1. M

    license for web?

    The price for the html or web licence is 150 $ for a year or for ever? Thanks.
  2. M

    I want to upload my games to

    So I have to purchase the yoyo - gamemaker html licence, as long as it is the in browser online gaming rather than "downloading and installing before play", that I am interested to. That is 150 usd annually or just once?
  3. leveller

    HTML5 Cannot compile for Internet Explorer or Edge

    Hi guys - hope someone can shed some light on this ... I can compile and run with no issues on my Win 10 desktop machine - using 'default' browser and IE and Edge. I can compile but not run anything on my Win 10 Surface Pro, using 'default' or IE or Edge. I just installed Chrome on the laptop...
  4. I

    HTML5 HTML5 export moves my collision masks

    So, when I tried to export my game in HTML ( that I made for Windows - .exe ), all of my menu bboxes in menu were moved few (about 30) pixels down and when I moved to another room with buttons, there were no bboxes at all, so I couldnt press anything and the game was unplayable. First I had a...
  5. CROmartin

    Windows The Tress Surround Us

    Hi reader! The Tress Surround Us is game made for "Light Novelber 2018" which purpose is motivate people into writing and finishing novel, as I am not to much into writing but I did wanted challenge myself with programming visual novel. So I teamed with partner(link) that wrote, draw and done...
  6. J

    HTML5 Calling HTML Files In Your Game

    This is just a little question I had that I could not find an answer for. Is it possible to call an HTML file/game in a Game Maker project? For example, lets say I had an RPG Maker game and wanted to export it to console if I were to use a method to have it be activated in Game Maker would it...
  7. aereddia

    HTML5 Saving to local storage on Safari

    I'm using a ds_map system to save my data on an HTML game. ds_map_secure_save works fine on every browser type except for Safari. The game saves and loads fine until you exit out of Safari and boot the game up again. At that point, the temporary storage has been dumped and all the save data is...
  8. Shadow64

    HTML5 HTML5 Export Issues (Slowdown)

    For some reason I've hit this issue where when I export to HTML5, my game runs really slow. The thing is that it only runs slow if my room/window size is large. If my room/window size is say 1024 x 576, there's no problem. 1280 x 720? Instantly my frame rate is cut in half. I'm not using a ton...
  9. tonyfinale

    HTML5 string_char_at() busted on html?

    This doesn't happen on Windows. Only when I try to run on HTML do I encounter this issue. BASICALLY my game crashes at the certain point when this line of text is drawn on screen. But only on HTML and I'm assuming it's because of string_char_at() The instant I replace that...
  10. foreverisbetter

    HTML5 device_mouse_x_to_gui help needed

    Hey hi, I work on an HTML5 game and let some buttons draw on the GUI layer. I use device_mouse_x_to_gui to get the position of the mouse and everything works just fine but if I use window_center it doesn't anymore. But then again if I use display_mouse_get_x it works?!? Whats going on? Can...
  11. foreverisbetter

    SOLVED scaling to device pixel ratio in mobile browser

    Hey hi, The question is pretty straightforward: How would you go about creating an HTML game for mobile browsers correctly scaled respecting physical resolution and not only the logical. Is there even a native way to do so in GML? I'd be eternally grateful for an answer on how to do that. Thanks...
  12. B

    Question - Code Does HTML5 Conversion Support instance_create_layer()?

    I am quite new to game making and programming in general, but I have been learning along the way for a few weeks now by making a game. I decided to buy the html module to upload my game to my website. Had I done my research beforehand, I may have realized the module has many conversion flaws...
  13. A

    Article Overpowering Game Maker Html Plans

    Overpowering Game Maker Html Plans Goals Earning around $40000 CAD money per year. Host Gator Website with SSL + Game Maker HTML file + PayPal Developer= Is an all the cross platformer if you have a website hoster from an all html file. Download free game if you have all the Html files...
  14. S

    HTML5 html5 freeze bug

    HEY! having a bug atm... when i launch the game in html5 format it works fine with the menu aswell as the cutsceene but, when the first level starts, the image freezes... the game still works tho, i know that because of the sounds. this does that i cant upload games to for example kongregate :(...
  15. O

    HTML5 particle issues

    Hi, Does anyone know why this works perfectly for desktop but not for HTML? Doesn't thrown any errors, just not visible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Rain System global.partRain_sys =...
  16. A

    Job Offer - Programmer Need help with HTML

    Hello, I have a somewhat complete game that I need to work better in HTML. Right now, I can't get the game to go fullscreen on iOS (Chrome or Safari) and there is some weird scaling going on when I try to iFrame the game and the iOS is in portrait mode. Also, the audio doesn't always play online...
  17. D

    HTML5 my 2 last porblems.. pls

    Hello I come to you because I finished my games but I still have two last little problem that persists and I can not settle! 1 - my main music is superimposed when my character dies have places to simply start again which create loops of music that melts badly in the ear ... 2 - I created my...
  18. D

    reduce the format for the web

    Hello comrade ! I'm coming to you because I have a small problem at the level of my game in html. it's way too big for an internet job. and I would like to adapt it without having to change all my 1 by 1 objects. I try to change directly in the HTML > graphical elements > size of the texture...
  19. Meester Dennis

    HTML5 Scale in browser

    Hi there, I have an question. Sorry for my bad English, but I will try to explain my problem. I'm scaling my game with this code: Now the game window is scaling the way I want, but when i'm scaling my game down, sometimes my buttons didn't work. Is it possible to fix this problem? I you want...
  20. IE Entertainment

    How Do I Share A Demo`

    So a while back someone sent me a demo of a game they were working on. I just clicked on a (private) link and it took me there. I am no longer in contact with that individual so here is my question. How do I share my demo in the same way? Do I have to pay for the HTML license? I'm heading to GDC...