1. alexhinton

    HTML5 tilt controls with html5 not working

    Does the device_get_tilt_x() function work with html5? I am testing them on my iphone after uploading to a website. The movement controls are super simple so far: hspeed = 5*sign(device_get_tilt_x()) No additional code is interfering with this code, when i change it to mouse controls or simply...
  2. C

    HTML5 draw_ functions giving unexpected behaviour

    Hello everyone! As you might know, the HTML5 module is full of perks and little nuances that make it so special. The problem I'm currently facing has to do with the draw_circle, draw_line and draw_rectangle functions - they get a little blurry and wide, and refuse to be drawn with the expected...
  3. D

    HTML5 Sending SMS message in url_open

    Hello, In my game, I have built buttons that when clicked on will use a url_open to read some SMS text. I'm having a very weird issue where it is opening IOS devices SMS systems, but it is not opening android SMS. This is my code : url_open("sms://?body=hello") Are there new ways to write...
  4. D

    HTML5 Copying text to clipboard for SMS Share Gamemaker Studio 2

    Hello all, I've been building a game that is playable on both mobile and desktop browsers, the issue now is I am trying to create share functionality on the games end screen. I have found useful extensions where I can push users to a social media URL, so that's not a problem. My main issue is...
  5. DugM

    HTML with views

    A basic drag and drop program (put the countries of Africa in the right place on the map) works fine in Windows and HTML5. I upgraded the program to use views - for scrolling of map of Africa - still works fine in both formats. I then added a view of a small inset of the large map - works fine...
  6. J

    HTML5 HTML5 Build Key Press Issues On Mac

    Hey, I've had a few reports trickle in from Mac users of my latest release that they can't get past the main menu screen, which is "Press 'Z' to start". My guess was this was most likely happening due to WebGL being required in the build, but these reports have been through a number of browsers...
  7. J

    HTML5 Blossom - An Explorative Platformer Developed in 72 Hours

    Game Link Blossom is a very small, 1bit platformer with a focus on retro exploration developed in 72 hours for the GDL January Jam. The theme for the game jam was silence, which I chose to incorporate by allowing the player to slowly restore sfx and layers of music to the world by collecting...
  8. F

    HTML5 Help, I can't figure how to add my game to my own website

    I have tried a ton of different things but I just can't figure out how to link my game to a website that I have created, and how to edit the page that that game is on. Thanks - FroggyFresh18
  9. alexhinton

    HTML5 Kongregate API and extension issue.

    I have a game up on currently with the kongregate extension implemented into the game code per this tutorial: I have followed everything properly (as far as I can tell) step by...
  10. N

    HTML5 Need help with scoring and rounds on 3 small games. Willing to pay.

    First let me preface this by saying that I need to have these working in a week, and am totally willing to pay someone for their help. This was not meant to be my project and was dumped on me after our old developer left, so I only know a small amount of GML. I've been working on 3 games for my...
  11. Leif

    HTML5 Playing video in canvas

    Good day Anybody knows, how can game play video, attached to project ( m4v, webm, ogv) inside the canvas after the game loads (HTML5) ? Trying to insert ArmorGames intro video...
  12. alexhinton

    HTML5 Cover of Darkness

    Play Cover of Darkness Here: Please feel free to rate the game on to further help our cause! Cover of Darkness is a fast-paced 2D action-shooter, originally inspired by Space Invaders and a classic shockwave...
  13. K12gamer

    HTML5 DODGEBALL game I made in 2012...Upgraded in 2018...

    The first game I ever made...Originally made with GameMaker 8 then upgraded to GameMaker Studio 1. (Upgrade maintains original's non animated enemy sprites). HTML5 Version to play HTML5 version from Video (Shows all 11 bosses) GameJolt Download + HTML 5 Link...
  14. W

    HTML5 Variable definitions and html5

    Has anyone tested using variable definitions with html5? In my testing any variables I create in this way are not being defined in the instance when exporting to HTML5 other platforms work fine. Build Runtime
  15. E

    HTML5 HTML5 mouse offset and other issues

    Hi all! Has anyone had mouse_y offset issue in HTML5? My mouse pointer seems to have an ever increasing offset on y axis. Close to y = 0 offset is 0 but as i move mouse down there appears to be an offset. All objects and buttons detect mouse enter way too early. But it is completely fine in...
  16. J

    HTML5 Is there a function or something I can program in gml to close browser window?

    I have an exit button in my game that closes the game. However, in the html5 port, it does nothing. I want to add a simple code in there that closes the browser window. How is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! <3
  17. J

    HTML5 Resize Window, Clicking doesn't work.

    I've a problem with resizing the window in HTML5. I can't click on buttons I've created which I could click on first. But when I've resized the window, I can't click on buttons. Step Event Code: window_center(); window_set_size(browser_width, browser_height); I hope you can help me.
  18. M

    HTML5 HTML5 view_angle annoyance

    So, I started work on a game that relies heavily on camera_set_view_angle() to manipulate the orientation of the room. Lo and behold, HTML5 export cannot achieve this effect. I'm curious if any of you have discovered a way around this. Or, is manipulating the view angle simply impossible on the...
  19. Leif

     'Dark Power' beta test

    Hi :) I' like to present my new upcoming game 'Dark Power'. The game about how hard it is to be a Dark Lord and make your skeletons protect a Dark Castle that is attacked by kind, lovely people in large numbers. There are many different units on both sides and of course - upgrades. There is...