1. R

    [Solved] Android In App Purchase problem

    I'm trying to make a In App Purchase Game but it is not working. I think, i did everything i can. What could problem be? What do you think? -(working) : My merchant account is available. I verified. I'm pretty sure it is working. (http://i.hizliresim.com/NkR9EY.png) -(working) : I executed apk...
  2. clee2005

    AmazonGameCircle not logging in 1763?

    Hey guys, There is very little information on Amazon Game Circle stuff and GameMaker, so I thought I'd just ask this here to get something more going. I had IAP in Amazon working fine in 1757, and then updated to 1763 and new GooglePlayServices and AmazonGameCircle extensions. Got both...
  3. D

    IAP Checkbox

    Why is the checkbox to enable IAP in global game settings not there? Has it been removed and we no longer need to activate it?
  4. D

    Android IAP Coding Issue (Android)

    I'm am totally lost with the IAP example when trying to create a IAP code to do just one simple little thing. I'm not trying to sell things over and over again I just want to offer people an option to open up a certain room after they buy a ticket. Attempting to follow the example and a few...
  5. I

    Job Offer - Programmer $100 - Simple Guide App

    Hi, i want to make a Pokemon Guide App. Basically it just show pictures & text, however i want IAP (In app purchase) & Google Ads are included! ( you should tell me how to use / custom them as well ) It's a urgent project, you can contact me via: master2015hp@gmail.com I will pay you first $60...
  6. E

    UWP How do i check what IAPs a user has bought outside of the app?

    If a player buys an IAP directly from the Windows Store, rather than from WITHIN the app, how do I then tell the app to unlock that IAP? In this: http://www.yoyogames.com/blog/74 (IAP basics) it says: "On all marketplaces you can ask the store to return a list of the durable products the player...
  7. C

    Android Coding IAP for Android and iOS

    Hello, in these days I'm dealing with IAP on Android and iOS. I read different topics about the IAP but I'm finding some difficulties integrating the system in my game shop. My game works like this: I have a "product.ini" with all the product information (name and price), once someone perform a...
  8. E

    Can anyone help me set up IAPs, or show me a tutorial?

    I want to add IAPs to a game I'm working on, but I'm not sure how to do it. I've read through (and followed) the example from YoYo, but I still don't understand it, and can't edit it to work for me. I tired googling for a video tutorial, but couldn't find any. Can anyone either explain it in...
  9. S

    Windows IAP Consumable only works once in Windows 8 Native

    I noticed that the IAP for consumables only works one time in Windows 8 Native platform. I have followed tutorials here http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216755198-In-App-Purchases-Example and even went ahead and purchased two assets from the marketplace (thinking that I must be...
  10. G

    Android iap_consume not working properly

    I recently included In-App Purchases in my game, and testing them it's really giving me a headache! First of all, I followed everything on this page: http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216755198-In-App-Purchases-Example The items I want to sell in my game are basically seeds that are...
  11. I

    Google Play shows IAP, but app doesn't have

    I've just released my first app on Android, it doesn't have any kind of IAP, I did not even tested or considered to include this on the game, but in the manifiest file Game Maker generates, the "com.android.vending.BILLING" line appear ¿is there a way to fix this problem? I've already received a...
  12. GameDevDan

    iOS Restore in-app purchases

    iOS requires that developers provide a way to restore in-app purchases, and GameMaker: Studio provides a handy function to do just that: iap_restore_all(); The only problem is, I don't have a clue how it works. The official documentation says it adds a key to the iap_data ds map which returns...