1. andev

    SOLVED [GMSTUDIO] http_get not working - No asynchronous HTTP event triggered at all.

    I put show_debug_message("It worked!") in the http async event but it never showed up in console. I saw a post that said you needed to make sure the http_get wasn't in a create event but it wasn't, it was in a step event. I googled forever and couldn't find anything, but then I discovered an old...
  2. O

    Android http_get return 0 and the returned string have IOException as value

    hello all I'm trying to find solution for this problem i have http_get request to php page that will do some database job and return some info. the code works fine on some devices but on other devices it return 0; and ds_map_find_value(async_load, "result"); have the value IOException this is...
  3. E

    Android http_get not working on Android [SOLVED]

    Hello, i did this simple code to get my external ip by using http_get("");, it works fine on Windows, but on Android it shows this error in the console: Cleartext HTTP traffic to not permitted Does anyone know how...
  4. F

    GMS 2 http_request not sending a GET method

    Hello, I'm trying to send a GET request with http_request, but it sends a POST. I've wrote this in create: var url, headers, data; url = "http://localhost:3000/"; headers = ds_map_create(); data = ds_map_create(); req = http_request(url, "GET", headers, json_encode(data))...
  5. G

    Android http_get & http_post_string error, status -1 on android/HTML5

    Hello, I'm using GM 1.4 and have my game sending highscores through http_get function. It works fine on windows, but when running on Android (tried both emulator and my regular phone) it stops working. When trying to debug it seems to always return status -1 on async HTTP event. Could someone...
  6. BMatjasic

    HTTP_GET to get html results from .js file

    Hello everyone, I've been recently working on a small project which gets your PING by running a javascript in the background. I use the http_get method to retrieve data, but it seems only to return me the raw html and javascript format from the website, assuming that the script doesn't run. Is...
  7. N

    json_decode argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGR)

    I get the error: I request with http_get using this code: if (!requested) { // inside draw event http_get('') requested=true; } And this is in the HTTP event (WebAsyncEvent) if (!ready) { // inside HTTP...
  8. T

    Windows http_get (Error)

    Hello! I'm trying to get a random name via http_get from a site that generates random names by using its API. I decode the jason file to a ds map using async_load ect. The game runs, but I get no result. The only thing I get is a console message (HttpError:HttpSendRequest:) every time I trigger...
  9. N

    Legacy GM JSON reading from URL.

    Hi. var wrjson = '{"status":"Success.","p1":"NoFontNL","s1":"26"}'; wrjsonlist = json_decode(wrjson); var worldrecord = wrjsonlist[? "s1"]; var wrowner = wrjsonlist[? "p1"]; draw_text_outline(x-240,y+52,string(worldrecord) + " by " + string(wrowner),4,c_black); works, but var wrjson =...
  10. G

    http_get error

    Hi. I having problems in Game Maker Studio (v1.4.1804) When i do http_get i have the error: Error 317 while formatting message for 122 in InternetCanonicalizeUrl HttpError:Error 317 while formatting message for 87 in InternetConnect I think the url is very big, but i dont resolve the...
  11. BMatjasic

    Asset - Project UDP Game Networking Engine (GMS 2 and 1.4 Compatible) 6.99$ Release discount!

    Complete UDP Networking engine, that is very simple to use and very optimized! it also includes HTTP Login and register system. Every single line of code is commented! Marketplace URL: Link Download demo: Link Video of demonstration: It includes: Very easy to use Simple coding A server...
  12. RyanC

    Android Connecting to a Live Stream for Music

    Hi All, I'm looking to make my game connect to a live stream radio station. Any one know the best method to do this?
  13. T

    HTML5 [Solved] GM2 works in Test platform but not HTML5

    Good evening, My issue is that my game works fine when operating under platform Test, however when I change to platform HTML5 it errors out. After a fair bit of searching I discovered that alpha doesn't work to well on HTML5 so I went through and removed all references of modifying the alpha...
  14. T

    iOS Download Error : Unable to create request (bad url?)

    i am getting json from " States/Washington/Renton" using http_get and get this error message only on iOS: "Download Error : Unable to create request (bad url?)" looking at async_load, status is 0 http_status is 0. it works on my...
  15. S

    HTML5 HTTP_GET Failed

    Hi guys, So, i have a question about this... Im making a online card game. Now i'm programing the card object. The idea of this objects is to make a dynamic load like this... When i create the generic object of the card, I pass and ID (idCard) and then with these ID find a json in the server...
  16. P

    http_get and array

    im currently working in a game where i have to import many names from a DB, i want to store them in an array. or something like that. how can i make it to work (when i do the request in the DB i use "name" for all the names).
  17. B

    Legacy GM Get JSON string from http_get

    Hi there, I'm looking into a custom update system and would love to be able to use the http_get function to get the information from my website but im not sure what i would need to do for that to work, so for example i would like to return a JSON string containing 1 double for the version number...
  18. L

    http_get() maximum size/length

    Hey, does anyone know how long the result (string) can be that I get with the function http_get() ? for example, how long can my title, index or both together be, that I don't get an error? {"title": "exampleheading...","index": "exampletext"}
  19. Coded Games

    HTML5 Setting up http_get and http_post_string to create an online game

    Hey guys. So I'm working on a HTML5 card game and a lot of people requested that I try to add an online mode to the game. Since it's just a card game I don't need the online to run fast so I thought that the http_* functions might work. Unfortunately this is the first time I've ever used these...