I opened it for the first time after I came back, a message popped up saying "Error (35) - Oops! You need to update to the latest software version. You can download it from your YoYo Games Account." When I go to the...
  8. Donald Harris

    Question - IDE Anyone else notice the IDE in GMS2 getting slower to open?

    I am running on a decently equipped Mac but I have noticed that the IDE is taking a lot longer to load. I haven't updated to the latest because of fear of it breaking my game. Any thoughts on this?
  9. T

    Question - IDE Can't open GMS2

    Whenever I launch GMS2, a window pops up that says: "Error (35) - Oops! You need to update to the latest software version. You can download it from your YoYo Games Account." I've tried to download the latest version from the website. When I go to the downloads and click the windows (or mac) one...
  10. N

    Question - IDE Code Editor Status Bar Color

    Okay, I made the jump from GMS 1.4 to GMS2, and for the most part am very glad that I did. My existing project even converted seamlessly without any speedbumps. One problem I am facing though is with the status bar color (specially for routines containing errors), it is a Maroon background with...
  11. G

    How do YOU use layouts in GMS2?

    In the GMS2 IDE, you can save your workspace layout (click "Layouts" on the menu bar, between Marketplace and Help). I feel like I should be using them for something, or at least have an idea of why they might be useful. Anyone include them as part of their workflow?
  12. G

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 Won't Start

    Coming back from a long break, I'm trying to open GMS2, and it simply won't do anything. No process shows up in Task Manager, except a background process for the exe does pop up for less than a second before disappearing. I've tried the following: Install newest version (which includes...
  13. Y

    Question - IDE double click Objects in Resources tree - move to code not events

    Hi I'm on a laptop. Things are crammed, but its ok. I am often in and out of the code sections of my objects. If I double click on an object in my resource tree, it always takes me to the events section, then I have to shift scroll to the code section. Is there anything in preferences that...
  14. Y

    Question - IDE Missing "AddOpen Event" upon rightclick in code editor

    Hi 2 questions: what is the difference between these two groups: Legacy GameMaker Community Tech Support GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support I hope I am in the right part of the forum for asking this question: Im watching one of Shaun's youtube vids from earlier this year, using GMS2...
  15. bsabiston

    Discussion AssetCompiler : One or more errors occurred -- all the time!

    I have to try four or five times to run my game before it will actually launch. Anyone else repeatedly get this stupid error dialog box? I don't have any compile errors in my game. I just have to keep mashing the triangle button until eventually it will run. Sometimes cleaning helps...
  16. Z

    Question - IDE New version GMS2 does not compile a project

    Hi all! After the last update, my runtime (v2.1.4.218) does not want to compile projects for all platforms. Output for Windows: Nothing else happens, and the compilation time continues. Before this update everything worked well. If you now switch to the old runtime, then an error will...
  17. N

    Question - IDE GML doesn't recognize the colours set in 'Variable Definitions'

    Seemingly, the colours you pick in an object's Variable Definitions in the IDE (also called Object Variables - very confusing), are not actually valid colours in GML. The colour picker creates a HEX-colour in the format #RRGGBBAA, while GML expects either a color made through make_color() or...
  18. Ruimm

    Discussion Please make the IDE compatible with older runtimes

    Hi After updating the IDE to version 2.1.4.x it can no longer compile runtime 2.1.3.x on iOS (it gives errors about missing keys in the options file). Since I have several problems with runtime 2.1.4 I'm still using 2.1.3 but every time I start the IDE and try to compile I need to make changes...
  19. Y

     community chat inside the gms ide

    just an idea . could be nice to have a community chat inside the ide ,just a small window in some corner to ask for some help/discuss ideas or just chit chatting if you are bored without getting out of the ide . it can be a distraction from the creative process but i guess you will turn it off...
  20. Ggd07

    Question - IDE GMS2 Object Events opening in their own respective tabs?

    Hello, After fiddling with the preferences in GMS2, I couldn't get around to achieving what I wanted exactly. I do not even see any changes when I set preferences for the IDE in GMS2. What I wanted to ask, is if it is possible for an event of an object to be opened in a tab that is intended...