hotline miami

  1. KPJ

    GMS 2 Enemy ai Gms2 (SOLVED)

    Hi everyone. I an making a topdown shooter, and I want ai to be like hotline miami. I have it so that if the player is within range and isn't behind a wall, the enemy moves toward it with mp_potential_step_object. the enemy moves toward the player, however even if the player is behind the...
  2. KPJ

    GMS 2 Enemy AI Movement (GMS2) (SOLVED)

    Hi everyone. I'm making a top down game and I need help regarding enemy ai. I want the enemy to be patrolling a room, but I don't want to use paths. I want it to be almost like Hotline Miami, where the enemy moves forward, and turns left if they sense a wall ahead. Any help or suggestions on how...
  3. T

    Hotline miami sprite rotation.

    Can someone give me a script for sprite rotations like in hotline Miami? In hotline Miami the sprite rotates smoothly, here's a video for the effect I wanna achieve. You see how the heads rotate? that's the effect I wanna achieve
  4. Teroil

    Windows ÜberHot

    ÜberHot is a low resolution Top-Down Shooter where time moves only when you move. This game features intense action of you controlling a special agent who mows through his enemies using his pistol, dodge roll and the ability of stopping time. Story: The great prince of Nigeria has been...
  5. D

    Alpha Hopeless Descent - too much to contain in a title!

    Origin of the idea: After finishing a game I was finally free to start something fresh. I was full of ideas that felt excellent, but none had that something that could push me through the process of actual development. Then, my wonderful girlfriend named it loudly: "Make a game you really want...
  6. B


    Ok, so I am a fairly competent artist and writer attempting to make the narrative driven game action game I have always wanted to play. A One-Shot-One Kill platformer with a cover system+ shooting system similar to WILD GUNS. And a handful of other genre bending mechanics. I understand the...