1. AetherBones

    GMS 2.3+ Easy Online Highscores

    Easy Online Highscores in GameMaker Studio using the Service GM version: GMStudio 2.3.2 Target platform: ALL Download: Links: Latest change: 2021-09-22 Level: Intermediate (some GML knowledge)...
  2. G

    HTTP Request Issue

    Hello, I have written an API for submitting highscores to a database using Node.js and I have deployed it to the Google App Engine. The API recieves commands through HTTP requests and acts accordingly based on the information contained in the request. When testing the API locally on my machine...
  3. SgtMoose151996

    GMS 2 In-game survey?

    Background: Currently, I am developing a 2D pixel art bullet-hell boss rush inspired by R-Type, Bloodborne, and StarFox 64 (link to demo here) I have done localized focus group testing and am planning a strategy for broader market research. One consideration I have is a short in-game survey...
  4. K

    GMS 2.3+ Get random words from remote URL

    Hey guys, I am building a puzzle game and i want to fetch words or word from API url (!/words/getRandomWord) and show that word in the gameplay, is there anyone who has an experience with it?
  5. andev

    SOLVED [GMSTUDIO] http_get not working - No asynchronous HTTP event triggered at all.

    I put show_debug_message("It worked!") in the http async event but it never showed up in console. I saw a post that said you needed to make sure the http_get wasn't in a create event but it wasn't, it was in a step event. I googled forever and couldn't find anything, but then I discovered an old...
  6. Acid Reflvx

    GML How do I send files into an online database????? (HELP!)

    When I began my game, I wanted to put it on Steam, and it would use the Steam workshop. I don't want to use Steam now though and I want to make my own online playing system like how Geometry Dash did. I have a domain I can use as a database. The domain is allowed one page. So all of that comes...
  7. P

    HTTP functions fail with HTTP Status 0 on Linux builds, but not Windows when requesting HTTPS

    Hello everyone! I am creating a program which communicates to a server that I set up with an SSL certificate from the CA Namecheap. I am using the function call http_get("") to check if the website is reachable. On Windows 10 this returns the ds_map values of: status...
  8. angelwire

    GMS 2.3+ http_get_file() begins download but end with -1 status

    Hello, I'm trying to download a file using http_get_file() but it ends with an error. I've spent a while checking the manual but I can't seem to find out what the problem is. The http_status is fine so I can't figure out what the problem is. I thought it might be a bug with 2.3 but the same...
  9. G

    Upload a game file to a web server

    Hello! I'm making a project where the player has to make an artwork while playing the game. My idea is that, when the game ends, it takes a screenshot of the player's masterpiece, send to a server so that It can be posted on a website, like a gallery. The screenshot I know can be saved using the...
  10. Posho

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] HTTP GET/POST Help for GraphQL

    Hello, I am trying to get access to an API using HTTP functions. Normally you would make queries using JSON files but apparently GM:S forcefully uses ds_maps, which is a tad different. I am also having trouble sending the Auth Token, which from my understanding is done through the Header of a...
  11. FrostyCat

    Asset - Scripts Request Master: A new era for HTTP requests in GMS 2.3+

    Request Master Bringing out the true potential of http_request() since 2020 Overview This library for GMS 2.3+ provides a set of extensions for easily encoding, decoding, and sending HTTP requests. The encoding tools support application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data and...
  12. FoxyOfJungle

    GML http_post_string: Can't get upload progress

    Hi! I am using http_post_string() to upload my "gamedata.dat" file to my server. It uploads perfectly and also downloads. On the server the PHP files and database are all working perfectly. The problem is that I can't get the file upload progress, just the download progress, which works...
  13. Coded Games

    Parsing JSON from HTTP Request

    So I am trying to parse the word "Hola" out of this JSON: {"outputs": [{"output":"Hola","stats":{"elapsed_time":463,"nb_characters":5,"nb_tokens":1,"nb_tus":1,"nb_tus_failed":0}}]} The JSON contains the list "outputs" then the first element of that list will be an object and the word I am...
  14. Adriano_ppaula

    GMS 2 [80%] Help with http_get_file download interrupted

    Hello everyone, everything good? I need help with a simple system that I made for my game. Where it downloads a file from a server to update. I realized that when the internet happens to lose the connection. Or there is some kind of delay in the download. Game maker studio understands that the...
  15. LDinos

    Help with downloading a file using http_get_file

    Greetings! I am trying to make a simple auto update checker, and I thought of doing it like this: Download a text file that I have uploaded, read the string inside it, and compare it to the current version string. However I have a problem using http_get_file. Here's the object Create event...
  16. D

    Need Help With HTTP connection to an API

    Hello, Im trying to make a HTTP request to an api and then display the data but im unsure on how to do it with the specific file. Any Ideas? Im trying to get the "Meta Data\6. Time Zone" words as a string from...
  17. D

    GM2 getting HTML/HTTP information on a website

    Hello, I am currently working on a game which requires it to know if the stock market is currently open or not, It needs to go to and check if the Exchange is open or closed. Iv seen that this may be possible with http_Get but i have...
  18. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2 Facebook - How to use the chat in Windows?

    I am doing a launcher and would like to integrate Facebook chat into it as well as the friend list and profile info. Is there any way to do this in Windows? (using dll's or http requests) I've already tried: Creating my own chat system using the server in PHP and using HTTP requests, but it...
  19. G

    Android http_get & http_post_string error, status -1 on android/HTML5

    Hello, I'm using GM 1.4 and have my game sending highscores through http_get function. It works fine on windows, but when running on Android (tried both emulator and my regular phone) it stops working. When trying to debug it seems to always return status -1 on async HTTP event. Could someone...
  20. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 Post a String to Online Server?

    I'm using an online server called "". I'm able to make a text file on the server and get data from it in GMS2. However, I would like to upload data to this text file on my server using GMS2. Is there anyway this can be done? Any help is appreciated.