1. RizbIT

    render html and just get the result

    i use http_get(URL) the url is a plainhtml file with one javascript function to return a value for example "packman" but the function returns the entire content of the actual html not the result i want. is there a way to render the html page and then get the result? you know how if you used...
  2. G

    Read out HTML Text

    Hi there! I try to read out some text from a HTML Document on a Website, which is not hosted by me. Is there anyway to do this? The Application should run in Android. - Greetings
  3. tamation

    [Solved] No option for HTML?

    I'm looking into developing HTML games using Gamemaker, but when I click on target platform there's no HTML option. I've seen other people have this platform option in tutorials and videos but it's not showing up for me. I'm using the professional addition and I'm logged into my account.
  4. G

    HTML5 Tap on touchpad not working

    Hi I have an issue with mouse input. When I tap on my touchpad neither mouse_check_button_pressed or mouse_check_button_released registers that I've tapped when using html export. This is odd, since tap to click works in all other programs. When exporting for Windows mouse_check_button_released...
  5. 0

    HTML5 10 inches or less [Ludum Dare 40]

    Hi everyone My team, Almost Panda (link below), made a puzzle game for Ludum Dare, the jam's theme was "the more you have the worse it is" So we made this puzzle where you grow up in size by collecting goo. But the thing is: you don’t want to grow up! In order to beat each level you must be at...
  6. B

    HTML5 Problem creating HTML5 files: NullReferenceException

    So I've got my game made, it creates an executable for windows that works fine, but when I try to create the game as loose files for HTML, I get the message below. Then I get a popup saying GMAssetComplier has stopped working, and then the "Building" bar in the top right keeps counting time...
  7. T

    HTML5 Is it possible to add own javascripts

    Sorry for this stupid question, but I don't own the html5 module, so just asking, if it is possible to add own JavaScript functions to it inside game maker studio 2, or maybe after export? Just asking, because it may be possible to break the game or?
  8. R

    HTML5 PLEASE!! I need help with wrong mouse coordinates for today

    Good afternoon! I'm creating a little game with GameMaker-Studio for my work and I have some problems with mouse coordinates when game canvas is scaled. Here is the function I'm using to rescale window: // argument0 = base_width (room_width) // argument1 = base_height (room_height) //...
  9. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner HTML Colors

    Color is one of the basic things a developer needs to bring life to a game. But creating colors manually is very tedious. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Lerner HTML Colors lets you use the standard HTML color pallet, plus some extra variations. All the 140+ colors from the HTML pallet are...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] My room_goto keeps going to the wrong room

    I don't know why but when I click on my object it goes to the wrong room even though I coded it correctly. Here is my code I want to go to rm_lvl1 but it goes to a different room. Create Event: execute code: // Set the image speed to 0 image_speed = 0; Step Event: execute code: // Check if...
  11. Ricardo

    HTML5 Game runs faster when monitor refresh rate is greater than 60Hz

    Hi there, One of my team members just noticed that our game speed isn't correct in his PC, even though room_speed is locked at 60. The game just runs like 30 to 50% faster (depending of the monitor refresh rate), and we have absolute no clue on how to fix this. This only happen in the HTML5...
  12. C

    How would I destory an object that spawns first even though there is multiple copies of that object?

    So I have an object and it changes spirits. When The object spawns and say spirit is on 1 and another spawns and is on spirit 2 how do I make it so that the object that spawned first get destroyed by a key press that I assign it. Here is my code am not sure why it isn't working. Create Event...
  13. Posho

    HTML5 HTML5 and Local Files

    TL;DR: How can I specify my HTML5 game to save a sprite locally and how can I locate it afterwards? So I noticed by accident that you can save files locally with HTML5 by saving an ini file. I want to do more things like this with my HTML5 game, but I'm getting all mixed up and I need some...
  14. Posho

    HTML5 GameMaker HTML5 Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 Changes?

    When working with the HTML5 module in Studio 1.4 many of us encountered many difficulties and differences between regular Windows testing and HTML5 testing where some variable comparisons wouldn't work the same way, Draw alignments worked differently, etc. I don't want to say these are issues...
  15. T

    HTML5 Help with scaling HTML5 game to mobile browsers

    Hey, everyone! I am currently making a HTML5 game and have seen that it is good to make it work on mobile browsers as well. I was wondering if anyone knew how to or could point me in the right direction of how to scale the game to fit mobile browsers. Thank you all in advance!
  16. D

    Question - IDE GMS2 ".chm"

    Hi all, I was wondering if a '.chm' or 'Compiled HTML Help file' is included as it was with Gamemaker studio 1. I know that one can be accessed through the use of 'F1' in the editor but I personally prefer to open it in the windows inbuilt chm file viewer. Thanks in advance
  17. C

    HTML5 How would I destory an object that spawns first even though there is multiple copies of that object?

    So what I am trying to do is have an object spawn, and when I click a letter it destroys it. But there will be multiple objects of that object. Like I will have object a,b,c so what I want is when a spawns and c spawns I can't destroy c I have to destroy a first. I can't put code here because I...
  18. J

    Legacy GM variable_instance_get/set and HTML? (Solved)

    GMS 1.99.533. I need to use variable_instance_get/set(). These methods work when exporting to Windows and Android. But doesn't appear to work when I target HTML. Doesn't matter if I'm using predefined (x, y, image_alpha) or custom instance variables. Is this a known bug? If it is, whilst...
  19. J

     Stability of HTML and Android runtimes?

    Hi, It's been days since I last posted anything about GMS2. The GMS2 HTML and Android targets are so bad, I ended up rewriting my game from scratch in GMS1.4. GMS1.4 is pretty good, but even with the latest 1.4 stable build, HTML runner fails when a physics object is added to the room (I...
  20. zbox

    Asset - Extension WebView - iOS & Android (25% OFF)

    Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $49.99 $39.99 for combined modules, $39.99 $29.99 individually. Modules: Android & iOS Description: Now supporting both platforms seamlessly! WebView allows you to place any web content in your Gamemaker Game/Application. It also...