1. B

    iOS In-App Purchases stuck in iap_failed state

    Hello! I have followed the official Gamemaker tutorial on In-App purchases, and made some tweaks because it crashed the game, and have gotten it to the point in which I can tap on a purchase button. However, iap_activate does not seem to work correctly, leading the game to return an iap_failed...
  2. AIrlan Bragi

    iOS [Solved] I can not test IAP on iOS.

    Hello, I followed all the steps indicated here: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002368731-iOS-Setting-Up-IAPs But on the topic "Testing Purchases" does not happen as expected. These are the dialog boxes that appear when I request the purchase, in sequence: And then keep...
  3. Aver005

    GMS 2 How to Google ADS?

    How to embed ads in your Android game using google? I use GAMEMAKER STUDIO 2 and resent. There's no information about it anywhere.
  4. E

    IAP extension not compiling

    Hello, my Android app is not compiling with the GooglePlayServicesIAPextension, i'd appreciate some help, thanks! Here's the error message: (...) :com.GamerMind.Warriors_of_the_Universe_Online:incrementalReleaseJavaCompilationSafeguard UP-TO-DATE...
  5. D

    3 years worth of refunds on any game released??

    I've just found out that for the last three years, any GAMEMAKER game released can have its IN APP purchases refunded by Google, with no way at all of telling within the code that this has happened. YOYO have confirmed that it's an outstanding bug, but is "Not a huge issue....just a nuisance"...
  6. Saf

    Job Offer - Programmer (Paid Assignment) Looking for a developer to implement IAP

    I have a simple iOS app already published on the app store. It currently has no IAPs. It is made with GMS2. I want to include some in app purchases in the app. I need a GMS2 developer to implement IAPs in my app and help submit the update. Please contact me on PM, with an estimate of the $$...
  7. D


    Is that really correct? The only way I can get my app to talk to the Google Play store at all is to upload a signed compiled APK. How then am I supposed to test purchases, reading / writing or files containing purchase data etc, verification of products downloaded and so on? Fill my game with...
  8. D

    Android Game will not compile with IAP extension added

    Hi All I have an Android game that is ready for release once I sort out IAP. Please note that until the IAP bit - eveything worked perfectly on actual Android devices and emulators. So according to all the instructions I could find, I imported GooglePlayServicesExtension...
  9. D

    GM2 - Cannot compile to ANDROID when IAP Extensions are imported

    Hi All I have an Android game that is ready for release once I sort out IAP. Please note that until the IAP bit - eveything worked perfectly on actual Android devices and emulators. So according to all the instructions I could find, I imported GooglePlayServicesExtension...
  10. G

    Android Google IAP Refunds

    I'm trying to implement IAP refunds in my game with the Google Play extensions. The only events that get triggered are: And the only status that gets triggered is iap_purchased under the iap_ev_purchase event (even though I refunded the IAP on the Google Play Console). The iap_refunded...
  11. M

    Android Purchase Verification on Android- Still need to put out "Signature" in iap_purchase_details

    See this bug report- we still need "signature" to be shared with us in the iap_purchase_details ds_map I believe using the "payload" doesn't do anything- that is something our server can manipulate, but not anything coming back from Google which is what every receipt verification scheme wants...
  12. G

    Android IAP "Unable to get a valid license"

    I'm trying to implement a very simple "Remove Ads" IAP button in my game. My issue: When my game starts, it displays the following message: As well, if I click the "retry" button on this message and click my "Remove Ads" button fast enough, it will go open the purchase box and display the...
  13. N

    IAP for iOS not working

    I've recently started migrating my Android games over to iOS. Sort of working fine, but as soon as I tried to migrate something with IAP It's failing. Apparently what is failing is the if iap_status() == iap_status_available check. Again, for Android everything is working fine. I did set up...
  14. zbox

    Asset - Extension Facebook IAP's (HTML5)

    Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2LPFFJE Category: [/B]Extensions Price: $29.99 Modules: HTML5 Description: Use Facebook's Login and In-app purchase system to monetize your in-browser HTML5 game. View an online demo. View the documentation
  15. Mr Trick

    Android Android In App Purchases For other stores issue

    Hay Guys,first sry about my poor language! I using GMS2 and I trying to make in-Purchase-app Android for my game but its not for Google play store. Im Trying to Make it for cafebazaar.ir , in my country this is a popular local android store so I never used Google Play as Developer because I...
  16. RizbIT

    pc IAP

    is there a extension or easy method that functions like IAP for Android that lets you pay for in game items on windows pc platform?
  17. C

    Android IAP crash/stopped working after iap_activate

    Hey after struggling a lot with getting IAP to work, I sort of managed to get something working, but not fully. I'm able to receive product information, but after that a window pops up, that game stops working. the debugger shows an endless supply of vsync timeout... any idea on how to fix...
  18. T

    Legacy GM In App Purchases - Android Issues

    Hey there! I've been trying to use IAP, but I can't make it work. Here's what I've tried so far: *Following the tutorial on https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216755198-In-App-Purchases-Example; *Checking everything on the "Android" tab (Enable Services, IAPs, Licensing, APK Expansion)...
  19. T

    Legacy GM In-app Purchases - Android and iOS

    Hey everyone! I've been making some research on in-app purchases (mostly non-consumables), but there seems to be a lot of people with problems implementing IAP in their apps. I've checked out https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216755198-In-App-Purchases-Example, and it seemed pretty...
  20. zbox

    Asset - Extension GM Backend [$20.00 a month/$499.99 Permanent License]

    GM Backend Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2jOk8Wi Category: Extensions (All platforms, GMS 1.4 & 2.0) Price: $30.00/Month as a service | $699.99 Permanent License Description: We offer two ways of implementing this extension: The source code for this asset can be purchased for the listed price - You...