1. Binsk

    Asset - Scripts UBG API [online scoreboards / save data]

    Howdy! How would you like to have some online high-score boards for free? This project is currently a heavy WIP and only a small subset of many planned features are implemented so far. If you have ideas / suggestions / bugs please let me know! Goal The goal of this extension is to provide...
  2. xS89Deepx

    Online scoreboard

    I'm working on game but don't know how to do online score, and I'm using GM2, and I know basic programing, Example - Type your name "mike" than submit your score online...
  3. M.G.

    Windows Highscore PC Game "Gull Hunt"

    Have finished a little game again. It is also my second PC game. "Shoot all the Seagulls and collect as many Points as possible." Characteristics: - Retro Style - Pixel Graphics - Chiptune Sound - Highscore Game - Different Enemy Types Link: https://misteryjay.itch.io/gull-hunt Have Fun!!!
  4. M.G.

    Windows Highscore PC Game "Bully Bones"

    Have finished a little game again. It is also my first PC game. "Click on the bone to keep Bully away." Characteristics: - High score game - Comic pixel graphics - Chiptune sounds Link: misteryjay.itch.io/bully-bones Have Fun!!!
  5. Architheutis

    [Solved] Some trouble with Highscore table (b4 xmas)

    Hi guys, I´ve got some trouble with my highscore table, before xmas. :rolleyes:o_O I programmed some objects and put them into different rooms in senseful order. programmed a name-entry screen for it, too. Everything works, but any time I finished the name entry in testing-mode, GMS2 says...
  6. Architheutis

    Cannot find the folder of my .ini

    Hi Folks, I cannot find the folder of my .ini-data. Game Maker 2 saves it into Computer/User/Architheuthis/AppData/Local/Filename.ini So... I cannot find the folder "AppData" and folders within. I use Windows 10. Can anybody gimme a hint? Best wishes, Archie.
  7. B

    Game Maker Highscore Advice

    Hello Guys, I am working on a small project, but I am new to Game Maker. I have managed to set up local highscore displays and it works great. However, I have installed my project on a local server at work and everyone can play it, but each computer seems to have its own high scores only. In...
  8. Architheutis

    ini-problems (no update and unpleasant list display)

    Hi programmers. I´ve got problems with ini-handling. I have a highscore table in my game. What I want: A saved highscore list on each unit - every time you restart the game, the ranking of the best players (TOP - 10) is reloaded. The list shows up to 10 names with the scores, vertically...
  9. Architheutis

    How to program a user text input box (Highscore) [SOLVED!]

    Hi Folks, my game is in the fine adjustment... ... I programmed a highscore table with a text input box. So the player is able to type his name via keyboard. That works on PC or laptop aso. But what about a mobile unit like a smartphone or tablet? It´s set with a keyboard_string = " "...
  10. M

    Legacy GM Showing Highscore in the HUD

    Do you know that some arcade games like Rastan Saga and The NewZealand Story show a the highscore in the HUD? Well, I want to do the same thing. How can I do this?
  11. D

    GMS 2 Highscore_clear doesn't clear

    Hello all, I've followed one of the initial tutorials on how to use GameMaker, by creating a Space rocks game. I wanted to add a highscore system so I used the pre-made functions highscore_add() and draw_highscore(). Only issue is that when I use highscore_clear(); it clears the highscore...
  12. D

    GML Keeping track of a variable

    Hey! I'm currently creating an highscore table that keeps track of the name, the score, and the difficulty. I got the name and score working perfectly fine but not the difficulty. What I have so far write the current difficulty on every line of the highscore table and I don't know what I'm...
  13. M.G.

    Android Free Android Game "Apple Isaac"

    Please check my first Android Game!!! APPLE ISAAC Highscore Game with high addictive potential! Tap on the screen and the apple will start to fall! There are many different apples! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mg.michelgebsergames.appleisaac Features: - Highscore Game -...
  14. ShubhamBansod

    FACEBOOK API CHANGE!! "End of Facebook based leaderboards!"

    Hello, So today I spent 6 hrs on facebook based leadboard and found that on 4th of April some API call are depreciated, as if you have used Facebook Extension in your game and tried to make score board via it. Than you are familiar with the Graph requests like "me/scores" and for app level...
  15. L

    HTML5 Highscore store online in table, how?

    I have created the highscore table in a mysql database. How can I use this in my Gamemaker studio 2 game? Please explain me in detail where and what I have to do within Gamemaker. It should work in Gamemaker studio 2!
  16. L

    Android NUTTZ -- free arcade game without ads

    Hi, our first Game build with Gamemaker Studio is online. We started the public beta and hope you have fun with it. Select an operator and try to break the highscore. The game is free and without ads, because we have to eat once or twice a year it has some IAP. :)...
  17. Z

    Legacy GM Problem with simple High Score

    Hi, I have problem with simple HighScore tab .I tried YouTube tutorials.I tried to figure It out and It didn’t get well.Please if you know simple code of HighScore Tab that will save and show saves of players with scores every time the game ends.Player can write score and if score is too low...
  18. pSouper

    Testing highscores on ios Game Centre

    Hi all, [I think] I've set up my dev.apple account, my iTunes connect account and my game so that highscores post highscore on game end and get on game load but it isn't showing in game of in itunes connect stats. the game isn't set to live, the leaderboard in itunes connect isn't live either...
  19. Crossoni

    High scores not clearing and input not stopping

    Hi, I'm having problems with clearing my high scores. When I use the highscore_clear(); command on my game it clears my high score list, but when I delete that command from my script, the same high scores are back. I would want that I could empty my high score now but that it would save all the...
  20. NazGhuL

    Windows Voyage to the Earth's Core

    From the GMC jam #4 (updated version of my entry) Download : voyage_to_earth_core.zip It's a simple 60 seconds game about digging down to the core. Try hard to be on the highscore table! Screenshot