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  1. E

    HTML5 legacy sound, or no?

    Trying to play BG music, with a volume slider. I can get the audio to start playing, but everything breaks when I try using the audio_sound_gain function. I noticed the manual says that you're supposed to use legacy stuff for HTML sound specifically, but those functions don't show up when I try...
  2. Hayden FW Bennett

    Cant Export Game to HTML 5

    Error : Unable to save HTML5 output: "Access to the path 'Y:\Project_Arcadia_525A9631_Javascript\Project Arcadia' is denied." this is my first project to be perfectly honest, I don't even know where to start with this problem though, this form is my last hope. unfortunately, this is the only...
  3. Skull_k

    HTML5 Spine bounding box with HTLM5 : Bug ?

    Hi, I did some tests and i think there is a bug on bounding box from spine in html5. So, I imported in GMS2 a skeleton from spine without a bounding box. I used draw_rectangle (bbox_left, bbox_top, bbox_right, bbox_bottom, true) for the red rectangle. Compiling for windows : OK Compiling for...
  4. Mookal

    HTML5 Fixture Incorrectly Bound in HTML5 Export

    I'm making a game where walls can be drawn by the player. To cut down on the amount of instances, some walls are made longer when the player moves the mouse across the screen quickly. Because of this, I need to create a properly scaled fixture for each wall object. The issue is that, while the...
  5. Andrew R. C. Beck

    HTML5 Eggs Factor! = Egg Farming Clicker. [ This was a very quick personal 'JAM' of sorts that is the product of a day and a bit of work - ENJOY! :)] ------------------- Hey hey hey! Have you ever wanted to be a chicken farmer and earn that coin? Well now you can with this fun little clicker...
  6. FrancisClase

    HTML5 javascript native drawing functions on a GML surface

    Is there a way to use the native javascript drawing functions in a GML surface? I am creating an on-screen drawing game and I would like to be able to use the native javascript functions to draw, since the stroke and performance are perfect ... if I had to implement a drawing algorithm with...
  7. Gunnar the Clovis

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] camera_set_view_pos Silently Freezes on HTML5 Target

    Hello, Whenever I run the function camera_set_view_pos on the HTML5 target, the game image silently freezes (meaning no errors are given). The game is still running as inputs are read and sounds can be played when inputs are made, the game can be restarted, but the image is completely frozen...

    HTML5 Posting my games on my own website

    Hi, i bought the WEB edition of GMM2. i would like to buy a domain and hopfully be able to post my games to friends etc, im not trying to become big, just an easy way for my friends to acces my games. i have basicly 0 skils in web development, but is there an easy way to post the games as HTML5...
  9. inertias

    HTML5 Loot Sweeper - a mix of Dig Dug & Minesweeper

    Hey everyone! Loot Sweeper is a free game I made in a few weeks. I think there are sound issues with certain browsers that I haven't been able to completely fix, but oh well. Your goal is to collect treasure while avoiding enemies and bombs. The red numbers correspond to how many bombs are...
  10. M

    HTML5 Ini file require server to get loaded [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm making a html5 game and I have a problem with my included files. When I use the function ini_open, the game asks the file to the game server but I want the game load or store the included files at the splash screen and then it don't need to make these requests to the game server.
  11. C

    Problems with html5

    Good day, can you find out how you can place 2 applications html5 on one page? Only 1 application works, when placing the second image on the same page, it does not work here's the code for one <html> <canvas id="canvas" width="999" height="499"> </canvas> <script id='edit_src'...
  12. N

    HTML5 Virtual Keyboard Not Showing-Up

    Hi, I'm building a HTML5 game, and have currently reached the point where I'd want the User to input their name into the high-score table. Having intended for the game to be functional across devices, I'd like to have the on-screen keyboard show-up alongside highscore table. This is when I ran...
  13. O

    HTML5 Spine issue

    Has anyone successfully got multiple spine animations running in HTML5? Am using Mac, IDE:, Runtime Desktop export works perfectly, but HTML5 version seems to replace all spine sprites with the last one added to the project. See attached screenshot.
  14. phillipPbor

    HTML5 BLACK OUT by image_blend

    i was testing out the game play, but when the image_blend = c_red is active, the entire game screen turns black. is there something wrong with that?
  15. V

    HTML5 Black Screen when using Views in HTML5

    [GMS1.4]When I run my game in Windows it works great. But when I run it on HTML5, the first rooms looks ok, but then I go to the second room and all I see is a black screen. Then when I change to the third room it again works fine. The difference is that the first and third room didn't use...
  16. Le Slo

    HTML5 [SOLVED] Projects not working on Internet Explorer

    Hey, I was testing my game on other browsers but it seems that Internet Explorer crashes every time I want to make it work there (both the play button and a index.html build). The issue I get is: "Web Audio API not supported in this browser" and some reference to "addEventListener". That made...
  17. O

    HTML5 instance_destory difference between desktop and HTML5

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something incorrectly. Simple click and destroy instance code. Works as expected on desktop, but not in HTML export: Desktop HTML 2 objects, one to track the click and movement of the arrow, the other to just remove the instance of the...
  18. Ayziak

    HTML5 JavaScript errors when testing HTML5

    Hi All! I've just started trying out HTML5 testing, and I'm having a bit of trouble... When I launch my game, in the browser, a loading screen shows up, but then the screen goes blank. The debug looks normal, however, the browser console displays the same error, repeatedly and indefinitely...
  19. Le Slo

    HTML5 GMS2: Wrong images, cleaning cache and game update

    Hello there! I have encountered this problem and after reading here and there, I still don't know what solutions I can apply to the following situation: -It is normal that when working on a project for HTML5 there is a texture problem where all the images appear wrongly. This is solved by...
  20. ajan-ko

    HTML5 Rail Assault - Action Blablablah... (Sorry have to make the title more catchy)

    RAIL ASSAULT Descriptions: Pick your weapon, ride the rail, blast your way trough your enemy. Because story is overrated. Screenshot PS: Just messing around with the engine and upload it to kong. LINK: