1. Cpaz

    Graphics HUD design: Important information?

    Hello all! I'm currently in the process of making mockups for the hud of my project. Thing is- I'm unsure of all of the information that needs to be conveyed to the player. For reference, here's the currently usable HUD: [Those numbers under the points are the ammo for the three different...
  2. MechaMonst3r

    [SOLVED] Need Help with using Item Pick-Ups

    Hey! I'm decently new to Game Maker Studio 2, and GML as a programming language but not unfamiliar with programming it's self (I'm a second year Computer Science student). Anyways, I'm attempting to make my first game and I'm having some issues with collision detection when picking up the item...

    Question - IDE GMS 2 annoyances and suggestions

    Even though I've been using GMS 2.0 for a while (for Nintendo Switch ports especially), I've only recently fully switched to it. While there are many aspects I love (tabs and bookmarks for scripts <3, CTRL+T to search on resource names...), there's also some inconvenient stuff. - The sprite...
  4. Dr_Nomz

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Variable not being drawn...

    so I managed to initialize a global variable (at least as far as the Debug menu is concerned) and now I want to draw it with a HUD object, but my old way doesn't seem to work for some reason. It's like this: obj_Control initializes variables upon creation. obj_HUD Follows Character (step event...
  5. J

    Layering Objects In A Room

    How can I layer objects in the room editor? For example in the screen below I want the score text to be above the colorful HUD sprite.
  6. NovaOzuka

    Custom HUD Help

    Right, so I need help coding my HUD for the game I'm working on, which needs to contain 5 things: Health Energy/Magic/Ammo Lives Currency Time FIrstly, I have no idea of what I'm doing, but I do know what I have in mind for each. For Health, I want upgradable Zelda style health. I'm using...
  7. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Interface Elements Change Position on Continue/Retry

    I created a score and collectible item count in the upper left corner of the screen to keep track of how well the player is doing. When creating a new save file, it is placed where I want it to be. Although, once I click continue (from the title screen) or retry (from the game over screen), it...
  8. trentallain

    GML [solved] Best way to do HD graphics (HUD)

    I currently have HUD sprites that are made for 4K (3840x2160) and I scale them depending on the screen size. So if the display was 1920x1080, the scale would be 0.5. These sprites are basically just 1 to 2 colour shapes and icons (not pixel art) that consist of lines and curves (such as...
  9. C

    Circular viewport (or camera) in GMS 2

    Hi I would like to make a circular secondary viewport for a minimap. How to go about that? It is easy enough for me to create a rectangular one (with zooming and scrolling and all that) using the built in viewports, but a circular one...?? I dont know where to begin: can it be done using the...
  10. C


    Greetings, I decided I could use a GUI for GMS2 and maybe so could others. I haven't been working on it for too long, but a dev log sounds like fun, right? :) LATEST PROGRESS I just updated to version 0.4.0, scroll down a bit to see the accompanying post. This project may not be updated too...
  11. jf_knight

    Graphics Blood screen damage

    I'm surprised i couldn't find any tutorials, marketplace assets, or shaders on how to create the iconic red-edged screen/hud damage effect in gamemaker studio. Can anyone help?
  12. M

    Setting a Position Relative to the Screen View?

    I want to keep an object at a specified position on the screen at any given time. This is the simplified script I have for a test object at the moment: x=view_xview[0]+1000; y=view_yview[0]+100; This works fine until the view in the room in extended. Here is the location of the object before...
  13. trentallain

    3D [Solved] Angled HUD

    How do I angle my HUD sprite like these bars at the top? (I'm pretty sure they would use 3D for the right perspective of them) Everything else will be 2D. And would I use something like d3d_set_projection? (I don't know how to use that though, since I've only done 2D games).
  14. J

    GMS2 Heads Up Display SOLVED

    I am creating a heads up display weapon wheel, and cannot get object images to come up on top of all other objects. I can organize them on top in layer editor, but since the HUD weapon wheel is only created after pressing a button, new images always end up on the bottom. instance_create_layer...
  15. A

    GML Drawing HUD - What is the best practice?

    hi all. generally speaking, what is the best way to draw the HUD (thing like HP/MP, character icon, ammo icon, weapon equipped icon, etc)? ive never coded one before but im just about ready toand was wonder from which angle i should approach this because i can think of multiple ways to start...
  16. Freedom2Fight

    Design Using and Accessing Items.

    I'm trying to design a way to access items for my current project. There are many ways I can do it but I want to hear your point of view on the matter. My game is about punching different kinds of robot-like things and occasionally people. Because everybody likes punching people. Here is a...
  17. C

    Turn-based Strategy HUD Scaling with View Zoom

    Hi, This is my first post to the community. I have been using Gamemaker 8.1 for a long time. However, I can't figure out a way to keep HUD elements in scale while I zoom in and out with view_wview and view_hview. I have a turn based strategy game that uses the mouse wheel to increase and...
  18. P

    GML Making HUD follow the views

    Some days ago I had asked this question - Now that I'm able to move around the camera and know how it's working. I want to know how I can tag along the HUD with the view screen. Right now the HUD...
  19. P

    How to make a Save Icon on HUD?

    So i've tried for days but i cannot get this to work. I hate the pop up box with text that interrupts the game but i have no way of showing that the game did save. So i want to make a save icon appear at the bottom of the screen when saved. Now this is so tricky because the pause menu is handled...
  20. G

    Legacy GM How to properly create GUIs on Game Maker?

    Hello everyone! I'm quite new to Game Maker and I still didn't find the best way of creating GUIs. Does Game Maker have game objects for buttons, toggle buttons, drop down menus, scrollable text fields, sliders, etc? I'll start developing a turn based RPG, so I need all those GUI elements...