humble bundle

  1. Japster

    Latest Humble Assets bundle available - this time it's loops and soundtracks...

    I've just bought it at the £20 tier - it's definitely NOT one of their strongest bundles, and mostly by the same artist, but still seems great value even if you just find a few tracks for your game in there!... Nearly 9GB, and 700+ audio files - loops and tracks (including variations, mind) for...
  2. Japster

    MASSIVE Music and SFX pack bundle currently on the Humble Bundle site!

    I'm forever struggling for SFX and music I can (safely!) use in my games, and I've just grabbed this pack - I went for the whole deal, because, well, why not... :D There's some so-so content in there, but also some absolute gems! - all available for the buyer to put in ANY amount of their...
  3. jackquake

    Another Dev Humble Bundle of Art

    Seems like a few days ago, I posted an opinion post about art and then... BOOM! Humble Bundle does it again. For $20, you get thousands of icons, badges, and other stuff. Just letting you know in case, well, you're not talented in the art department (which I'm definitely not). Happy...
  4. I

    Any chance to get source code games Humble Bundle

    Hello! I am seriously thinking about trying out GMS, especially after I saw that source code for some very awesome games was provided at a Humble Bundle event in the past years. Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with Humble Bundle at the time and I obviously missed my shot at getting my hands on...
  5. Mikołaj Kubiczek

    Discussion Game Maker Studio 2 on Humble Bundle?

    Anyone know if game maker studio 2 will be on Humble Bundle? If so, please tell me it. I would like to know it, because the second edition of game maker studio is too expensive.
  6. R

    Is GameMaker-Studio 2 going to an Humble Bundle's sale at this year?

    Last year, around september / october, GameMaker-Studio 1.4 had a sale in Humble Bundle, which allowed a lot of users to buy GMS: 1.4 for a veeery accessible price ($ 15, which, in my country - Brazil - is a bit "big" price, so imagine US $ 99 for IDE and more US$ 550 for popular modules - web...
  7. C

    Question - Code Humble Game Maker Bundle key-question?

    My question is that the key which I have got when I bought Humble Game Maker Bundle, the Android and Professional module, are they full versions or only for a limited time?
  8. S

    Windows Cook, Serve, Delicious! from the new Humble Bundle won't compile

    I wanted to mess around a bit with the Cook, Serve, Delicious! source code which came with the new Humble GameMaker Bundle, but it simply won't compile and it doesn't seem to have any reason for not working. Here's the entire Compile log: (with my name removed)...
  9. J

    Legacy GM Humble Bundle gave me module codes that don't seem to work

    Hi everyone, some days ago I purchased the Humble Game Maker Bundle in order to get Game Maker Studio Pro and those four modules that came with it. I redeemed the codes and while the one for the Professional Edition worked just fine, the others didn't. I get this error message every time, for...
  10. M

    Humble Bundle GameMaker .gmz files won't open

    Hi I bought the Humble Bundle special with the complete games and their source code but after I've downloaded the gmz game file and try to import it, it says this error: .gmz (Game name).gmz could not be read. Exception class name = EJcI CompressionError Exception message = Sevenzip: Error...
  11. M

    Legacy GM Can't Register An Account

    I've been trying to register an account for an hour now and am having a bit of difficulty. I've been getting this error: Are the servers just experiencing a temporary overload with the influx of humble bundle purchasers? Also is YoYo Games aware of this and working on a fix? Any assistance in...