1. Marquitos3000

    GMS 2 Collision problem

    Hi, I´m making a tile based collision system and I use this script: var _collision = false; //Tiles horizontales if (tilemap_get_at_pixel(collisionMap, x + hSpeed, y)) { x -= x mod TILE_SIZE; if(sign(hSpeed) == 1) x += TILE_SIZE -1; hSpeed = 0; _collision = true; } //Cometer...
  2. Lens

    SOLVED How to make a plane loop movement?

    I have a horizontal 2D object (plane) which, after an specific event, should a loop (not the loop variable, I meant an actual 360° movement). For that to happen, I thought about having the plane's image change its image_angle to a fix temporary center, while having: I. negative vspeed (goes...
  3. P

    GMS 2 Knockback Direction Broken?

    I'm trying to knock back my player in the opposite direction he shoots his gun. But it only seems to be working on vertical directions... PLAYER CREATE EVENT hspd = 0; vspd = 0; hspd_force = 0; vspd_force = 0; force_applied = 0; force_dir = undefined; spd = 2; PLAYER STEP EVENT // Inputs var...
  4. Z

    Horizontal Platforming knockback for shields

    Lately I have been having issues with implementing a knockback code for a particular type enemy that carries a shield and can only be attacked from behind. When performing an attack on the enemy's shield the player is suppose to be slightly pushed back from the strike. However, when implementing...
  5. P

    Drag And Drop Child Ojects Changing Because of Parent

    Hey, I'm a beginner to GameMaker and I'm having some difficulty with two of my objects changing their sprite because of their parent object. I have the child objects (the boots) change their sprites depending on the direction the character moves. I have also set the parent object's (ship body)...
  6. J

    GMS 2 Knockback

    Hi all, I have a problem with creating knockback. I want a player to have a little bit of horizontal and vertical speed when hit by a bullet. So when colliding with a bullet, the variables hsp and vsp of the player should change. However only vsp changes! Heres my code i have in the step event...
  7. J

    Help, implementation of Platform horizontal and vertical movement

    I need help creating a movingo platform, vertical and horizontal, is one of my biggest challenges, and all that I researched and tested, gave results. I've done almost everything I need for a platform-type platform, sloper, ladder, platform-through. I need to know how I would put it on my...
  8. Y

    move for certain time then move back

    so im currently making a platformer for a school project and I want to make a horizontally moving platform. its plain simple I thought look at the pic too see what I made inside the create event there is movingright = 1 script and inside alarm 0 there is a movingright = 0 script and inside...
  9. C

    SOLVED Character Can't Move Horizontally

    Heya, I'm incredibly new to GameMaker and I'm working on a project for my university course. It's a very basic plat- former. I added double jumps and varied jumps but suddenly but character won't move horizontally. I've checked to see if it's the new features but it doesn't seem to be the...
  10. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM enemy faceing at player

    how do you make enemy flip sprite at the player? enemy look left when player is on left horizontal. enemy look right when player is on right horizontal. is there a tutorial some where?
  11. G

    Legacy GM [Solved] Keep horizontal momentum after collision

    I'm currently developing a game where you can't change your momentum in the air after you jump. When jumping into a wall right now my player's horizontal speed changes to zero. I can't figure out how to return the player's speed back to the original speed before the collision once they pass...
  12. XirmiX

    Legacy GM [Solved] Accelerative movement seems to be tricky

    I've followed some tutorials in the past and checked back on one in order to create a basic platformer, as it seems I had forgotten the basics of how to make it all work over time, since I'm basically redoing my entire game (reason being that everything's just bunched up, so I just created a new...