1. 2drealms

    Beta HighScore - Easy Online HighScore System

    HighScore v0.0.1 Easy Online HighScore System Introduction HighScore will allow you to maintain a remote high score system for your game projects. It's as simple as pointing to a MySQL database with create table access (all tables will be created automatically). You can then post and list your...
  2. B

    Free First "released" Game (Windows Build Only) - Evil Clutches

    A very simple, fast-paced yet awfully fun shooter. (Very) loosely based off a tutorial, more details can be found on link. Thanks for taking a look and hope someone gets enjoyment out of it! Download here for free! Side note - if anyone does like this and ends up playing it a bit, I'd...
  3. M

    Android Does the highscores system work on android?

    It works perfectly on windows and also it works on android, but when i close the app the data dissapears. Im just using this: highscore_add(global.nombre, global.puntuacion); global.puntuacion = 0; Should i use ini files better?
  4. J

    [SOLVED]My highscore wont work? anyone know why

    i have created a platformer and i introduced the highscore system to my game. however the dialog box asking for the players name appears everytime I enter a new room when I only want it to appear when i die/run out of lives or get to the end room. do you know how to fix? ive tried google but ...
  5. D

    Windows [SOLVED] Highscores reset after game is closed and then reopened

    Hi everybody. I am having a problem that i can not debunk... I am making a simple game of click to get a score...followed by a highscore table... once an alarm goes off you can click a Submit button to enter your name you then click okay and your name and score is written to the highscore...
  6. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows The Duel King!

    Link to the game: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-duel-king/21289 The Duel King is a game i've made a while ago, to test the Gamejolt API. It consists in a series of fights against opponents with one HP. The main character also has one HP, but 5 lives. Every character has access to the same two...
  7. J

    Facebook score sometimes doesn't POST

    Hi experts! I made such (great and addictive) game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tower_defence.Liczby_Defence Everything works fine BUT I have one problem with facebook integration. In score "option" (or after any game) you can login via facebook and see score of your...
  8. Appsurd

    GMS 2 Online Highscores

    Online Highscores in GameMaker Studio GM version: GMStudio 2.2.5 Target platform: ALL Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4205/online-highscores-example Links: N/A Latest change: 2020-01-28 Level: Advanced Summary This tutorial will explain you how to create a...
  9. S

    Android Global Highscores & Daily Challenge. Preferred Methods?

    Hi all, I'm looking to code global highscores into my game, Chameleon Swing. If it goes smoothly I'm also going to add a daily challenge that everyone can try once per day a la Spelunky/Binding of Isaac. I've had a look around and have seen a few options: - GooglePlay Services Highscores...
  10. G

    HTML5 Punt Hooligan [MLG Mode]

    Finally got this game working! I posted another much worse version of this game on the old forums, today it is remastered for HTML5. It's a very simple game, based off a game I used to play in my younger days on Miniclip called "Monkey Kickoff". Kick the ball as far as you can to collect coins...
  11. G

    Free [HTML5] Gladiator

    Hey everyone! I've been on the GMC for years and I'm glad it has revived from it's 2 month coma. In that time I have been working on an HTML5 gaming website using Gamemaker for an engine. Gladiator is one of those games. You are only given one weapon and there is no way for you to regenerate...