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http exception

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    Android http_get return 0 and the returned string have IOException as value

    hello all I'm trying to find solution for this problem i have http_get request to php page that will do some database job and return some info. the code works fine on some devices but on other devices it return 0; and ds_map_find_value(async_load, "result"); have the value IOException this is...
  2. S

    Legacy GM [Android] App closing on probably receiving http request

    Hello, I have a little problem with http requests. Everything is working fine but problem is when sometimes application is receiving a request. And i have only message "xxx stopped working". On server i have code in php. I'm using as well remote push notifications. But on console i found...
  3. F

    Android http_request return a http exception

    This problem affects only Android apks, the GM STUDIO version is the last stable (1.4.1763) i'm working to a commercial project that use a MongoDB database When i try to send post calls to MongoDB using RESTful apis on Android, the game return a http exception. I'm using an Android Emulator...