1. Coded Games

    Development Hiring play testers from Fiverr

    Has anyone hired play testers from websites from like Fiverr? If you have, how did it go? Do you recommend doing it or anyone in particular? I have been thinking about hiring a couple people to try my game. Probably just the cheapest plan for a couple people to test the new player experience...
  2. harambe1

    Job Offer - Web [CLOSED] Cowbelly Studios is in need of GMS2 Networking guy

    Hi guys! So I found myself lucky enough to be the lead dev of a new game by Cowbelly Studios. The web version of the game is almost done, but we're not stopping there. Cowbelly wanted to continue development into iOS and Android stores, and we are in need of a guy who has experience setting up...
  3. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - General Hiring pixel artist and programmers

    Hello, my name is Oliver and I am in need of pixel artist and programmers for a new rhythm based rpg "Pulse". Combat is centered around inputting party commands in time with the background music along with many other music related mechanics. The first major goal will be to create a proper...
  4. nick4508

    Job Offer - Artist (HIRING) Looking for artist to create a few weapon images

    Hey guys! Looking for a 2D artist to create 11 weapon sprites. Each roughly 400x400 pixels, however they are not animated, and only still images. The style of the weapons are realistic and I can provide reference images to work off. To get an idea, check out Craftpix as I am using assets from...
  5. Master Maker

    Job Offer - Artist Level Designer Position

    Hey! I'm Mason Thompsen, and am working on Purity of Blood, a action-rpg hack-n-slash, and am looking for a level designer to help with designing and creating the levels. Here's a video of the game: To apply, pm me, email me at masonthompsen@gmail.com, or find me on discord (my tag is Shadow...
  6. T

    Job Offer - Programmer [GMS2] Traditional Fighting Game Engine

    UPDATE: We have already selected someone to be our programmer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me just cut to the chase. I'm heavily interested in fighting games, such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. I've always wanted to make one but TFGs are some of the hardest games to program. Throw...
  7. StoneTide

    Job Offer - Artist [HIRING] Another 2D Pixel Artist to join our team! :)

    Hey everyone, We're looking for an additional artist to come join our team on the epic making of StoneTide: Age of Pirates! :cool: Please tick off the requirements before applying. Requirements: - Must be able to produce the same art style as shown in our game =>...
  8. C

    Job Offer - Artist [Earn $$$] Hiring multiple artists - Blind Samurai

    Good day, I am developing a mobile-based game called Blind Samurai. It is 100% playable by the blind or visually impaired. Players swipe left or right toward enemy noise (and cut then wide open!). Let them close the distance and it's game over. Blind Samurai is nearly complete. There are a...

    Job Offer - Programmer [HIRING] Fix Node.JS + GML Networking Bug [$100]

    Via Skype, let's look through my Node.JS server and GameMaker client to figure out why the server is crashing when two or more players are in the game world at the same time on separate computers. Works fine when two clients on one computer for some reason. (windows) - Milestones: I will pay...

    Job Offer - Web [LOOKING FOR] MMO connection help.

    Hey guys! I'm looking for someone that can turn my local-networking into a MMO type connection to place on my website. Right now I have : rips.online/game But I then realized that the type of networking I did for the game won't work for MMO. I will pay. I need this to be done by January 1 2017...
  11. JasonTomLee

    Job Offer - General LF a PixelArtist/Partner!

    Hello my fellow Gamemaker Devs/Artists~ I've been working to either complete a small scale game or create a small prototype for a bit larger game. The style I've been going for is very veeery minimalist & simple in terms of colors. Here's a few examples I posted on my site...
  12. R

     Hiring Sprite Designers Yes or No?

    Greetings, so im pretty decent at GameMaker Studio on the programming front but when it comes to drawing im pretty much worse than a sack of potatoes. Im just thinking about if it would be worth hiring a sprite designer or if it would be a waste. Any advice?
  13. Xer0botXer0

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for sprite/graphic artist [paid]

    Hi guys, so I decided if I'm going to have art in my game it has to look really amazing! like high quality.. I know that's quite expensive but I dont want a crappy looking game. I'd like to see portfolios first before discussing prices, but basically I have no graphics for my top down game...
  14. S

    Job Offer - Artist [Rev-Share] Seeking Artist and Animator for a WIP

    Hey I'm Cregg, and I am from a team called Searchlight Games. Currently we are working on an RPG spell-casting game inspired by Zelda the Minish Cap and the game Lost Magic for the ds. Currently we are nearing the Alpha/prototype stage of development, and even though a lot of our game is...
  15. True Valhalla

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Hiring exceptional artists

    I'm always looking for exceptional freelance artists to join my growing studio. You would be working on small-scale casual games in collaboration with my lead artist and the rest of the team. I have a high budget for the right applicant, and can offer flexible hours in a friendly and...