1. yukaccino

    GMS 2.3+ (SOLVED) Buttom in Draw GUI doubled in the room

    Hello! I've been trying to do my game's hud for a while, but I'm having difficulties with a Options buttom. All the other hud, with draw GUI, seems to work fine. Otherwise, the Options buttom is an object, so it can interact with the player's mouse. It seems to work well- when the mouse is over...
  2. N

    Having a moveable button(SOLVED)

    Im new to gamemaker and im working on a team and we are making a sort of base survival game and i want the player to have buttons that they can press for structures and i want the buttons to move with the camera currently the camera follows the mouse. this is the current code but it kind of lags...
  3. Cpaz

    Graphics HUD design: Important information?

    Hello all! I'm currently in the process of making mockups for the hud of my project. Thing is- I'm unsure of all of the information that needs to be conveyed to the player. For reference, here's the currently usable HUD: [Those numbers under the points are the ammo for the three different...
  4. MechaMonst3r

    [SOLVED] Need Help with using Item Pick-Ups

    Hey! I'm decently new to Game Maker Studio 2, and GML as a programming language but not unfamiliar with programming it's self (I'm a second year Computer Science student). Anyways, I'm attempting to make my first game and I'm having some issues with collision detection when picking up the item...

    Question - IDE GMS 2 annoyances and suggestions

    Even though I've been using GMS 2.0 for a while (for Nintendo Switch ports especially), I've only recently fully switched to it. While there are many aspects I love (tabs and bookmarks for scripts <3, CTRL+T to search on resource names...), there's also some inconvenient stuff. - The sprite...
  6. Dr_Nomz

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Variable not being drawn...

    so I managed to initialize a global variable (at least as far as the Debug menu is concerned) and now I want to draw it with a HUD object, but my old way doesn't seem to work for some reason. It's like this: obj_Control initializes variables upon creation. obj_HUD Follows Character (step event...
  7. J

    Layering Objects In A Room

    How can I layer objects in the room editor? For example in the screen below I want the score text to be above the colorful HUD sprite.
  8. NovaOzuka

    Custom HUD Help

    Right, so I need help coding my HUD for the game I'm working on, which needs to contain 5 things: Health Energy/Magic/Ammo Lives Currency Time FIrstly, I have no idea of what I'm doing, but I do know what I have in mind for each. For Health, I want upgradable Zelda style health. I'm using...
  9. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Interface Elements Change Position on Continue/Retry

    I created a score and collectible item count in the upper left corner of the screen to keep track of how well the player is doing. When creating a new save file, it is placed where I want it to be. Although, once I click continue (from the title screen) or retry (from the game over screen), it...
  10. trentallain

    GML [solved] Best way to do HD graphics (HUD)

    I currently have HUD sprites that are made for 4K (3840x2160) and I scale them depending on the screen size. So if the display was 1920x1080, the scale would be 0.5. These sprites are basically just 1 to 2 colour shapes and icons (not pixel art) that consist of lines and curves (such as...
  11. C

    Circular viewport (or camera) in GMS 2

    Hi I would like to make a circular secondary viewport for a minimap. How to go about that? It is easy enough for me to create a rectangular one (with zooming and scrolling and all that) using the built in viewports, but a circular one...?? I dont know where to begin: can it be done using the...
  12. C


    Greetings, I decided I could use a GUI for GMS2 and maybe so could others. I haven't been working on it for too long, but a dev log sounds like fun, right? :) LATEST PROGRESS I just updated to version 0.4.0, scroll down a bit to see the accompanying post. This project may not be updated too...
  13. jf_knight

    Graphics Blood screen damage

    I'm surprised i couldn't find any tutorials, marketplace assets, or shaders on how to create the iconic red-edged screen/hud damage effect in gamemaker studio. Can anyone help?
  14. M

    Setting a Position Relative to the Screen View?

    I want to keep an object at a specified position on the screen at any given time. This is the simplified script I have for a test object at the moment: x=view_xview[0]+1000; y=view_yview[0]+100; This works fine until the view in the room in extended. Here is the location of the object before...
  15. trentallain

    3D [Solved] Angled HUD

    How do I angle my HUD sprite like these bars at the top? (I'm pretty sure they would use 3D for the right perspective of them) Everything else will be 2D. And would I use something like d3d_set_projection? (I don't know how to use that though, since I've only done 2D games).
  16. J

    GMS2 Heads Up Display SOLVED

    I am creating a heads up display weapon wheel, and cannot get object images to come up on top of all other objects. I can organize them on top in layer editor, but since the HUD weapon wheel is only created after pressing a button, new images always end up on the bottom. instance_create_layer...
  17. A

    GML Drawing HUD - What is the best practice?

    hi all. generally speaking, what is the best way to draw the HUD (thing like HP/MP, character icon, ammo icon, weapon equipped icon, etc)? ive never coded one before but im just about ready toand was wonder from which angle i should approach this because i can think of multiple ways to start...
  18. Freedom2Fight

    Design Using and Accessing Items.

    I'm trying to design a way to access items for my current project. There are many ways I can do it but I want to hear your point of view on the matter. My game is about punching different kinds of robot-like things and occasionally people. Because everybody likes punching people. Here is a...
  19. C

    Turn-based Strategy HUD Scaling with View Zoom

    Hi, This is my first post to the community. I have been using Gamemaker 8.1 for a long time. However, I can't figure out a way to keep HUD elements in scale while I zoom in and out with view_wview and view_hview. I have a turn based strategy game that uses the mouse wheel to increase and...
  20. P

    GML Making HUD follow the views

    Some days ago I had asked this question - Now that I'm able to move around the camera and know how it's working. I want to know how I can tag along the HUD with the view screen. Right now the HUD...