1. T

    HTML5 Multi touch

    Hey, So I've been ripping my hair out trying to get multi touch to work with HTML5. I've tried multiple things, but when I'm holding the screen with my on screen joystick, I can't tap the jump screen button, BUT, I can show_message and an alert pops up...which is the most infuriating part since...
  2. samspade

    HTML5 Music doesn't start until you click in the game

    On the HTML5 platform if you run the game and music is supposed to play as soon as it is loaded, it doesn't until you click into the window (even though the game is running, things are moving around on the screen etc.). On windows, the music starts right away. Is this just how HTML5 works or am...
  3. Nick Nishort

    HTML5 [SOLVED] "GameMaker_Init is not defined" error

    Hello! I was making my game for HTML5. Suddenly, after compilation, I get this error - Everything worked fine before. I use Google Chrome, and also I have Steam GMS version. Everything works well when I build the game on Windows Who knows what is the reason? Or How can I fix it? There was an...
  4. yezac

    HTML5 Html 5 object issue

    When testing my game in html5, I have a strange problem that involves 2 objects. Both of these objects are referenced in my game object that runs throughout the game. They are referenced in the create event as: global.iCamera = instance_create_layer(0,0,layer,oCamera); global.iUI =...
  5. A

    HTML5 About Saving Data in Html5 Version

    Hi, I am developing a game for pc but i want to make a web version to publish on but i guess i can't access ini files in web version, how can i solve this issue in web version. Edit: I posted this in the wrong place, please move it to the right place.
  6. Pelican Police

    HTML5 Shaders in Legacy Game maker and HTML5

    Compiled alongside each other for comparison. As you can see, the vignette is not present in HTML5. Did shaders not work in HTML5 exported from 1.4 or am I doing something wrong? Are there any quirks I should know?
  7. S

    HTML5 Problem with exporting

    When looking at the target manager, the platform section's only option is Test. I bought a web license just a few days ago, and I've attached a picture below to show what my problem specifically is. If you know how to fix this, your help will be very much appreciated.
  8. Japster

    Looking for advice regarding creating an extension to access web3.min.js functions?

    Hi guys! - I've been racking my brains with this - it looks really straightforward on Youtube videos detailing pulling JS files into an extension, creating a GML-callable function name, etc, but I've spent a day so far, getting frustrated because I can't seem to get anything from the functions...
  9. Pelican Police

    SOLVED Black screen on HTML5 export

    So I ran my game for the first time in a while exporting as HTML5 and... black screen. It loads, and then just goes black. I assume it's not running because no sounds play either. The game runs fine in normal compile. I've added so much since I last had a working html5 build. Are there specific...
  10. P

    HTML5 How to see a user's user agent in GMS1.4?

    I am making a HTML5 game. I wanna add a warning that says "you are using a old browser", etc How can I do this?
  11. civic71

    HTML5 Bepi Venezian

    Bepi Venezian is a memory game/quiz made of HTML5 ( playable in the browser ) with spoken text. The game is very short and you could finish it in less than 10 minutes :) Bepi the gondolier, will make a short journey with his gondola, during which you will have to memorize the number of animals...
  12. Gizmo199

    HTML5 - Black screen (_gJ error?)

    I'm not super versed in HTML5 compiling so I thought I would ask here. I keep getting this error in the 'developer tools' console when I try to run my game: (*note this is the only error that pops up as far as I can tell) I'm not exactly sure what this is...haha. I tried googling 'Uncaught...
  13. Granderrota

    Help for OCR extension in html5

    Hello I want to use this (ocrad.js) simple but effective Optical Character Recognition library as an extension of Game Maker-html5. I think it is a very simple job for those who know and useful for the entire GM community. So, does anyone dare to put it so that it does not give errors when...
  14. Kaliam

    HTML5 HTML5 Game crashing on Safari on IOS 14+ on iPhone (Need help ASAP)

    Hello! My team and I are nearing completion of a project we are working on for HTML5/OpenGL, however, when running the game on Safari/Chrome on iPhone the page will automatically refresh after a 5 - 10 seconds. This happens after getting into our main game world. The main game world has around...
  15. Nic0demus

    GMS 2.3+ HTML5 Texture pages indexed wrongly

    Hi, I've created a simple Whack-a-Mole game, but when exporting to HTML5, all indices for the graphics are screwed up. The problem is identical to a past thread I found on here as well. I've tried: - Cleaning using the brush button / Ctrl + F7 - Changing the texture page dimensions -- This...
  16. Japster

    GMS 2 Issues trying to use HTTP_POST_STRING Returning -1

    Hi guys! - I'm having a pain of an issue trying to correctly get back info from a http_post_string() in the HTTP ASYNC events (Get scores etc)... For windows target builds, it works *perfectly* - I get scores, can update player's name, etc, but in HTML5, I just get a "-1" back?- it's failing to...
  17. WasabiHeat

    HTML5 Animation method works in windows, but stutters in HTML5

    I had copied the method for animation shown in this video for my own game but i'm running into a problem when I build for HTML5 I had copied the code and sprite structure almost exactly (all 4 directions for my walking animation on one sprite), save for the fact that my walking animation is 4...
  18. D

    HTML5 Ini Files

    Hello, i have a really big Problem with my App, wrote in GMS 1:4. So i decided to manage the Save File from a Webfilehoster. On my Phone and my PC it works fine. BUT on HTML5 it doesnt work... I know its because HTML5 have only the local Storage, but i need to update the Save File from time...
  19. Pfap

    SOLVED Minimum needed for a successful websocket connection?

    I am trying to get confirmation that I can connect to a Node server, from an HTML5 instance of GameMaker running in the browser. Here is my Node.js code: const WebSocket = require('ws'); const wss = new WebSocket.Server({ port: 8080 }); wss.on('connection', function connection(ws) {...
  20. angelwire

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for experienced HTML5 developer to help fix bugs [Paid]

    I've developed an HTML5 game targeting mobile web browsers. The game is essentially complete, but there are issues with the game crashing while running on iOS web browsers. I cannot solve the issues due to personal time constraints. I'm looking to hire someone who has experience with...