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  1. S

    Auto Calculated Combat how to?

    Hi dear community, I'm trying to find or create my self but without success a Auto Battle System. where player have 1320 Unity's and enemy 1180. To calculate who is winner in this battle? Or trying to make Battle in 3 waves lets say, with 900 Unity's, but slashed on 3 Army's every wave...
  2. Elgarion

    Things to know before releasing a game ? Trust certificates, others...

    Hi everybody, I'm slowly thinking about releasing my game. It should be released on Windows. I've been told about some kind of trust certificate to avoid blocks. Is it a thing? I didn't find a lot of concrete information about it on the web. Did someone here have to do that ? In this case, a...
  3. EvanSki

    How to properly put your code in a Thread

    Today's guide will be about how to properly put code in your forum thread, I'm putting this in the programming forum because it will be easier for people who commit this crime to see it and learn how to create a thread properly. DO NOT PUT YOUR CODE AS PLAIN TEXT if you do you get errors like...
  4. G

    GML Basic Coding Help

    I keep getting these rectangles in my text and I have no idea how to eliminate them. Please help Thank you in advance
  5. A

    Steam How do I update my GameMaker game on Steam?

    Hey! Im a freelance indie-programmer, currently working on a larger GameMaker project that im hoping to be able to publish on steam within the next couple of months. But im a self-taught not-very-experienced-with-all-the-fancy-parts programmer, and i simply have no idea of how many things work...
  6. Aver005

    Android How to select a file on android to interact with it later?

    How to select a file on android to interact with it later? I understand, maybe my question is strange. But for my project I need to make a program for android, which will select the file and upload it to my website. Please tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance!
  7. RizbIT

    Android Best App Promotion Tips [ANDROID][FREE]

    Best App Promotion Tips This is a useful app for app developers, publishers and marketers. It has over 80 tips which can be used to market your new and existing mobile apps for free or low budget. Most publishers can not afford to fork out for big marketing use our tips to...
  8. S

    Windows How can I make save system?

    I have a badly problem... I made my game but I cant make a save load system on it ... Not a normal one, like a good game... So... If u play a game (like silent age) for your second time, you see the main menu at the first, then if you tap "start" you see... The game saved your progress... I have...
  9. S

    Help with drawing detection

    I was trying to do something like the Halloween 2016 doodle of google but i dont get how to do the drawing detection. There you have the example Thanks in advance:).
  10. gamedev4life

     what is the cheapest way to record/stream your screen while you game dev?

    like all hardcore game devs, i spend a lot of time developing my game (painting/animating, creating levels, mapping out state machines, etc) and i really want to record the whole process of it so i can make videos for a dev log, youtube and all that, BUT i have almost no money :( im looking for...
  11. G

    Legacy GM Random Generation

    Hey guys. So I've worked out how to make a platformer procedurally generated level, like a mario level where you start out on the left and have to get to the right. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a randomly generated platformer level that is less linea. Even if it is still...
  12. B

    How To Make Spinning Terrain?

    This one is a little hard to describe which is why I am bothering making a post about it in the first place. I am wanting to make a game with a specific mechanic. It will be a side scrolling platformer, first off. But I want the terrain to be rounded and to spin as the player moves along it. To...
  13. W

    Legacy GM Does Anyone Know How To Do This??? Help

    How do you do that?
  14. N

    How To Add DRM To Final Game?

    Hello GM community, I would love it if somebody could explain the process of adding DRM to the final executable of a game. For example, once downloaded, it can only be used on that device and cannot be used on another device. If it can be done using GM itself, a specific version of GM, or if you...