1. B

    HTML5 HTML5 no sprite when published

    Hello, I wanted to upload my last game on GameJolt and, but all the sprites were replace by blue squares. I don't know how I can fix this, can someone help me ? I'm on the last version of GMS2 (, under Mac OS. Thank you very much.
  2. Vlad_

    SOLVED How do I change the standard load screen in HTML5 game?

    Greetings to all. I'm developing a game in HTML5. How can I change this standard loading screen? I have already created a simple JS extension to update the page. And I noticed that the extension works from the very beginning of the game until it loads. I got an idea to make a JS extension that...
  3. Zuurix

    Legacy GM clipboard_set_text alternative for HMTL5?

    So I'm making a thing: I found out that clipboard functions don't work in HTML5 - surely there is some workaround?
  4. jaber

    HTML5 working with local storage from multiple HTML files (game maker studio 2)

    Hi all, its been few days and I am still finding no solution and thought to ask here. I am creating HTML5 game with game maker studio. my Idea is: I want to make my game to be divided into multiple HTML pages (multiple indexes); the player will be redirected between them using the url_open...
  5. F

    Legacy GM ds_grid/map functions not working for HTML5 version?

    Hi there. I am using a ds_map in order to store a number of ds_grids. The idea is that groups of objects fill out their own shared grid as you collect them, and when you have collected every object within a group, it uses the grid to create a number of jigsaw pieces, then destroys the ds_grid...
  6. M

    Help: Fitting Game to Canvas HTML5

    Hello :) I’m using GameMakerStudio2 and I've created my first game that I now exported to HTML5. I followed the, tutorial to fit the canvas to the browser window size and it works well. But unfortunally it doesn't scale the game...
  7. T

    HTML5 Particle Effects causing freeze in HTML5

    As it says in the title, I have some particle effects in my game. However, when I run the game in the browser, when the particle effects are supposed to appear, everything freezes. It doesn't crash, just freezes. In the console I get this error at the start of the game. Uncaught ReferenceError...
  8. Mookal

    Free Run, Doodleguy! (My 2020 Coolmath Game Jam Submission)

    Hey! I'm gonna get straight to the point. I'm one of the finalists in the 2020 Coolmath Game Jam! My game's called "Run, Doodleguy!" and it's about a stick figure and a pencil working together to run from the Big Eraser who's erasing the notebook world. You can watch the trailer here... ...
  9. MarkWolF

    Free 360° gravitational plaformer : Asteroid B612

    Asteroid B612 Hello everyone, I have just released my LD46 entry, Asteroid B612. And I would be grateful you try it. You are Explorer 101 and your are sent to the borders of the galaxy to watch over a mysterious creature. The goal is to go and find the necessary items for the creature's...
  10. Coded Games

    HTML5 Prevent browsers from caching texture pages in HTML5

    So I have been having a problem since the dawn of time that GMS games will get their texture pages cached. This seems fine until you release an update and when everyone tries to play it all the graphics are glitched like crazy. To get around this you tell everyone to clear their browser's cache...
  11. Mortalo

    HTML5 Bug with surface_reset_target in Draw GUI?

    So, I'm converting my game from windows to html5. I knew that there would be some changes needed, but I was not expecting that I will have to forget about any surface use in the GUI layer. TL;DR: In Draw GUI events, surface_reset_target makes drawing on the GUI layer to not work properly. Let...
  12. V

    HTML5 HTML5 scales beautifully on desktop browsers, but the resolution is completely wrong (3-4x too small) in iOS and Android browsers!

    Hi all, I've been following the tech blog article on HTML5 scaling, and to my delight, it has worked great for my HTML5 game. However, it only seems to work on desktop browsers. When I try to test the game on my iPhone 7 iOS (12?) Safari or my partner's Samsung S9 with Chrome, the game...
  13. jsterj

    http_get_file fails - OGG on HTML5

    I am unable to do a simple file download of an OGG file when running in HTML5. It works perfectly when testing locally (i.e. not HTML5) Below is the code. I moved it into an empty test project to rule out any other factors. I have a single object in a room. In the create event I have the...
  14. L

    "Inspect Elements" not working when running on HTML5 platform and other issues

    I cannot access the "Inspect Elements" window when running my game on the HTML5 platform. F12 doesn't do anything and right clicking anywhere on the browser screen does not bring up any option menu. I am running the game on Chrome (32-bit) and using Windows 10. I tried running the game on Edge...
  15. TRaFuGa

    Legacy GM Windows 10 ERROR: Don't Save and don't RUN!!!!

    No puedo guardar ni ejecutar el proyecto. Ejecuto GM con permisos de administrador pero al pulsar F5 (RUN) me muestra este error: ------------------------- I cannot save or run the project. I run GM with administrator permissions but pressing F5 (RUN) shows me this error: (Windows) Compile...
  16. D

    HTML5 image_index in HTML5

    Good day. I've got a problem with the variable "image_index" in HTML5 and I don't know if it's my or GMs fault. The problem is that in Windows VM and YYC, you can set image_index to decimal values like 1.5, 1.82, 2.3 etc. and in HTML5 you can't. If I do "image_index = 1.6" in HTML5, the...
  17. O

    Mouse clicks are not working with laptop touchscreen with HTML5 and Firefox/Chrome.

    I have an application that uses a lot of Mouse->LeftPressed events and it is exported to HTML5. When I run it on a Windows 10 Laptop with Edge it works fine. But Chrome and Firefox won't register the events. However, MouseEnter events seem to register when I touch the screen. I have to use a...
  18. O

    HTML5 HTML5 mouse coordinates are offset when browser is scrolled.

    Hi, I am having issues with an HTML5 game. The game is 800x600 and is centered in the browser window. Even though the canvas is completely within the visible region of the browser page the browser still adds scrollbars. If these move at all then the mouse coordinates in the canvas will be...
  19. M

    Where can I download some exported GM HTML5 games?

    Hi, I'm working on a website where people can upload games. I auto-detect some things in the game's source (like dimensions, title, etc). I have this working for Unity builds, but I also want to support GameMaker. I currently don't have a GM license, so I don't think I can export builds...
  20. L

    HTML5 Particle systems not working in HTML5

    Hi, My game functions fine when running on desktop, but when I build in HTML5 "part_system_create_layer" and other related functions return undefined. I have a global variable that is assigned like so: global.P_System = part_system_create_layer(layer, true); (copied straight from the gms2...