1. Caio

    Question - IDE Override DPI (help)

    I change DPI in preferences and now I can't change anything. How to reset? Screen: or in attach
  2. Imperial

    GMS 2.3+ IDE keeps crashing since 2.3.6

    Hello I wonder if anybody else is facing the same problem since the 2.3.6 update everytime I open the IDE it crashes in few seconds after I load the project and shows me that submit a report window (with the options: send/don't send) and it also leads me to this page...
  3. clee2005

    Using Mac and PC versions on the same project source

    Hey guys! I just got a new Macbook (M1 pro) and it's ridiculously fast. So much so that I want to use it as my main workstation. I've been using Windows for GMS2 up until now. My question is : does anyone have experience using the MacOS and Windows versions of GMS2 at the same time on the same...
  4. Arzulo

    VIM support within GMS2 editor?

    Is there any chance in the future that VIM keybinding support will be added inside the GMS2 built-in editor? I already know it's possible to use external tools like VSCode, or WSL with VIM, or GMEdit to open project files and produce your code that way, but having to multi-manage programs is...
  5. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Apply IDE settings in code

    How do I toggle Interpolate colours between pixels and v-sync in code? for that matter how do I access any relevant IDE accessible settings in code. Thanks in advance.
  6. zextyu

    GMS 2.3+ Low framerate at GMS 2.3.4 IDE

    I have low framerate in IDE. Everything happens very jerky. I made a comparison with different versions and found out that the problem started with version 2.3.4. When I move windows in IDE, my graphics card is 70% loaded. (in the old version, the load does not exceed 20%). OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  7. spaceLobster

    Mac OSX Source control grayed out on Mac in

    Hello everyone, I recently updated to 2.3.3 and am attempting to get a project connected to a repo on Github. I only have the option to clone a repo. So I created one on Github and cloned it down. When I click clone in GMS2 and put the url and path, the source control window closes and nothing...
  8. Dilawlaw

    Question - IDE how to replace sprites images in bulk?

    Hi everyone, we have a big project with over 300 sprites, lately, we decided to change the resolution ( for example going from 64x64 to 128x128 ), we have the new assets ready, with the images files names matching our sprites names, but we can't find a way to replace the old sprites images in...
  9. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Middle click in the code is not opening the online Manual... 🤔

    Middle-click is no longer opening the manual, it happened all of a sudden, I don't remember touching anything in the settings. I tried to press F1 or F12 and it doesn't work either. I also tried restarting the IDE and nothing... Note, this happens with any built-in function, like draw_text...
  10. Gunnar the Clovis

    Feature Request: CTRL+M/U Hotkey to Fold/Unfold Asset Groups in Asset Browser

    Hey, simple hotkey feature request self-explanatory in the title: When in the Asset Browser of the General IDE, CTRL+M folds / collapses all asset folders (asset groups) CTRL+U unfolds / expands all asset folders (asset groups) These hotkeys already exist for folding / unfolding all code...
  11. K

    Question - IDE Create new sprite, object, whatever isn't user friendly

    GMS Is there any way to get the IDE setup so that when I right click on the objects folder for example, the first option on the right click menu is 'create object'? From videos I've seen this used to be the default. The current way is cumbersome (imho), right click folder, go to...
  12. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2.3+ Room Editor TileBuilderLock Still Locked

    Hello, Today out of nowhere, my whole Tile Layers dissapeared. Restaring the IDE made them visible again. It keeps happening randomly, and tick/untick the eye icon to toogle visibility is not working. I noticed also, some tile layers whenever I select a tile and drag the mouse to the Room IDE...
  13. BoB3k

    Windows debug stopped working, getting client disconnected

    Out of nowhere my debugger stopped working. Whenever I run it just freezes, but if you look at the output it is printing over and over: 341 code buffers added (17826) Client(0) Disconnected: Debugger disconnected Client(-1) Connected: Now, I don't need any help checking...
  14. atmobeat

    Interest in Mediumweight Objects & Read-Only Access to GMS2 Functions

    I wanted to check with the GMS2 community to see if you all would be interested in the following features: "Mediumweight" Objects -- We have our heavyweight objects and our awesome new lightweight objects. This feature request would basically be a way to toggle the built-in variables. As my...
  15. Dilawlaw

    GMS 2.3+ Need help scaling a project to a different size

    Hi guys, I am working on this low res pixel art game for a while and I have +100 rooms (levels). Right now I wanna go to a higher res, say my old sprites are 16x16 and I will replace all of them to 32x32 for example, so the sizes of my rooms will automatically double, and the positions of the...
  16. zendraw

     SUGGESTION Game Maker 2

    i suggest there be an option where you highlight some code and compare it with another code and it highlights the diffrences betwean the 2. so after that you can set the diffrences to variables and delete one of the codes. this is not only effective but it will help teach newbs about using...
  17. L

    Question - IDE How To Connect Multiple Objects in the Editor?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to show connections between multiple objects in the editor. For example, say I have a Switch and a Door that are "connected" through an instance variable. In a level I may have a Switch 1 that opens multiple Doors that share the same instance variable. Then I...
  18. Osoy

    Question - IDE Code Formatting

    Hi, I have searched through keybindings looking for a key combination that would auto format code similar to CTRL+K + CTRL+D in Visual Studio. Is there such an option and if not is it on the road map for a future enhancement? Thanks.
  19. Rusty

    GMS 2.3+ Particles Don't Work

    So I took the plunge recently because I heard the new runner in Studio 2.0 compiles much faster (it does, incredibly fast, thank you YoYo) and have exported a large project in Studio 2 from Studio 1.4. Now I've found my particle effects don't work, the objects and everything are in the room and...
  20. TheRudolfGaming

    SOLVED Auto-fill showing duplicate suggestions of variables/functions.

    Heya! As the title implies, after updating to 2.3.1 today and starting to modify my code, I noticed that my auto-fill suggestions were getting shown multiple times I can assume this could be a bug/glitch of the new update/conversion to the new version, cause this behavior was not documented...