http exception

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    SOLVED Async-HTTP throwing IOexception only on Android

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to convert my game from Windows to Android. Firstly, the Name is checked by sending the information from the player: function scr_get_name(argument0) { // Script: Get the highscore list from the database in Altervista var name =...
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    Android http_get return 0 and the returned string have IOException as value

    hello all I'm trying to find solution for this problem i have http_get request to php page that will do some database job and return some info. the code works fine on some devices but on other devices it return 0; and ds_map_find_value(async_load, "result"); have the value IOException this is...
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    Legacy GM [Android] App closing on probably receiving http request

    Hello, I have a little problem with http requests. Everything is working fine but problem is when sometimes application is receiving a request. And i have only message "xxx stopped working". On server i have code in php. I'm using as well remote push notifications. But on console i found...
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    Android http_request return a http exception

    This problem affects only Android apks, the GM STUDIO version is the last stable (1.4.1763) i'm working to a commercial project that use a MongoDB database When i try to send post calls to MongoDB using RESTful apis on Android, the game return a http exception. I'm using an Android Emulator...