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  1. Zanget

    Legacy GM What should I know to create an api for game maker?

    I have a question, I would like to know how to create an api html5 to implement it to game maker, I want to add features like login and add ads at a certain moment, but I do not know where to start, where can I start? What do I need to know to create this? update: I am looking for a programmer...
  2. J

    How to make html5 game work in background?

    Hi! I am working on game simillar to: Main idea of the game is that player earns (for example) 1 point every minute game is running. Hovewer when player change tab with game or minimize browser game stop counting points. I would like to run game maker game in "background"...
  3. S

    HTML5 Implementing API

    Problem with implementing sponsors API. Briefly, API has method to get, for example, a portal logo - just png image. Description says what this method gets a " logo image in native js" (I don`t know what this mean, but this is not URL of image). So, I will be grateful, if somebody explain to...