1. S

    Question - IDE Hi. I am kind of freaking out here!

    I have just bought the game maker studio 2 mobile licence And it is not showing on my account. It says I have to log out of the game maker IDE but I don’t know how to do that. It says I can log out from the File Menu? Where is that? Please help me! I don’t know how to log out of the IDE and...
  2. MartinK12

    Question - IDE In Image Editor why can't I replace color with another transparent color? Or is there a special way of doing it?

    I use color replace tool and normal color replacing (full alpha) is ok but I can't do the same with transparent colors? I click on color, lower it's alpha to desired value, even add it to last used colors and it's replacing to desired color but with full alpha :( Or how can change one color to...
  3. C

    Mac OSX 2.3 Update Causes Very High CPU Usage

    Since updating to 2.3, I have noticed extremely high CPU usage for both the IDE and the YoYo Runner. I have tested using empty projects, and have found that the IDE sits at over 40% CPU when the laptop is unplugged (according to Activity Monitor), and when plugging in a power cable, the number...
  4. Fluury

    SOLVED How to return to older IDEs?

    Heya, I am using Steam, and - optimistic as I was - downloaded the new 2.3 Update. Unfortunately the update broke an essential function I needed (Bug had been reported a week ago or so, so I was hoping they might've fixed it already, unfortunately not) - so I kinda have to roll back to 2.2.x...
  5. D

    SOLVED #region code folding

    Hey, I wonder if there is an option for the IDE to toggle remember/forget which #regions are folded and which ones are not, when closing and opening your project? Thanks in advance.
  6. Alec20

    Question - IDE Localized game name [Solved]

    How do I localize the name of my game? (is for Android in my case) ie: someone from Japan install my game, the gameplay is completely translated but the app name remains in english Where do I put translated display names? is it even possible to do in gms2?
  7. descrubb

    GMS 2 IDE - use object variable definitions to "link" editor object instances together?

    So, I decided I wanted to be able to create a sort of "map" that isn't a straight grid. One location might link to tens of other locations. I couldn't think of a way to accomplish this except for creating singular points and then manually linking them together. I have an object keeping track of...
  8. S

    Steam Bug, mouse will stop working when leaving and entering GMS2 until i right-click somewhere

    Also. for some reason when i do right click and return to GMS2, it will write out "r f" where ever my cursor is situated. I have no idea, and this sounds so bizzare, so i tried recording it. This only started happening recently. But i haven't gone into any beta modes. And i've tried...
  9. Daniel Mallett

    Question - IDE Snippets file

    I have just discovered that you can add your own code snippets in which is great. I have quite a few I would like to add. My question is how do I get it to separate out into sub-sections so I don't have a monstrously long list I can't even see to the bottom of. Thanks in advance.
  10. MartinK12

    Question - IDE Is there option to color differentiate brackets in code or some add on that does it like MS Excel has?

    I’m looking for a way to color differentiate brackets like MS Excel does it bcs very often I got confuse with them ;) And yes I have matching brackets highlighting ON but looks like it's not enough for me ;)
  11. Carloskhard

    Small Question: What means the red outline in objects in the room editor?

    So I've noticed when using the room editor that if I double click an object a red outline appears around it, and after that doesn't matter if I click outside our change tabs, the outline will continue until I close the room editor and open it again. I know it appears with a double click in as...
  12. A

    SOLVED Farming RPG Tutorial - Cannot find "Import Strip Image"

    Hi, As a new french GameMaker user (so excuse my mistakes), I'm trying the software with the free trial and will most likely buy the creator licence. In the Farming RPG Tutorial, I have to "Import Strip Image" but i can't find it in the current IDE ( I searched on the forum but I...
  13. Nabil Kabour

    Question - IDE Error when trying to run game

    I get the following error when trying to run my game: Permission Error : Unable to obtain permission to execute IDE version: Runtime: The game runs when using the most up to date runtime. The reason I'm trying to run with an older runtime is because I have glitches with...
  14. EvanSki

    Question - IDE GMS2 and different languages

    I was wondering if GMS2 has the ability to use different languages, obviously GML but looking at the preferences menu I find it odd that the gml syntax highlighting and all those fun options are under text editors > code editor and then I started thinking about how theres a plugins tab with only...
  15. B

    Question - IDE Mac IDE - different monitor dpi issue

    I have a 2017 MacBook Pro, and a 1080p external monitor. Whichever screen I open the IDE on, the IDE will be appropriately scaled for the display, but if I move it to the other display, it will be either tiny or gigantic. is there are a way to use the IDE on multiple monitors with different DPI's?
  16. BoB3k

    Question - IDE Draw order in Instance and Asset layers [Feedback / Request]

    Trying to fix another bug, I updated to the newest IDE and runtime yesterday. I didn't get the bug fixed (but figured a workaround), but was going to keep the updates...until I noticed my levels weren't drawing right anymore. Stuff that in the Room/Layer Editor that were drawn one way, show up...
  17. L

    Question - IDE GameMaker 2 IDE versions above 2.0.7 crash upon launch

    Hi so I'm trying to get GameMaker Studio 2 to actually run on my mac, and preferably at least 2.1.4 because that IDE version is required to even log in. I can't use the versions that open because, my project I'm working on I started developing in 2.2 and these older versions have no way for...
  18. F

    Question - IDE 5 essential IDE/GUI improvements

    Hi there, Been using GMS since 2014 and have some suggestions on GMS2s environment that'll help improve workflow. Hopefully these are already on the cards :) -Sub tabs When you full screen multiple objects event codes or scripts it puts it into one 'Code' tab, where you cannot tell which...
  19. BoB3k

    GMS 2 [IDE] Is there a way to search through object instance in rooms?

    So, I'm trying to refactor some of my objects, and this includes renaming and moving around parents and such. One thing I haven't been able to find is a way to search for object instances that have been laid out in the room editor. I know how to do CTRL-Shift-F to find stuff in all of the...
  20. Anixias

    Question - IDE [SOLVED but still an issue] GMS2 Blue-Screened my PC and is using 10 GB of RAM

    EDIT: My issue has been resolved, technically. However, there is almost definitely some form of memory leak, a huge one, involving tiles. While I'm placing tiles, RAM increases by about 20 MB per second. Every time I save the project after editing tiles, RAM increases by 200-300 MB. Every single...