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  1. BoB3k

    Question - IDE Draw order in Instance and Asset layers [Feedback / Request]

    Trying to fix another bug, I updated to the newest IDE and runtime yesterday. I didn't get the bug fixed (but figured a workaround), but was going to keep the updates...until I noticed my levels weren't drawing right anymore. Stuff that in the Room/Layer Editor that were drawn one way, show up...
  2. L

    Question - IDE GameMaker 2 IDE versions above 2.0.7 crash upon launch

    Hi so I'm trying to get GameMaker Studio 2 to actually run on my mac, and preferably at least 2.1.4 because that IDE version is required to even log in. I can't use the versions that open because, my project I'm working on I started developing in 2.2 and these older versions have no way for...
  3. F

    Question - IDE 5 essential IDE/GUI improvements

    Hi there, Been using GMS since 2014 and have some suggestions on GMS2s environment that'll help improve workflow. Hopefully these are already on the cards :) -Sub tabs When you full screen multiple objects event codes or scripts it puts it into one 'Code' tab, where you cannot tell which...
  4. BoB3k

    GMS 2 [IDE] Is there a way to search through object instance in rooms?

    So, I'm trying to refactor some of my objects, and this includes renaming and moving around parents and such. One thing I haven't been able to find is a way to search for object instances that have been laid out in the room editor. I know how to do CTRL-Shift-F to find stuff in all of the...
  5. Anixias

    Question - IDE [SOLVED but still an issue] GMS2 Blue-Screened my PC and is using 10 GB of RAM

    EDIT: My issue has been resolved, technically. However, there is almost definitely some form of memory leak, a huge one, involving tiles. While I'm placing tiles, RAM increases by about 20 MB per second. Every time I save the project after editing tiles, RAM increases by 200-300 MB. Every single...
  6. I

    New IDE - What .. Why ..

    Please, before reading this keep in mind that i love gamemaker and this post is meant as way to express my feelings about the studio 2 IDE. I come from the old GMK1 IDE, im from an old era, but i have to ask: What happened!? How come there is so little customization for the new IDE? Why is...
  7. Cupid Stunt

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Variables tab missing from debug

    Must have forgotten to tighten the nut on the other side of my keyboard because I closed the variables tab in my debugger without thinking. Now I cannot get it back. I did layout>reset layout but that did not fix it. Any ideas?
  8. Cofefe

    Question - IDE Drawing Individual Layers of a Sprite

    Hi guys. So I've got a question related to drawing the layers within a sprite. I mean the layers like the ones inside the sprite editor, not the 'Sprite Layers' which you can create in the room editor through code. The reason I ask is because I am currently making a game where I assemble the...
  9. T

    Question - IDE GMS2 Text Completely broken after Compiling

    Hey Guys. Yesterday i Updated my GM to and when i try to compile my game on Android the Whole Text is broken. The R´s, S´s And Space´s are broken. It doesnt affect the Performance but its annoying as hell. Does someone know how to fix this?
  10. R

    Is there any better naming of resources?

    Hi, I'm trying to name scripts somehow so I can easily assign them to objects as functions (like in other OOP languages). Is there any better option for naming them? I find it quite nonsense that in GMS 2 resources must have unique names regardless of folders, type of resource or something like...
  11. muddrox

    Question - IDE Room Editor - Inheritance issues

    So recently I wanted to try out room inheritance to make my project more manageable. I am new to using Game Maker 2 after prying myself away from Game Maker Studio 1.4 but here I am. However, I have found room inheritance to be quite infuriating and it has led me to ask a number of questions...
  12. Carcophan

    Question - IDE Steam being down leads to GMS2 not being available??

    Hello everyone. I purchased and installed GMS2 Mobile from Steam, and am now looking for an 'offline' version. I had an issue the other day where (i think) that Steam crashed and because Steam wouldn't load, GMS2 would not load. I thought this would be resolved by downloading a second copy...
  13. L

    Question - IDE Runtime Changes ?

    It seems Steam pushed an update for Runtime last night, does anyone have a list of changes / bugfixes ? Is it due upload / documentation today ?
  14. A

    Mac OSX The Carbon driver has not been ported to 64bits

    Ever since updating to OS Mojave, I've been getting this error when trying to run the game in VM. EXCEPTION FILE - /var/folders/1m/g47rbvd15ds6rpndg7mr_vt40000gn/T/4593bdd1393f4b73a80ee0b252e08c2f.yyg.saencryptedreport...
  15. D

    Discussion IDE crashes silently after a variable amount of time

    Since at least two weeks ago I'm having random crashes in GMS2 with no error messages. These occur even if I'm not interacting with the program (it can crash on its own in the background). The behaviour is as if a gremlin inside the computer randomly the process at any random time. I have it...
  16. Kaliam

    Bug, variable exists but these lines don't read it.

    So these variables aren't being recognized by the IDE for some reason, even though I am using them two lines afterward. I tried restarting the IDE and reloading the project but that didn't fix it unfortunately. My guess is that this is a bug related to the new warning system but i'm not sure.
  17. Azenris

    Question - IDE Resource name limit [Sugeestion]

    Is there any reason the resource tree has a name limit. Is it possible to increase it ? maybe to 255. spr_interior_wooden_frame_window_light_beam_emissive :( I didnt want to abbreviate everything, I know its kinda descriptive, but it helps me understand what it is. Sry if wrong forum :]
  18. KyleRansford

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 Game Running Extremely Slow?

    Hello, just today when I start GameMaker Studio 2 and go to run my game it runs EXTREMELY slow. Like 1 frame a second. When previously it ran like it was supposed to. I made no changes since run that would affected the speed and quality of the game, and I olso tested it with another game run and...
  19. Z

    Question - IDE IDE crashes when installing the latest updates (

    Hello! It takes less than a minute when I run GMS, runtime installation starts, and it crashes. I have steam version. What to do?
  20. Sam04

     Bracket pair colorizer.

    Hello, I recently found this and I thought it would be a great addition by just allowing the option to exist. Currently, you can select the color for each element in your text editor, but this means different color for what would be the same elements.