html5 error

  1. S

    HTML5 Issues with HTML5 platform

    Hi there! I have been working on my project for a few weeks now, and only just got access to the HTML5 platform. When I went to test my game, which has previously worked on the "test" platform, it functioned perfectly, but when attempting to test it on HTML5 it becomes distorted/corrupted. Any...
  2. Gizmo199

    HTML5 - Black screen (_gJ error?)

    I'm not super versed in HTML5 compiling so I thought I would ask here. I keep getting this error in the 'developer tools' console when I try to run my game: (*note this is the only error that pops up as far as I can tell) I'm not exactly sure what this is...haha. I tried googling 'Uncaught...