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  1. O

    Axis Aiming Help?

    I'm trying to use the right stick (horizontal axis only, i'm using a guitar hero controller and they only have the one axis) to move my image angle. My stick goes between -1 and 1 and i can't figure out how to get this to work, if possible id like to have full 180 degree control (only aiming in...
  2. D

    HTML5 How to export game as HTML5 in GM 1.4???

    I have Game Maker Studio 1.4.9999 for a long time, and I just make a game for my class, and I exported at an EXE just fine, but they want it in HTML 5 so everybody can play it. I looked at tutorials and I need to open "Global Game Settings" and navigate to the top and find HTML 5. But, I only...
  3. T

    GML Character's Y Detection

    Hi, I need help. I am creating a game where basically there is this zombie chasing this player. I want to make it so if the zombie is under the player, and the player is still on the x axis but jumps on the y axis, I want the zombie to also jump with the player... I have spent hours trying to...
  4. NimNom1234

    Trouble with attack animation (AGAIN!)

    Okay So another member of this forum helped me with my problem a day or two ago. I feel his instructions were helpful but i did something wrong. Im trying to get my character to play through his attack animation once at the press of the space bar. However, every time i press the space bar, he...
  5. B

    Legacy GM Moon Orbiting Around Instance? [SOLVED!]

    Greetings. I am using Game Maker: Studio 1.4. I am attempting to construct a program that randomly generates working facsimiles of solar systems. Things were going well but I hit a bit of a snag that has had me confused for the better part of the last three days. After pouring through all the...
  6. A

    Need Help With, Jumpscares,Sound Triggers,Flashlight,And EndGame Trigger

    I'm Currently Making An 3d Indie Horror Game In GameMaker Studio 1.4 Standard Editon And Need Help With The Jumpscares,Sound Triggers,Flashlight,And EndGame Trigger. And What I Mean By EndGame Trigger Is A Trigger That Goes To The Next Room.
  7. T

    Windows Having trouble figuring out how to get a projectile to fire upwards and then fall back down.

    I never really wanted to be part of this forum... I always feel awkward doing this, but I have been trying to solve this problem for some time. I'm working on my first game and I'm trying to get a thing like the fireballs that come out of the lava pits in Mario. Where a projectile launches...
  8. W

    GML Saving Checkpoints

    I was wondering how to save points right now I have // we shouldn't save anything before loading. if controller.loaded == false { exit; } ini_open("Save"); ini_write_real("Save","HP",obj_Player.HP); ini_write_real("Save","CPX",obj_Player.x); ini_write_real("Save","CPY",obj_Player.y)...
  9. T

    I need help on licsense

    I finally installed the first Game Maker Studio but I don't have a license. I've already signed up prior to installing the program, meaning that I never got the license even though I could get a free one by registering. (But I don't want to register again...) What should I do?
  10. D

    GMS 2 [HELP]...[SOLVED]...if image_angle += 1 {global.totalSpinned += 1};

    Why does this not work? "unexpected unary operator +="... What I'm trying to do is make a variable add 1 every degree spinned. DnD and code is welcome to solving!
  11. Murr_

    Legacy GM [Top Down RPG] Corner Cutting Collision

    Top Down Corner Cutting, I have a question on how to do it and how to approach it. For all I know corner cutting is when a player pushes against a object, and depending on the direction up moves up + right/up+left, down+left, down+right - without EVER getting stuck inside of the said object...
  12. I

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Checking for Solid Objects in a Line

    Hello all I have a bit of a problem and I need a some help with it. I'll explain as well as I can. I'm currently working on a top-down shooter for fun where you can at shoot enemies over furniture and non-solid objects but not through walls and solid objects. In the game when you click (shoot)...
  13. trentallain

    Team Request Pixel art character artist needed

    Hi, I am looking for someone who thinks they can make a character similar to the attached files, but a little bit bigger and more realistic. (Blue Link is my edit of Neike60's (DeviantArt) Link and the green one is the original sprite.) At the moment there is no payment involved and is aimed...
  14. N

    Windows I'm in need of help with something.

    I'm trying to make it so that I can create 3 instances of an object at a time in order to avoid players spamming it. My code at the moment is if! (instance_exists(laser)) { instance_create((x),(y),laser); } Help would be appreciated.
  15. D

    (SOLVED)Been stuck on this a week now, could someone please help me

    The issue is I can't seem to make a collision code that will allow me to use a parent system but also ignore that parent system when interacting doors. I have all collision objects a child of my parent object (obj_solid) so that way it's easier and plus when I use collision line It's easy to...
  16. N

    Windows How to spawn random object.

    I'm attempting to create an object that will randomly select 1 of 2 objects to change into (Music_1 & Music_2) but I neither know how to start or even how to do this for that matter. I'm using gamemaker studio 1.
  17. M

    Could someone assist me with a Inventory system

  18. P

    GMS 2 How to get the coordinates of an enemy instance

    Hi there. I'm butting my head against a wall regarding aiming at a selected enemy My player is a mech divided in two objects (it's a tank right now for testing purposes), the legs that move like in a RTS, and a turret-like body that turns towards a selected enemy, or the mouse if none is...
  19. M

    Windows Moving Between Rooms : doesn't set the new x and y for the player but set the new room .

    I have set ( the player's x and y = other.target_x ) when it get collision with the ( obj_door_trans ) and for go to the other room but go to the other room is not the problem when I have set ( the player's x and y = other.target_x ) it doesn't really set his new x and y it go to the...
  20. J

    Drag And Drop [HELP GMS2]Setting up Alarm

    Hi there. I am very new to GM2 and I am currently working through the drag/drop tutorial. In video 8 around 7:36 he adds set Alarm countdown. My set alarm countdown looks different and does not have a drop-down menu to select Alarm 0. I cannot figure out or find anything on setting up the...