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  1. V

    I need Help adding 1 to my variables

    so basically im making a shooter game and i need to make a kill count and i need to be able to add 1 to the variable killCount, how do i do that
  2. GamerFox

    Drag And Drop How can I make a battle engine? [Like Undertale or something simliar like that] on GMS2 Drag and Drop?

    I am making a RPG game on GMS2 and I am currently working on a battle engine which am having a hard time with. Is there any good tutorials or anything out there cause I have been looking around youtube for any tutorials and I can't find a good one. so if anyone can help me please do. [Oh yea...
  3. I

    Error Log in Android Build Game (Error Log is Updated)

    Hello, I'm a new developer in GMS. and starting following some tutorial -called Little Town- to learn it. Now I created an android build for the game tutorial but the build has failed although there is no errors in the Compile Errors tab. Can I get a help where is the issue come from? the build...
  4. S

    Windows Installing Problem...

    Does anyone know why this is happening??? Look at the top right corner, the installing button has been black for about an hour!!! HELP PLS!!!
  5. DNgames

    This loop keeps setting objects to same x coordinate or it does not even create them all expect the first one pls help.

    -I want to make save system for my buildings but it wont work so here are the codes. name = obj_const_wall; for(var i = 0; i < obj_stats.maxstructures; i++) { if(obj_stats.structure[i, 0] == -1 and obj_stats.structure[i, 1] == -1) { obj_stats.structure[i, 0] = name...
  6. DNgames

    Need help with game maker phyisics

    Im making a game with puzzles but. This things keeps happening player is colliding with object at first but then stops for some reason. That red litle square is for collisions but after one time toching with blue block it stops colliding with it. Like that player can stand in that block. Can...
  7. RetnuH

    (Solved) I need help with ds_maps

    So it works for me the saving loading etc works for me when i play it in the gml2 but when i post the file to itch.io and someone downloads it and they try and press play (where it usually loads the game file) it crashes, because im assuming it doesnt have my saved data and its trying to load...
  8. RetnuH

    Was wondering if publishing would effect the ds_maps

    So i have a game that has a saving/loading system now if i package the game and upload it will the people who receive it have the progress that i do as of testing it or does it just fully reset when its on someones new pc and if they start off with my progress how do i erase it before uploading it?
  9. RetnuH

    (Solved) Need help with a saving/loading system

    I dont know if i should just find some online tutorial, follow that and patch work my game into it but i thought i might as well ask here. My game is a music oriented clicker game (didnt just want to say clicker game or i think id be shot on the spot) but there is money, upgrades, backgrounds...
  10. S

    asteroids powerup help

    I'm a novice at programming with game maker and I can't seem to workout how I can make it so you pickup a power-up in asteroid then be able to shoot 3 bullets at once with 20 degrees apart from each other the links are to show what results I want in case my words are confusing since I'm not the...
  11. K

    second day and i need help, my game wont load up, and i cant find the cause.

    my game wont load up, but gamemaker wont state the reason behind it, so im wondering if it could be do to my most recent script, and if it is can you help me out? /: also oenemyd is my dead enemies name. if (hp <= 0) { with(instance_create_layer(x,y,layer,oenemyd)); { direction...
  12. Z

    Need some help!

    So I know programming but am a total newbie at game maker studio. I started to make a game without youtube tutorials cause I want it to be more original... Right now, its a top down game of a sailing/fighting. But, theres no fighting yet.. Heres why: I would like to give the player the option...
  13. R

    Legacy GM sprite/mask problem

    Well im been adding new sprites for my game and well... it isn't work right! here the vid: and when the last sprite/mask it glich out and the idle isnt working! heres the code: if this isnt enough then i send you the gamemaker file. im using GM1 from steam (i hope the steam and pc isnt...
  14. B

    Fatal Error Stack Frame

    I was trying to implement a slope collision system to my tileset collisions and I received this error: FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_Hero: trying to index a variable which is not an array at gml_Script_InFloor (line 10) - var thefloor =...
  15. G

    NES Style Game!

    Hello, I need help coding an inventory system. The inventory system I want pauses all action in game once inventory is opened up. I'm a noob to this and I'm more of an pixel artist. I really need a team for this project I'm working on or it can take up to a year to finish.