1. PeXi81

    Best way to HIT

    Hi! I'm creating test project where is Player and Enemy. But just thinking what would be best way to hit with fist? It should work like this: - Press SPACE --> Players hand shows up (and there would be HitBox that "hurts" enemy - After hitting hand goes back to "Standby state" waiting next...
  2. MartinK12

    GML [SOLVED] Where should I put hit, knockback, immunity and health - state machine or?

    I have basic working state machine for player in platformer game and it’s working fine. Currently I have player states: on_ground, in_air, idle. I want to add hit – for starter it will be basic collision event but later I want to create my own collision code in end step. Whenever player gets...
  3. MMM

    Asset - Demo Knife Throwing

    If you ever played Knife Hit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ketchapp.knifehit&hl=en and wanted to make something like that this GMS1 / GMS2 demo will show you how. :) https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7510/knife-throwing
  4. M

    Making a power hit bar

    Hey guys and girls, I am new in Game Maker so I need a little help. I want to make a golf-like game in top down. The main-problem that I have is that i want to make a bar , where the player can see how strong he will hit the ball. So when you hold the mouse the bar raise and till a maximum. For...
  5. Coded Games

    GML Hit detection not working.

    So after taking a few month break from using GameMaker to using Java instead I'm having trouble figuring why objDamagable's hp is not being decreased. objDamagable DOES have hp defined in it's create event but for some reason, it's not going down. //Trance Max Distance while (distance <...
  6. A

    Legacy GM Hit-Stop Effect/Sleep Function Substitute [SOLVED]

    UPDATE [25/09/2016]: Turns out the simplest solution to the following problem is to write a script function that compares the 'current_time' to a specified argument within a while loop. This way, the game is unable to process anything whilst the while loop is running, achieving the desired...