1. Japster

    GMS 2 Issues trying to use HTTP_POST_STRING Returning -1

    Hi guys! - I'm having a pain of an issue trying to correctly get back info from a http_post_string() in the HTTP ASYNC events (Get scores etc)... For windows target builds, it works *perfectly* - I get scores, can update player's name, etc, but in HTML5, I just get a "-1" back?- it's failing to...
  2. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM How to send variable over from GM to online Javascript file with 'http_post_string'?

    I need instance variable online_players to be send over from GameMaker to players.js on my website Too bad with the code below there has not anything been updated yet in the players.js file. Alarm[0] Event: http_post_string("***/***/players.js"...
  3. tonyfinale

    "http_post_string" not working when running HTML?

    In GMS2 I am trying to use the code "http_post_string" to upload high score data onto, and though the code work fine and succeeds when I run the game as a Windows export, when I try to test the game in HTML I get no such results. It isn't even an error that appears; nothing...
  4. N

    GML Http_post_string problems

    I am having trouble posting to a database url that stores names, emails and highscores. This is the json format { "name": "Tonit", "email": "", "highscore": { "Int64": 0, "Valid": true } This is my data var q= ds_map_create(); var scores = ds_map_create(); ds_map_add(q...
  5. The-any-Key

    UWP http_post_string in UWP bug?

    Is the http_post_string intended to work in UWP? I try the game with a ordinary windows export and it works fine and I get back a callback event. But in UWP it just do nothing and it crash without an error message when I do anything else in the game. It do call the http_post_string when I...
  6. D

    HTML5 Help http_post_string

    Hello, I would like to use http_post_string to send info on my database, but it does not work. It returns 0 all the time. Do you have a solution ? :) I do not want to use http_Get because you can see the link in the element inspector.
  7. Coded Games

    HTML5 Setting up http_get and http_post_string to create an online game

    Hey guys. So I'm working on a HTML5 card game and a lot of people requested that I try to add an online mode to the game. Since it's just a card game I don't need the online to run fast so I thought that the http_* functions might work. Unfortunately this is the first time I've ever used these...