1. Dr_Nomz

    GML Separate hit boxes for single instance? (Headshots, etc)

    In a lot of games hitting different body parts can run different scripts against the affected entity, such as double damage or stun/stagger. How do I do that in GMS 1.4? Is there a tutorial or do I just use separate objects connected to the entity?
  2. T

    Script to create hitbox not working

    I'm semi new to game maker and started developing a project on my own for school work. I wasn't sure how to create hit boxes but I found a great video online for it. The video sets up a script including a variable assigned to a created layer (Code below) and for some reason it's telling me the x...
  3. lluuze

    Hitboxes + Enemy Parent Issue

    Hello all, I've been experiencing some problems with the hitboxes and enemy parent. Once the player's character collides with the enemy, they become stuck but before I made changes to the player's sprite; everything was fine and working. I recently switched back to the original sprite to fix...
  4. lluuze

    Code Error

    I'm a college student currently studying Games Design, I've been using the tutorials provided by my college to create a game using Gamemaker v 1.4 but have came across an error while creating hit boxes. I think something doesn't exist within the code but don't understand what I'd need to do to...
  5. I

    GMS 2 'Drawing' in game

    I want to make a game that lets the player 'draw' things in game, using the mouse as a sort of brush, with an adjustable radius for size. I want the object the player draws to then have a collisions on it and count as an object with its own code. Does anyone know what the best way to do this is?
  6. M

    GMS 2 enemy attack hitboxes, need help please

    I have made an enemy that attacks a player (with a spear) and i made a hitbox for it to allow for more precise dodging from the player. Problem is, when my player attacks the enemy and the enemy goes in to a stunned sprite the hitbox would still be there till the animation ended... i want this...
  7. DonMaklesso

    Speeding up melee attacks (help)

    Hi guys! I've been making a rogue-like game and stopped on player's melee attacks (I use hitboxes which damages enemies on contact). Everythings fine until I speed up those attacks by percentage amount of player's missing health (the less health, the faster attacks). So I've added the amount of...
  8. C

    GML Hitboxes Without image_xscale

    Hello all! I'm working on a side-scroller rpg with some semi-complex player sprites. So far, the player has a sword and shield. His sword is in his right hand, and his shield in his left. I figured out the coding to make him face left and right without using image_xscale, in order to keep his...
  9. C

    GMS 2 Making Varied Hitboxes from one Hitbox object

    I am trying to program a system where I can create one instance of a hitbox object and vary its image_xscale and image_yscale to make varied hitboxes. However, I am having trouble approaching the programming side of this problem. How would I approach programming a system like this?
  10. N

    GMS 2 Non-square hitboxes

    One issue I keep having with GMS 2 is that all hitboxes are square. Even if I touch an invisible pixel, it still counts. I remember that thi issue didn't exist in the original GameMaker. Is this a real problem or am I just missing something?
  11. G

    [SOLVED] Punch issue: image_index and hitbox

    Hi, everyone. I'm from Brazil, so sorry if I make any language mistakes: I've been learning and practicing Game Maker for a month. At the moment I'm working on a very very simple boxing game. Nothing complex or fancy. I'm just getting a player and an enemy to punch each other. That's all...
  12. K

    [SOLVED]Help with hitboxes?

    I have a problem with hitboxes and such, but it's hard to explain so I'll let this badly described image speak for itself: So basically, the problem is that when you are on that "ledge" it's okay to break the bushes and read the sign, but when you are off the ledge, I want to prevent that from...
  13. Velocity

    Melee Hitboxes Not Appearing

    Hey there, So, this may be naive - but my hitboxes aren't showing up and I'm not sure why. I'm modifying someone elses code, and trying to make my own game with it - with their permission. So, first of all, I have a combo system - with 3 hits - animated with sprites That's inside of an...