1. K

    GMS 2 How do I make an object come to my cursor?

    I need to get my object (objBox) to go to where my cursor is at speed=10 when the space bar is hit. But when I try direction = point_direction or move_torwards_point, the object just goes torwards the cursor and then goes past it and off-screen. Thanks for the help!
  2. K

    GMS 2 How would I make a moving title screen?

    So, if you've ever played Cave Story, you've seen this title screen. I was wondering if I could replicate this using layers in the room editor. How would I go about doing this? EDIT: I mean in more detail: How would I have a looping image move to the left...
  3. K

    GMS 2 How do I detect where an object is moving? (SOLVED)

    I have an "enemy" object with a point direction set torwards the player and I want to change the sprites attached to the object depending on if the object is moving up, left, down, et cetera. How would I detect this with the general direction it's moving isn't set on anything?
  4. KPJ

    GMS 2 Help With Player Collision GMS2 (SOLVED)

    I am making a top down game in gms2, and I have an issue with collisions. I have two player sprites (Idle and Walk). The walk sprite is a bit larger than the player sprite. Both are irregular shapes (top down humans), and both their collision masks are precise (for bullet collision). When my...

    Legacy GM need help on alarm on textbox! (in obj_textbox)

    hey yall, was wondering how to make this textbox appear when you press a button (Z), and only alowing it once at a time so you can't spam. i was thinking about an alarm but dont know how. help? code here: CREATE: showtext =0; STEP: if (place_meeting(x,y,obj_player)) &&...

    Discussion Is RickyG on this website?

    If so i have a question for the homie, please respond, EZ. ********************* Moderator Note: This isn't an appropriate reason to make a forum topic.
  7. S

    Question - Code [Windows] How to access a created file from another game's Local Data

    I have made two applications which link with each other using 2 text files they create by themselves on start. Each application creates one text file, and the other reads it. The applications run fine and are able to read each other's text files on Mac, but when I exported it on Windows, the...
  8. M

    GMS 2 [Solved] Single button press to make character jump in an arc.

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting onto this forum so sorry in advance if I make any mistakes. Anyway, lets get straight into it. I'm stuck trying to figure out a way to make my character jump in an arc just by pressing a single button. I know how to make my character jump straight up...
  9. D

    GMS 2 Player Can't Move Right

    Hey! My player can move any direction except right with this code. I can't figure out the issue. //Player Movement (X/Y) var velX,velY,dirX,dirY,dir; velX = 0; velY = 0; dirX = 0; dirY = 0; dir = 0; key_up = (keyboard_check(vk_up) or keyboard_check(ord("W")))...
  10. F

    Legacy GM Adding a save function to my game

    so im making a sandbox game where the player drags blocks from the map and builds with them. i felt that it would be nice to let people save there work, so i watched a few tutorials, and tried to add a save function. none of them worked. if any one can help me it would be grate. just to be...
  11. M

    Legacy GM Issue Dealing with Using Two Gamepads

    I must be the most unlucky GM:S user of all time since my problems are usually those that rarely ever happen to anyone! Well anyway, my issue is once again related to gamepads. I've created a notification system that tells you when you've plugged in a gamepad, and it works: On 'System'...
  12. W

    GML Saving Checkpoints

    I was wondering how to save points right now I have // we shouldn't save anything before loading. if controller.loaded == false { exit; } ini_open("Save"); ini_write_real("Save","HP",obj_Player.HP); ini_write_real("Save","CPX",obj_Player.x); ini_write_real("Save","CPY",obj_Player.y)...
  13. W

    GML Room_Restart FIXED

    I am having a problem with the code "room_restart()" & "game_restart" when ever I try to put that in it just freezes my game. Code(Its a script): if (global.checkpointR != 0) { room_goto(global.checkpointR); } else { room_restart(); }
  14. HighlandCoo

    Showing GIF's in twitter

    Hi everyone, Im trying to get my Gifs to show properly in twitter. Here is my Giphy link (and look how lovely it is): But when I post the same link to twitter.. look how awful it is! Does anyone know what I'm...
  15. R

    Legacy GM Switching between Idle and Walking

    Hello! I just joined and beggining to program my first game in GM! I'm a total noob soo... I need some help on switching between Idle and Walking animations for my player. I have seperate animations for when my character is walking up, down, left and right, and same goes for idle. I have...
  16. S

    Legacy GM Falling through map in 3D game with jump code. Need help!

    Hey guys. Right let me get straight to the point basically in my game it was working fine until i added a jump code. Here's my code to create my floor: var rep = 1; grass = d3d_model_create(); d3d_model_floor(grass,-32000,32000,0,32000,-32000,0,rep,rep); ground_tex...
  17. S

    HTML5 [Help] 1VS1 Online search

    Hi guys :) I need help to make a small script. I need to find one player online to fight with him. Juste 1 vs 1 online fight Sorry for my english ^^ - Thank you
  18. Murr_

    Legacy GM Shader is not visible, when set too.

    So i was digging shader's some time a week ago. And now, i'm trying to do this thing <last topic ref.>. So i have a SURFACE which acts as a cloud atmosphere, which sets a shader (Gussian Blur) to make it more volumetric. (used Xor's shader for this, combined the x/y shader code together). I...
  19. R

    Player Knockback vs. Enemies

    I'm working on a platformer game where I'm trying to achieve a collision between the enemy and the player where the player takes damage and then is knocked backwards (in the opposite direction of his/her approach). This is my movement code; Here is my collision...
  20. K

    Windows Can't Install. Temp File Error.

    When I try to Install GameMaker I get an error saying: NSIS Error Error writing temporary file. Make sure your temp folder is valid. I have tried: Redownloading Restarting my computer Scanning for Viruses and Malware Giving myself Admin access Copying and Pasting the installer into the Temp...