Multiple Surfaces Question, and Possible Optimization? (GMS 1.4)

    Hey there GMC! I am back to game making after a long hiatus, and I am into the development of a survival exploring game that utilizes a top-down perspective, like that of LOZ, but a little more modern. The problem I'm running into that I can't seem to wrap my head around, or find any info to...
  2. E

    GML UDP Hole punching

    Hello, i'm trying to make a udp hole punching connection, but i can't get the players to receive messages without opening ports. Here's my code: CREATE EVENT txt = "None"; connected = false; socket = network_create_socket_ext(network_socket_udp,global.myport); if(socket >= 0){ txt = "Waiting"...
  3. N

    Cutting a hole using blendmodes

    Hello! I'm trying to cut a hole using blendmodes and this is what I have currently: gpu_set_blendmode(bm_normal); draw_set_color(c_white); gpu_set_blendmode_ext(bm_inv_src_alpha, bm_inv_src_alpha); draw_rectangle(500, 400, 600, 500, false); gpu_set_blendmode(bm_normal); it results in this...
  4. B

    GML [Solved] Drill transparent hole on top of a fully opaque rectangle

    Hi there, the thing that I'm going to achieve is the hole/window in a fully opaque rectangle covering the entire room. After applying that, I want to see the contents of the room only through this drilled hole/window. All other area should stay covered by the specified color (black for ex.)...
  5. N

    Legacy GM Transition

    Heyall! I made a sprite with a transparent circle on it. I used it for a transition, but it is not good in my opinion, you see the pixels when it zooms in. Is there a way to create an object that draws a black rectangle and a transparent circle in the middle so you can see through it, and it...
  6. FredFredrickson

    Steam Fatty Rabbit Hole - out on Steam, now with demo!

    After many, many years of fiddling with GameMaker, I've finally released something on Steam! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Fatty Rabbit Hole! In Fatty Rabbit Hole, you play as Keefe the rabbit, who is falling down an endless hole - and who has an endless appetite for junk food! Try to...