1. C

    Including hex characters in strings

    Greetings! I was reading the section of the GameMaker Studio 2 manual about strings, and from the looks of it you can include hex characters in strings with something like this: text = "Testing, Testing \x0A 123" but when I try that, the string is just set to "Testing, Testing " and ignores...
  2. zendraw

    Windows [SOLVED]Q:Display color values

    Hi, does some1 know how can i get to display the hex value of a color? Do i have to create such a script myself?
  3. Dmi7ry

    Asset - Scripts Number conversion and other

    GMS 1.x, GMS 2 Price: Free Marketplace link Small scripts which I use in my projects. Version 1.2.1 (20-Aug-2017): added some new scripts and fixed/improved few old (because GMS's changes) List of scripts: 1D arrays array_add_to_list(array, list) array_create_ext(value, ...)...
  4. T

    Legacy GM Creating Hex color codes - concatenating a number and "$"?

    Ok so my issue is that I am trying to generate my own hex values to put into a draw_sprite_ext function. Now generating them is all good but the issue is actually getting them into the function. The main issue is how when putting a hex value in the draw_sprite_ext function you need to have a...
  5. B

    Question - Code Why are hex colours #BBGGRR instead of #RRGGBB?

    Just curious as to why GMS uses hexadecimal colours in the format of Blue/Green/Red rather than Red/Green/Blue like most other programs and languages use? Its just a bit confusing to me and to other's I would imagine.
  6. L

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Dec2Hex Script

    I'm trying to write a base10 to base16 conversion script. What I've written so far works, but there are a couple problems I'm having trouble solving. First, my script: BASE16 = "0123456789ABCDEF"; i = 0; Q[0] = argument0 div 16; repeat (15) { Q[i+1] = Q[i] div 16; i += 1...