1. G

    .js file in HTML extension not loading

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to extend derme302's great three.js wrapper for HTML 3d ( with a function to import .gltf files. I've put this code: // J3D GLTF LOAD import { GLTFLoader } from 'GLTFLoader.js'; function j3d_gltf_load(pathToModel, scene) {...
  2. G

    HTML5 HTML target not working for 3d game

    I'm trying to make (my first GMS) game for the Opera GX Game Jam. One condition of this game jam is that the game must be made using GMS2 and HTML target. But on my machine, this won't work. I've tried several different projects. 2d games seem to work, but everything including 3d just renders a...
  3. S

    HTML5 [Solved] Keyboard issue on

    Hello, when I try my game locally, my keyboard inputs work perfectly. But when I export the project and upload it on, I don’t have the focus anymore and the keyboard inputs don’t work. The mouse inputs are not affected by that and still work. I succeeded one time to make it work by...
  4. gotad

    HTML5 Inconsistent frame rate on browser

    Hey guys I've been having a good deal of trouble in optimizing my game's browser performance as much as possible. Since I've starting running profilers and/or browser (Chrome) performance monitors, however, I've noticed that the game will sometimes run at a consistent 60 FPS (target game...
  5. Kaliam

    HTML5 Mouse is offset whenever the screen is scrolled.

    Hello, I'm working on a HTML5 game which is contained in a webpage but lower down on the page, when you scroll down to the game, the mouse gets offset by the scrolling which is very annoying. Is there a way to fix this or is it a bug? The scrolling isn't 1:1 so it's doesn't seem possible to...
  6. Liquid

    "with" statement fails on html

    Code 1: with obj event_user(6) Code 2: event_perform_object(obj,ev_other,ev_user6) I thought Code 1 and Code 2 should be the same when executed, but its not! using Code 1 will not work on HTML5, the "with" had problems on html (for me) since GM2 came out using Code 1 will work on...
  7. Tuna

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Need help: Runner.exe exited with non-zero status (-1073741819) crash when reading a large string from a file

    Hello everyone. I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to GML, but I can usually get around my issues and make things work. This has not been the case while dealing with this problem. I have been googling and trying different solutions for a couple days now. My "game" is a simple...
  8. rogonow

    Windows Cool text in a box [SOLVED]

    I have problems to limit my text width with my transformed code. I have a code to convert html text style to GMS2, for the tags: <I><B><U><BR> it starts with 1 user text string in object o_cooltext. Example of my code result: It converts it to an array, with as text style for example: <B>this...
  9. W

    HTML5 string_pos_ext bugged for html

    I can't find any posts about this, so I figured I'd post about it. I'm 90% sure string_pos_ext is bugged when targeting html. It seems to completely ignore the starting index parameter, and behave like string_pos instead. I made a simple bit of code in a draw gui event to demonstrate: text =...
  10. Liquid

    'Simple move' - puzzle game of simple concepts

    any click will make the colourfull squares move the square will move horizontally XOR vertically (depends on distance to mouse position) place the squares onto their coresponding cirlce Video Play it here
  11. Liquid

    "physical move" - puzzlegame

    "Physical move" is a physics based puzzle game goal of the game: * colorfull boxes need to be placed on the platform that has the same color as the box game mechanics: * destroy white boxes and let gravity do the rest * in some levels there are other tools available (create new links or...
  12. solarcrispz

    HTML5 HTML Web Socket functionality on

    Hey guys. After figuring out all the little quirks of porting my buffers and what not to html (html doesn't seem to like float buffers), I got a local browser client (the one gms2 provides with the play button) up and running and connected to a host client version of my game. But I'm noticing...
  13. T

    HTML5 HTML and PHP - integration to MySQL?

    Hello, I developed some Android and Windows Desktop games so far. I am thinking about to buy the Web Version as well, so I can Export as html. I am not sure how easy or even possible it is to grab data from produced html GMS Code to interact on my webserver with php (save Points etc. in my...
  14. S

    Pulling Subscriber Count From Youtube

    I use GML and I cannot figure out how to pull a YouTuber's subscriber count into Gamemaker. Iv tried messing around with the get_http and the other fancy commands but I think this is above my level of understanding. If you know this stuff could you try helping me out with it?
  15. tonyfinale

    "http_post_string" not working when running HTML?

    In GMS2 I am trying to use the code "http_post_string" to upload high score data onto, and though the code work fine and succeeds when I run the game as a Windows export, when I try to test the game in HTML I get no such results. It isn't even an error that appears; nothing...
  16. Cyranh

    GMS 2 Embedding a Google form inside my game

    Hi everyone, I just made a Google form to collect player feedback and for them to report bugs and crashes. It's embedded on my website through the html embed URL. Would it be possible to somehow embed such a form into the game so people can give feedback without even leaving the game? That...
  17. Marko03970

    Problems with HTML export

    Hi, Every time I export my project for html platform, and when I try to run index.html to test it in my browser, nothing happens. Just black screen in the browser. And I tried with Chrome (my default browser), Mozilla, Opera and it is not working, but when I tried to run it with Microsoft Edge...
  18. D

    HTML5 How to export game as HTML5 in GM 1.4???

    I have Game Maker Studio 1.4.9999 for a long time, and I just make a game for my class, and I exported at an EXE just fine, but they want it in HTML 5 so everybody can play it. I looked at tutorials and I need to open "Global Game Settings" and navigate to the top and find HTML 5. But, I only...
  19. Meester Dennis

    HTML5 Touchscreen error

    Hi everyone, I have a question about HTML5 games/applications. I create educational tools to show in classes on digital boards, where most of these boards have a touchscreen. In the last updates of GMS2, I found out that the mouse click events are not recognized by the digital boards. A...
  20. Drell

    Legacy GM HTML5 Download Image

    I'm developing a board game that encompasses deck building, so I've built a deck builder which uses surface_save to create printable pages to test out different deck builds. Because some of my team uses Macs (and I don't have one), I'm trying out using an HTML5 build to be used across systems...