1. M

    how to do breath movement?

    How do I do that breathing movement when the player is stopped?
  2. Harper

    GML How to do Pixel Based Terrain?

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out the best practice for pixel based terrain and I'm looking for answers. Something like worms that isn't tile based. My idea right now is to divide my map up into square sectors, and assign each of those sectors a object with a sprite on it that I want the terrain...
  3. Misu

    3D Defining smooth normals on model

    I did a nice lighting system in 3D but my model's normals are flat instead of smooth. I'm drawing them with gm functions but don't know how to define the normals correctly. Can anyone explain how to achieve this?
  4. BaconMuncher

    Please Help Me Slowly Flip 28 cards

    Okay, I am using Game Maker Studio 1.4 and have my game project showing 4 rows of 7 cards each on my screen. Right now I have the user selecting 5 cards as to which card holds the missing princess. Once the user selects these 5 cards, all I need help with is slowly (like ever 2 seconds)...
  5. M


    Recently I Have Been Trying To Break The Fourth wall in my gamemaker studio Games. Though I Need Help With Doing This. This Is What Im Trying To Do: 1. Make objects Move out of the window and the people playing can still use the window normally 2. make things in order to progress hidden in...
  6. W

    Windows [SOLVED] I have a issue

    Hi guys ive come across a bit of a problem and i need a bit of help..... im making a game where you can have a lot of money and i dont want to make the user have to read like 12 digits of numbers just to see how much they have. so i would like to create a piece of code such as this pseudo code...
  7. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Displayng keys

    Hi, so im trying to draw the keys that the player will use to play the game but when drawing the mouse buttons it draws nothing and on the arrow keys it draws other symbols. this is the line i use to draw draw_text(xx, yy, chr(key));
  8. W

    Legacy GM Does Anyone Know How To Do This??? Help

    How do you do that?