1. KyleRansford

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 Game Running Extremely Slow?

    Hello, just today when I start GameMaker Studio 2 and go to run my game it runs EXTREMELY slow. Like 1 frame a second. When previously it ran like it was supposed to. I made no changes since run that would affected the speed and quality of the game, and I olso tested it with another game run and...
  2. Z

    Question - IDE IDE crashes when installing the latest updates (

    Hello! It takes less than a minute when I run GMS, runtime installation starts, and it crashes. I have steam version. What to do?
  3. Sam04

     Bracket pair colorizer.

    Hello, I recently found this and I thought it would be a great addition by just allowing the option to exist. Currently, you can select the color for each element in your text editor, but this means different color for what would be the same elements.
  4. clee2005

    Question - IDE Keyboard shortcut for setting target and config?

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to set the target and config via keyboard shortcut. Really the goal is to be able to set these two via an external keypress script. If there is another option - ie. via GMS2 file modification in a build file or something, I'm open to that as well. Thanks, Chris
  5. C

    Question - IDE Compiling error

    Hi all, When compiling a game for Android with YYC setting and SDK 28 I get in my log (I replaced personal info by ...): "...:compileReleaseNdk UP-TO-DATE ... :compileReleaseSources [Fatal Error] :3:214: The value of attribute "name" associated with an element type "item" must not contain the...
  6. KyleRansford

    Question - IDE FAILED: Run Program Complete (GMS2) [SOLVED]

    I have been working on a project all day with no problem until just recently when I added a new sprite asset to my game and when I tried to run it, it won't run. I've tried it a few more times, restarted Game Maker Studio 2, cleaned the cache and the game still won't run. I opened up a...
  7. N

    Question - IDE Suggestion: Cursor movement

    With many text editors, such as the one used on this forum, pressing down when there is no lines below the current one will bring the cursor to the end of the last line. In game maker it does nothing. Is there anyway to fix this?
  8. TonyStr

    Discussion OneDark Theme for GMS2

    OneDark GMS2 Theme I made a theme trying to replicate Atom: One Dark, and it's open source on github! download / contribute: If you wanna chat about it or have questions, this is the place to do it, but if you want to report bugs with it or...
  9. T

    Question - IDE Auto Tiling Problem: Corners of auto tile are strangely resized

    In this image is the room editor in the left hand side is the tile selected with the brush and in the right hand side is the auto tile version. I don't understand why the corners of auto tile look like that. In this image is the tile editor and the auto-tile.
  10. JAG

    Mac OSX GMS2 return button to goto next not workinig

    Has anyone ever had this problem? When I search for a string in a script it will find the first occurrence -- normally I can hit the return key to move to the next occurrence, but that behaviour has stopped working suddenly. Instead, hitting return does nothing. Any ideas??
  11. P

    Windows 12/19/18 IDE broke my Doors (child of my main collision object)

    Hey guys. I have a door that closes an area during some triggered event. That door is a child of my collision object (or basically my walls and floor) The door was working fine until today's update. now for some reason, player and enemies can pass through the door, unless I exit and come...
  12. clee2005

    Question - IDE PreBuild script

    Hey does anyone have any ideas around running a pre-build .bat or script file before doing an export? Ideally, it would tied into the build process and not an external .bat file that has to be executed before running the build command in GMS2. I was thinking something like having a named...
  13. S

    Question - IDE Any way to snap rotate in room editor?

    So i'm making some rooms. And have some diagonal walls i wanna place down. I figured instead of making 4 different objects for pointing 4 different ways, it'd be better to just have one, and rotate it to my needs. You can double click and change the rotation manually. Or drag near the corners...
  14. Posho

    [Solved] No Connection To Marketplace (GM:S 1.4)

    Hello, I just bought an extension but I'm having issues logging in to the Marketplace within GM:S 1.4. Do you know what this could be? I am using the latest stable Steam version (v1.4.1804). Just in case, all of my Firewall permissions are allowed. I just downloaded the latest standalone...
  15. J

    Question - IDE Any way save window size\disable maximize on open?

    This is a minor issue in the scheme of things but one that's impacting my workflow. Because I have several windows open at once while working I don't want any of them to be maximized. With the previous version of GameMaker (1.4) I could size and position the IDE window as needed and it would...
  16. C

    Question - IDE SOLVED: Copy/pasting only specific sprite layers in sub frames?

    It seems that I'm missing something obvious, but I've read through all the IDE tutorial resources and I can't seem to find anything the forums either. I have a sprite and I'm only animating one part of it, one separate layer. I know how to copy and paste the entire sprite into the next sub...
  17. J

    Question - IDE Cannot Login into the GMS2 IDE

    Hi, recently i downloaded the GMS2 and i logged in, but when i try to open the IDE later only appears the splash screen, shows an empty desktop, menu and then the ide closes. So, I uninstalled GMS2, then reinstall it, and nothing happens
  18. N

    Question - IDE Collapse Layer Folders

    I've been working a whole lot with Layers in the Room Editor, and one of my larger projects requires lots of layers in each room. I organize them into folders, but every time I open the project, all of the folders are expanded which creates a huge mess. Is there a way to easily collapse layer...
  19. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE Is there a way to add a new option into F4 script editor?

    So, is there any way to add a new option in the F4 dropdown? For example, I would like to create some "pre-made chunks of code", and then adding those to the drop-down. This would be useful in some scenarios, for example: writing a new particle type, where the header of the code is pretty...
  20. I

    GML GML Plugin into IntelliJ IDEA, worth doing so?

    Hello everyone, I know that there are others like me, who just struggle with GM:S code editor in medium to larger projects, so... here's yet another GM language plugin (just a prototype atm). Since Parakeet is closed (never had a change to try it), and other plugins like one into notepad++ is...