1. Fielmann

    SOLVED Sound plays multiple times in HTML5 export

    When I export the game to HTML5, a sound seems to get "corrupt" so that it plays two or three times, even though it should only play once. No errors in the console. The problem only occurs when the actual HTML5 build is uploaded on the server and accessed by a web browser. If I start the game...
  2. K12gamer

    I have to press my HTML5 game's start button 2 times to begin a game.

    My game is embedded on my website. I have to press the START button for a second time when the initial screen of my game is shown. If I run it as a regular windows game the start button works as intended with just one click. Is there a way to get the HTML5 version of my game to start with just...
  3. N

    HTML5 GMS1.4 Html5 Export Black Screen

    When i im using normal run in game maker it runs normally but when i run exported it shows only black screen and when i look on console it gives me this. If someone know why please dm me on discord don't reply here because i im not very active. Discord Name: N_George#0733 +I im getting ignored...
  4. pmarin

    HTML5 How to troubleshoot HTML5 issues

    Hi, I am experiencing a very strange issue that I can't find a way to diagnose. Any help pointing me in any direction would be very helpful. Issue: When I upload a new version of the HTML5 version of my game, the first time the user loads the game it is unresponsive. Music plays, animations...
  5. Ehrgeiz

    HTML5 Box Kid Puzzles - a dynamic, top-down puzzle game.

    Box Kid Puzzles is a spin-off/alternate reality version of our PC game - Box Kid Adventures. You play as Box Kid – a toy made of cardboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles. You can play it for free at
  6. L

    HTML5 Can we use GMS's HTML5 export to create Wallpapers for Wallpaper engine ?

    Hello, I have been wondering about it for a while. Can we use HTML5 export to create Wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine ? If yes, can we have simple, interactive and customizable wallpapers ? Has anyone tried it ? What are it's limitations ? or does Steam allow that to be uploaded as Workshop content ?
  7. P

    HTML5: No mouse events recognized...

    Hey all, When I target HTML5, all mouse / tap / etc. events are not being recognized in the resulting browser version of the game. None. I can't seem to interact with my game at all when in the browser. It used to work for me before the 2.3 update, now nothing. Is this happening to anyone...
  8. duran can

    button builder v1

    Hello everyone, I made a simple button builder. You can create and use your buttons over HTML5. Click to create a button.
  9. BiTrunade

    Legacy GM Anti-aliasing HTML5

    Hello everyone, I've spent all morning trying to get it to work, and I couldn't. How can I achieve anti-aliasing for edges in HTML5? display_reset() works fine on windows but not HTML5. Here is an image of the circle I want to apply anti-aliasing on: Thank you very much, Domergue [EDIT] By...
  10. Marko03970

    HTML5 Problem with http requests

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with http_get function. When I try to save the information on the server using http_get, the screen just turns in black. I did some research and as I can see it could be because of browser "XSS protection".Also, I found that it can be avoided by setting the...
  11. M

    HTML5 [HELP] Uploading GMS2 game to Google sites

    Hello GameMaker Community! I am an elementary school teacher, and I recently purchased GMS2 Web to create educational games for my students to play on my website. I have created a simple game and it is ready to go on the website. I use Google Sites to host and edit my website, but cannot...
  12. Luis Otavio Afonso

    Released Light Speed

    Reach the speed of light to change dimensions, just don't forget the meteors.
  13. Luis Otavio Afonso

    Released 20 Bubbles 2 Bees

    20 Bubbles 2 Bees is a simple game where you control two bees by popping the soap bubbles on the flowers. It can be played on computers or mobile devices. To play click on the link below.
  14. jaber

    Asset - Objects Grenade Top Down

    Good day Gamemakers! : ) Since I did not find lots of materials explaining how to design/programm a nice Grenade concept and solving the issues comming along with grenades for Top Down Shooter games; I decided to make it myself and use it in my HTML5 Game. here is a link how it looks sofar...
  15. Vlad_

    SOLVED Is it possible to disable notifications about the sound being played in the browser?

    Hi, everybody. Is it possible to disable this notification on mobile devices using GMS 2 or JavaScript? My game was rejected during moderation on a special resource. There should be no notifications during the game. P. S. I use a translator to communicate, sorry for the mistakes.
  16. N

    HTML5 build: Fragment shader compilation problem on Chrome

    Hello, I am currently trying to do some performance tests with HTML5, so I have made a very minimalist project that includes: - 0 sprite - 2 objects which draw text, one resizing the game window to somehow fit the browser size - 1 room with a black background and one instance of each objects...
  17. P

    Uploading an HTML5 game?

    Hello! I've been trying to upload an extremely simple HTML5 game (click a blue square, get a point, blue square moves to random position) to a Wordpress site as a test - I've not had much luck at all. I've exported the game as an HTML5 target ZIP file from GMS2, but whenever I would upload that...
  18. B

    HTML5 HTML5 no sprite when published

    Hello, I wanted to upload my last game on GameJolt and, but all the sprites were replace by blue squares. I don't know how I can fix this, can someone help me ? I'm on the last version of GMS2 (, under Mac OS. Thank you very much.
  19. Vlad_

    SOLVED How do I change the standard load screen in HTML5 game?

    Greetings to all. I'm developing a game in HTML5. How can I change this standard loading screen? I have already created a simple JS extension to update the page. And I noticed that the extension works from the very beginning of the game until it loads. I got an idea to make a JS extension that...
  20. Zuurix

    Legacy GM clipboard_set_text alternative for HMTL5?

    So I'm making a thing: I found out that clipboard functions don't work in HTML5 - surely there is some workaround?