1. T

    Legacy GM In-app Purchases - Android and iOS

    Hey everyone! I've been making some research on in-app purchases (mostly non-consumables), but there seems to be a lot of people with problems implementing IAP in their apps. I've checked out https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216755198-In-App-Purchases-Example, and it seemed pretty...
  2. zbox

    Asset - Extension GM Backend [$20.00 a month/$499.99 Permanent License]

    GM Backend Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2jOk8Wi Category: Extensions (All platforms, GMS 1.4 & 2.0) Price: $30.00/Month as a service | $699.99 Permanent License Description: We offer two ways of implementing this extension: The source code for this asset can be purchased for the listed price - You...
  3. R

    Android SOLVED: Remove "In-app purchases" mark from game in Google Play

    Hi! I'm developing a game with GameMaker Studio 2, and when viewing the application in Google Play Store it says it contains "In-app purchases". There's not going to be any IAPs in this game, so what do I have to do to make the mark go away? Here are my settings:
  4. clee2005

    iOS iOS In App Purchases updated?

    Hey Devs! I'm wondering if anyone is aware of changes in the in app purchase process or tech (new libraries perhaps)? I've been getting more support emails for our games for people that are having issues buying stuff. It's still working for most (as we are seeing sales), but seems some are...
  5. J

    Android [SOLVED] HELP! In-App Purchases Not Working :(

    Hello Community :) This is JCGam3z, a well-known app developer I'm having trouble getting in-app purchases to work in my store! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've been at this for 5 DAYS now and it's getting really frustrating :( Here is my code... ***Create Event*** var...
  6. Bee

    HTML5 Has anyone launched a F2P game on Kongregate?

    I've got our game on Steam right now, but we'd like to get it on Kongregate. I'm going through the steps but there's a lot of stuff missing. In particular there doesn't seem to be a way to connect in app purchases with Kong with the existing API. Has anyone else done this? Can you help me...
  7. Slyddar

     Restoring an IAP

    I've started adding durable IAP's to my game, and want to find out the methods others are using when a user moves phones and want to restore a purchase. I believe both Google and Apple save the purchase with the user account and have different methods to retrieve it. Google have a...
  8. Slyddar

    Android IAP documentation for GMS2

    I've located the IAP documentation for 1.4 here - https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216755198-In-App-Purchases-Example It's out of date though for GMS2. Can someone link me the GMS2 IAP documentation please?
  9. P

    Discussion iOS & Android: Confirm IAP through IAP Async Events

    Has anyone here confirmed, without having stored the proof-of-purchase in a file (i.e. purely through IAP functions and/or asynchronous events), that a user had previously performed an in-app purchase? The In App Purchases page of the manual states: However, iap_is_purchased was deprecated in...
  10. M

    Android [Resolved by St. Nicolas] Can't get right IAP price from Google

    In my game I sell Stars and Hints via IAPs. I want the prices in my store to show the actual price from my google account. For some reason the code works just fine for Stars but fails on Hints. I am testing IAP dots_universe_hints_3 Here are the screenshots of my Google Dev Console IAP page...
  11. G

    Android IAP not working anymore

    EDIT: A solution to this issue is available in the second post, hope it can help others :) --------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the long wall of text but i wanted to specify everything I tried so far. Hello, I'm having issues updating an old game for Halloween, it...
  12. tjuven

     Suggestion: Add SKPaymentTransactionObserver method for IAP in App Store

    Hi! It would be nice if the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method was added to the builds automagically when developing for iOS and distributing games through the App Store. In-app purchases without this method can not be promoted in the new App Store on iOS11. Thanks
  13. Gwy

    Android How to add BILLING Permission for IAP in GMS2

    I am trying to use In App Purchases (IAP) for Android devices in Game Maker Studio 2. I have read multiple tutorial on how to do this and I have gotten parts of the way through. The hurdle that I can't seem to figure out is how to enable Billing Permission for Android. My Google Play Console is...
  14. RyanC

    Legacy GM Question about DS Maps

    Hi All, I'm currently implementing IAP's into my game and only require one consumable which is gems. At the moment I'm using ini files to store all the level data and gems collected but would like to at least make the gems more secure by storing them into a ds_map_file.json and secure saving...
  15. B

    Help!! IAP's not working (pretty sure it's conflicting with Unity Extension)

    Please help me. Whilst developing an app of mine, I seem to have come into some trouble with the in-app purchases since adding the UnityAdsSDK Extension. They were all working perfectly beforehand, but, all of a sudden, since adding in this extension, the app does not even begin to connect to...
  16. A

    Android Please help me with IAP for andoid

    I'm really stuck on how to program in IAP for google play and for some reason achievement_show_leaderboards and achievement_show_achievements isn't working even when signed into the google play services. Please help because I have been stuck with these problems for at least 5 months now and any...
  17. I

    Question - Code Can't receive async IAP event for iOS platform

    I'm new at making iOS IAP features via GMS 2, here is what I've done: 1. go to itunes, setup my products' id, and sandbox test user; 2. In the obj_init create event, generate a product list, and then call iap_activate(productList); 3. In the obj_init async IAP event, analyze the ipa_data. 4. In...
  18. A

    Android IAP Purchase Problem

    In App Purchases are failing in my game. I can't figure out why. I will not post code at this time (because I think it is irrelevant) I used the tutorial found on the game maker website. The code is very similar with only changes to the name of the id's for the IAP. My problem is I purchase an...
  19. chirpy

    Android [SOLVED] Android IAP

    I've been stuck on this for a couple of days. Service seems to be connected but I'm getting 0 length array of product details, and every product Id string I tried using iap_acquire("id string", "") returned: - I/yoyo (16520): BILLING(R): Error, product does not exist I understand this may be...
  20. V

    Unable to make iaps work on Google Play

    Hey, I've trying to make iaps work for android with no luck (not my first one). I always get the 'Store is not available' message or nothing happens when I click on the buy button. I've tried or made all of these: - 3 different iap extensions - Check Enable Google Services - Check Enable Google...